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Could We Burn, Darling?

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Oh shit. (Fearless Vampire Killers title) Bands and ends.

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Hols shit guys. It's been like six months, but I promised I'd finish this. I had the first part done for a while, but I was having real trouble writing the end bit. You'll probably see why. But today I sat down and just fecking wrote it, hope it doesn't suck too bad (not literally, there should be some literal sucking). Thanks to BVBRocks, and anyone else who submitted a one shot, reviewed, or just fuckin' read. Even thank Shiwoggi, for telling me she just didn't see the damn pairing.
On another note, I think I'm gay.
I also have been fighting really hard not to start another MCR story. I've been writing down plots and promising not to write them. Oh well, Zombie high school fics never did go over well, did they?
Hope you liked it, this story is one of my favorites because it always makes me feel connected to you guys.
Fuck it all,

The bar was filled with smoke and loud music when the three of them walked in, and the familiar scent, along with how well Frank and Andy were getting along made Gerard wish for a cigarette (and maybe something a bit stronger). A buzz of nicotine to convince him that this is happening, because it doesn’t really seem like it is. It’s so… fuckey, for lack of a better term. Frank and Andy, who were at fists just days ago, now chatting and laughing like nothing could ever be wrong. And maybe… maybe, if Gerard’s lucky, there is nothing wrong and it’s all in his head.

The moment where Gerard believes them to all be okay together is snatched away when Frank puts his arm around Gerard’s waist and a deep frown settles on Andy’s lips. Honestly, Gerard thinks as he pushes away Frank’s arm. I wish they would just leave me alone sometimes.

With a sigh he makes his way up to the bar, his two faithful stalkers following suit. He really wants a drink.

“I’ll get you a beer,” Andy offers, sliding up to him, but Gerard only sighs, shaking his head.

“He’s not drinking alcohol, stupid,” Frank says hautily, like he knows what’s best.

Andy looks surprised, and turns to Gerard with an apologetic face. “You’re not? Sorry, I didn’t know. Should I not…”

“Go ahead. Don’t want my problems to get in the way of your fun,” he turns to the bartender who’s stopped by. “I’ll have a diet coke.”

“You sure you’re okay with us drinking?” Frank asks, mirroring Andy as they both try and look like saints (or at least good people, but Gerard’s not in the fucking mood for it, is nerves are lighting up and he’s about to go off like a firecracker if they don’t fucking leave him alone).It’s annoying, and the way that Gerard nods to them surely shows it. If he had known they were going to be this fucking annoying he would have stayed at Frank’s, locked up with the good memories that turned so sour. Fucking Hell.

Gerard grabs his diet, but doesn’t get a chance to even attempt to pay before Frank and Andy are both slapping down bills and giving each other death glares. He honestly preferred when they were getting along and not treating him like a deranged two year old. Or a princess. Yes, he’ll think they’re treating him as a princess, otherwise his temper will burst like an overripe balloon. That wouldn’t make things much better, likely just start a juvenile blame-fest or some shit. Fucking idiots, he’s surrounded.

Gerard ditches them without a second thought, weaving himself closer to the bands and further from conversation and places quiet enough to chat in. The banner behind the band tells him it’s Mad Ninja Attack! On right now. They’re not bad, with a strong guitar but unfortunately weak vocals. They’re all a bit off each others’ time, but it’s music and has a steady enough beat for Gerard to nod his head to the music, attempting to get high off the music and the people enjoying it. It’s all he can hear, the music, as he sips his coke, jumps a bit and tries to forget the people he came with.

He sees them in with the crowd sometimes, but he ignores their bodies and doesn’t get close enough to exchange words, losing them in the crowd every now and again. It’s not until the end of the concert that he sees them both again, sitting next to each other at the bar with an impressive number of shot glasses. Ah, this is going to be fun. Yeah, sure.

“On a scale from one ten, how drunk are you two?” Gerard asks, appearing behind the two. He’s not sure if he should be upset or amused, but he’s leaning toward amused, especially when Frank looks up with him with large (albeit a bit cloudy) eyes and rosy cheeks.

“M’not drunk. Did it… did it hurt… When you fell from heaven?”

A hand slips around his waist, and it’s Andy, leaning his head on Gerard’s shoulder. Sitting on high top chairs seems to make him shorter. Not taller, like it does for some (Frank).

Gerard chuckles, deciding, what the hell. “We’d better get back to the apartment complex. You two are going to be hurting in the morning.”

There are slight protests, whines, but Gerard pays the tab (from their wallets, of course) and hails a cab.

“Mh…. Gee, have I told you I love you lately? ‘Cuz I do.” Frank asks, cuddling into his ex’s side as they settle into the car.

Andy decided to chime in too. “I love you more than he does.”

“No you don’t,” Frank snaps, hugging closer to the red head.

Gerard sighs as they begin to bicker about who loves him more. Bumbling idiots, the lot of ‘em. He wishes they could just figure this all out, get over him, maybe become friends. Let him move on in peace. Or… just the opposite. Gerard grins, an idea popping into his head, the light bulb above him so bright he’s surprised it doesn’t burn anyone, but instead it shatters, the intensity of his evil thoughts spilling across the back seat and slowly infecting Frank and Andy, opening them up to the possibilities Gerard could present.

He settles into his seat, wrapping an arm over Frank and letting Andy’s drape over his shoulder. If he can do this… Well, at least it’ll be funny in the morning. It’s the perfect revenge.

The cab arrives, and Gerard pulls them both to his apartment. He’s going to have fun tonight, and they’re too shitfaced to stop him.

Andy looks slightly confused to be in Gerard’s apartment,, and the expression is deepened when Gerard pulls Frank to him, their lips connecting as Gerard takes charge of Frank’s mouth.

Both drunk men have the same thought; I am very, very drunk. And they are, of course. From the alcohol on their breath to the waver in their walk, they’re inebraited. But this isn’t their imagination.

“What…” Andy asks, and Gerard extends his arm, pulling the tallest of the group closer, his hands roaming the dark haired man’s skinny abdomen, sneaking under his shirt. It’s a bizarre situation for the men and in his head Gerard is bursting with laughter and twitching in pleasure.

It takes another moment of confusion before Frank realizes what’s happening and he tries for dominance in the kiss, but opens his eyes to look at Andy. Their eyes lock, and through a haze of drunkenness, they make the silent agreement to share tonight, f this isn’t a dream, well, then it can be heaven.

It’s Andy’s shirt that’s lost first, by his own accord, then he pulls off Gerard’s from behind, breaking up the kiss for a moment then moving to grind against the red-head devil. Andy’s mouth attaches to the side of Gerard’s neck, and sandwiched between the two, the man that holds both of the other’s affections can feel their erections digging into his skin. He can feel the hardness, the pleasure of his own as Frank rubs into it as well, and he moans, his breath hot, into the heavily tattooed man’s mouth.

Gerard doesn’t bother with Frank’s shirt, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down to his thighs. He makes his way to the floor, pulling Gerard down with him, leaving Andy alone as Gerard kisses him. Gerard pulls off his own pants, motioning for Andy.

“Prep me,” He pleads, and Andy looks around for anything he can use. “Wallet”

Andy digs in Gerard’s pants, finding his wallet and upon further inspection a packet of lube and two condoms. He spends a moment becoming just a bit sober as he wonders if Gerard had this all planned. Probably not, he decides, ripping open the pack and covering his pointer and middle finger. He inserts his first digit into Gerard, a bit quicker than he usually would,, and Gerard hisses, but a moment later is hissing in pleasure as his prostate is rubbed. Andy adds a second finger, and soon Gerard’s pushing back on him, arching his back and not biting his lip to keep away the hurt.

“Gee…” Frank mutters, reminding the red head that he’s waiting.

“Hold your fuckin’ horses,” Gerard mutters, leaving Andy’s fingers in favor of lowering himself onto Frank’s dick. Andy nearly moans out loud watching, pulling out his member and stroking it, waves of pleasure washing over him as he sits, spread-legged on the ground, pumping himself to the pounding in his ex’s ass.

“Stop for a second,” Gerard says, to Frank, who stops pushing up into him. Gerard gets off of him, getting onto his knees facing Andy and quickly pulling Andy’s member into his mouth. Gerard licks up and down, his hand joining his mouth to give Andy the best treatment he can.

Frank watches, wondering if his dick can get any fucking harder , for a moment, before scooting closer and getting to his knees, inserting himself back into Gerard. Gerard stops for a second, gasping, speared on Frank’s penis, snapping out of it only when Frank thrusts out and in at a fast and furious pace, bringing a wave of pain that is quickly drowned out by pleasure. He can feel himself quickly building, and brings up the pace on Andy so he’s not alone in it.

Frank comes first, and Gerard’s mind flashes to the condom they forgot to use before he’s letting out a giant moan as he lets spill, sending shivers of ecstasy up Andy and straight back down his dick into Gerard’s, who spits it out, exhausted and alive at the same moment, coming down from a high he wishes he could stay up on, on top of the world, chemicals of bliss spinning through his head. He wonders how this’ll go over tomorrow, but for tonight, he pulls both of his exes to him, closer, and wonders if maybe there’ll be nothing ‘ex’ about them in the morning (or mid afternoon, depending on when they wake up).

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