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Gerard's stuck

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There wasn’t much to say. Frank had cheated on Gerard, and regretted it. Regretted it the moment he realized he’d done it, regretted it the moment he found Gerard’s first note to him now that they weren’t boyfriends.

It read, quite plainly, ‘Fuck You’. There wasn’t even an exclamation point, nothing to signify anything but leashed rage. Gerard had held himself back from a long monologue, wouldn’t give Frank a second chance. Would you? Loving someone for so long, only to realize they could just cheat on you like that and break your heart and confidence, sure does hurt. Hurt a lot, actually.

Gerard had stayed at his brother’s house apartment while he looked for a new place, but didn’t even tell Mikey exactly what had gone down. Neither of them told anyone, both saying it was just a fight they weren’t going to get over. Frank wanted them to get over it; Gerard couldn’t get past wishing it hadn’t happened.

When Gerard go his new apartment, he rotted in it a couple of days, and finally he met some of the other residents, surprised to see Billie Joe, Jayy and Shadows. His former boyfriends, it’s like the place reeked of Gerard and he’d only been there a week. And it wasn’t simply because he hadn’t showered for that entire week.

So Gerard wasn’t surprised to find he found one of his other roommates attractive—the guy with long black hair. Studded belts, a bit of a rebel edge—yeah, he was certainly Gerard’s type. He liked the guy. So, he took his time trying to get to know him. And he did, get to know him that is, and he liked what he saw. Andy was… Andy was someone he could love.

But he didn’t have all the confidence he used to, didn’t have it at all. Frank had stolen that from him when he broke his heart.

But still, Gerard managed to muster up all his courage and confess his feelings to Andy, and we all know how that worked out. Sex. Gay, butt sex. Anal intercourse, if you will. It was awesome. Sex with Andy was awesome, an Andy helped build up Gerard’s confidence. He helped reconstruct Gerard, brought him back to life.

The first time Gerard had said I love you to Andy, he felt as if he would explode if Andy didn’t love him back. He did, lucky for our heroine—oops, hero. Things were god with Andy, but Frank was hovering over their relationship, ready to pounce, He added stress, got them worked up and made the whole ordeal very awkward. Because Gerard whiole Gerard loved Andy, he’d only loved Andy for a week. He’d loved Frank for years, Frank kept him from loving all the people he’d dated even when he was just friends with the guitarist.

Frank… Frank used to be his anchor, the one he would always go back to. He wasn’t used to floating without an anchor, it made it so much more difficult to remain grounded, or even remotely near the same place. Gerard… He loved being around Frank, loved being around Andy. So… What was he going to do? They both wanted him, and he wanted them both.

Being with Andy, or Frank, would be a risk. Being with Frank would b risky because if Frank cheated again, Gerard probably wouldn’t be able to get over it. But they’d lived together well for a year, proving they could get along even in stressful situations. And they’d already become friends again, mind you it was a stressed relationship, before Andy even walked into the picture. They needed to become friends, for their band at least.

Being with Frank could also hurt the band, if they got into too many fights. ABBA disbanded because they husband/wife team within the group fell apart. They couldn’t do that to their band, could they? Well, yes, they could. But being with someone outside the band would be best, most beneficial. It would be easiest. But with Gerard gone so much, there would be more of a chance of cheating on both ends. Especially with Frank so close, if hey ever went on tour.

But Andy… Yum. He’s nice, and he tries for Gerard. He got so jealous, angry, that he hit Frank. Gerard had wanted to hit Frank for a very fucking long time. But, because of that hit, Gerard is now single and going through all these troubled thoughts. Gerard sighs. He needs to get his mind off of these things, take a break from the romances. Maybe he’ll paint. Yeah, that sounds like a nice idea.

Gerard wanders over to his paint set. Frank’s playing on his guitar in the other room, so he’ll be alone to paint whatever creeps forth from the clutches of his dark mind. He gets out his paints, and some canvas paper, before he realizes that shit, he forgot his brushes at his apartment. He gets up, he fucking needs those things. He won’t last the week without them. Won’t fucking last.

He writes a note, quick and easy, to Frank, explaining where he is. He quickly pulls on his shoes, exiting stage left. Or rather, stage right, because Frank’s front door is closer to his right. The fuck, why is he thinking about utterly ridiculous things like this? To distract his mind from the actual problem, stupid epocrastinator.

It’s not a long walk from Frank’s apartment to his own, and it only takes Gerard twenty minutes and he’s there. He jogs up the stairs, into his apartment and he successfully captures his paintbrushes. He brings some of the thin ones, thick ones and the lovely spongey ones that are good for dark and ominous backgrounds. He smiles as he leaves the apartment, thinking of all the things he could paint. A bunny of awesome eating Frank and Andy’s brains. Mmm… That would be awesome.

Gerard stops thinking about bunnies from Heaven, however, when he brushes into someone he didn’t really want to bump into.


Are the only words he can get out before Andy slams him against a nearby wall, connecting their lips in a kiss. Gerard kisses back, more of a reflex than anything. Then he thinks about how he’s not with Andy anymore, about how maybe he should just move to Canada to escape this mess. Or Australia. Australia seems far enough away. Good time difference, and long distance calls… hm. Australia it is.

Gerard pushes Andy off of him, probably poking him with the end of a paintbrush.

Andy looks hurt. “So you… you really don’t want me anymore?”

Gerard sighs. “I… Andy, I don’t fucking know what I want. I really, truly, just don’t fucking know.”

Andy looks downcast. “I just… I love you, Gerard!”

Gerard looks pained. “Andy, I don’t know who to love. I just… I can’t… I wish LynZ had just left us alone.”

“I… I guess I’ll just have to win you over, then.” Andy looks determined. “I will win you over.”

If you must know why it's taken so long for this, it's because I thought I would have to make a choice between Andy and Frank this chapter. But nope, I've prolongued that. (Filthy procrastinator)

WOULD IT BE TOO CLICHE FOR FRANK AND GERARD TO END UP TOGETHER? Or maybe Andy and Frank will end up together...

I briefly considered making Andy Ray's boyfriend to make Gerard jealous... is it wrong that I can totally see them together in my mind?

I need clinical help... (I actually am going to the doctor in an hour so... yeah. Fucking doctor.
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