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It's Not Gay if it's in a Three Way

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Title is a song lyric I've heard people singing... IDK either.

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The bands in this are completely fictional. But know that if these bands ever exist and I'm not a member, I will hunt you down for stealing my song names and band names. I may just use these.
Oh, you can thank bvbrocks for this. Told me to update... so I did. I'm pretty sure I have fucked over my usual writing style for this, it's really weird...

“Go get the door, please!” Frank calls to Gerard once the doorbell rings that absolutely awful noise that everyone could go without ever hearing. Frank’s… well, Frank’s doing something mysterious in some part of the apartment that makes him unable to answer his own goddamn door by himself.

Gerard sighs, getting up off the couch. And he had finally got it all warm, just to have to get up. The spot where he was sitting won’t have the heat from his but anymore. Which sucks, because Gerard loves his butt-heat. It’s like sunshine to the artist. Sunshine without the tan.

And Gerard really doesn’t want much of a tan.

Maybe it’ll look good with the red hair, but with the black he used to have it could have been dangerous. He’ll leave his skin alone, thank you very much.

Gerard briefly wonders who’s calling on Frank before he opens the door. When they lived together (while dating), Frank rarely had visitors. Only Mikey and the band ever really came over, and Ray is currently out of town at an puffiest afro contest. We didn’t have the hearts to tell him that he might actually lose. Because while he does have quite the animal, he doesn’t have the monster some other people seem to possess. But Ray will be Ray. Maybe it’s Mikey after all.

Gerard sighs, looking at the visitor. He’s mildly surprised to see a tall man with white skin and dark black hair. Andy. He kind of expected this, to be honest. The man did say he was planning on wooing Gerard, after all. That could be… amusing. And dangerous, as Andy tends to trip on his rather large feet. Let’s hope there’s not too much of that.

“Hey.” Gerard says, waving awkwardly.

“Hey.” Andy says, with something of a grin on his face. “So, I got some tickets to a concert. Will you go with me?”

Gerad doesn’t really know what to say. Yes or no, Gerard. It really can’t be that hard. But apparently it is, because in the time in which Gerard is thinking (And those are very special times indeed.) Frank walks into the doorway next to Gerard. The shorter man frowns when he sees Andy, and Frank takes to wrapping his arm around the red-head’s waist. Gerard gives him the universal ‘What the Fuck’ look, but Frank’s arm remains where it is. At least Frank isn’t putting his hand into Gerard’s back jeans pocket—what the fuck, Frank, why is your hand suddenly in that pocket?!

“Frank.” Gerard frowns. “Get your hand off my ass.”

Frank pouts. “But it’s such a nice ass.”

“And it doesn’t belong to you, so hands off.” Gerard says, sighing. This ownership and endearing bull shit is kind of grating at his nerves. Can’t everyone just keep their hands off him? Apparently not, because Andy pats Gerard’s arm.

“You know where I live if you’re sick of this.” He gestures with his head to Frank, my enraged little ex boyfriend.

“Get your hands off.” Frank spits at Gerard’s other ex boyfriend.

Andy’s hand doesn’t move from Gerard’s arm. Gerard just shifts his weight, looking back and forth between the other two. You can practically see sparks alighting from the intensity of their glares. Dear Lord this is ridiculous.

Gerard sighs. “Well, this was fun. Maybe you could leave now, Andy?” Gerard’s not trying to be rude (maybe a little), but Andy did come over to Frank’s house uninvited only to end up picking a fight.

“Yeah, go home.” Frank snickers.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Andy frowns. Oh yeah, the concert. Gerard almost forgot about that in his state of annoyance. He just really can’t handle how idiotic these people he used to date are being. Why did he ever date them? And what’s worse, he still wants to date them! Shameless idiot…

“I… I dunno, Andy.” Gerard says. He really doesn’t know. He doesn’t know how he feels, if he likes Frank or Andy more. It’s such a tough choice! He just.. he just… he just…. Gerard overload. Brain is failing. Alert. Alert. Alert.

“It’ll be fun, I promise.” Andy smiles. He really wants Gerard to go with him, and the concert will be fun. He’s sure of it, really sure. There are decent bands playing, and alcohol will be involved…

Frank furrows his brow. Something’s fishy here… “What are you guys talking about?”

Andy frowns. “Nothing that concerns you.”

Wow. You can practically see the testosterone in the air… Gerard wonders if you can catch the testosterone in a butterfly net… Or would you catch it more like how you catch a cold? Oh, the mysteries…

“A concert.” Gerard says, sighing. Again. This is just one sigh after another, isn’t it?

Frank raises his eyebrows. “Oh? When is it?”

Andy looks uncertain for a moment. “Um… Friday night?”

Frank grins smugly. “Well, I still have Gerard on Friday. He’s fucking mine for that day. You can’t take him to a concert. Who were you going to see, any way?”

Andy sighs. “We were gonna see some local band. It’s called Mad Ninja Attack!, and Sass patrol will be playing too.”

Frank gasps. “Sass Patrol? They’re playing? I really like their stuff!”

“Yeah… they’re pretty good.” Andy says, hesitant to agree with Frank.

“What’s your favorite song? I think Chocolate Massacre is my favorite, you?” Frank asks, excited. Holy shit, could this be considered getting along?

Andy thinks it over for a second. “Hm… that’s a good one, but I still think Taco Tuesday is better.”

Frank shakes his head. “Taco Tuesday is good, but Chocolate Massacre has a whole new level of awesome with the guitar chords.”

Andy shrugs. “I like them both, man, but Taco Tuesday is still my favorite song.”

Frank nods, accepting this. “Damn… I wish I could go, now.”

Andy bites his lip. “Well… Why don’t I get a third tiket and we can all go together?”

Frank nods eagerly, and they end up making plans. Gerard can tell this is either going to be really awesome or really suck.

Guess what? (I almost didn't ad this) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Tomorrow. But still.) YAY!!
I want to also dedicate this to xXLaylaXx, and I'm not sure why... Eh. This is also to Shiwoggi, if you're reading this. Because I think you should update either Hero or Mercenary soon xD
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