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Chapter 5

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Purple parking spaces, Forbidden Planets and Batman onesies. [HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ANDY BIERSACK!]

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Hello again :D here's my super-late update. Sorry for making you wait, but I have been busy with Christmas and whatever. So, HAPPY LATE XMAS!!! and as you can see, it is the day after Christmas which means... HAPPY 21ST ANDY BIERSACK! He's the legal age to drink in America now, (it's 18 here) so: Drink it up, bro! :D, enough of my random babbling.

Frank's POV

I brushed my fingers through my hair, and leaned back in my chair. I let out a frustrated sigh. It's last period of the day, and I was flicking through the agenda for this week when I came across the sheet of chords I had gotten Gererd Way to play earlier. Why would that frustrate me you ask? Well he kept creeping into my mind all day.

The way his delicate fingers moved along the neck of the guitar. The way his honey colored eyes glistened. The way his flawless pale cheeks became rosy when he made a mistake. Not to mention his voice. His voice was just amazing. I needed to hear that voice again.

I blinked hard and sipped on my coffee. I need to get this kid out of my head. He's probably fucking 15! I thought to myself. I'm 21, so that's a six year gap. I know six years isn't much, bit that's over a third of his life, not to mention that I'm a teacher! Well... a guitar tutor, but its like a teacher! Kids and teachers just don't hook up, It's not right!

I got up from the chair and cleared my stuff off the desk. I just can't sit here any longer, I need to get out and occupy my mind. I locked my guitar in the instrument closet, and locked everything else in the drawer underneath the desk. I grabbed my keys, put on my hoodie and left the school building.

I went to school here myself, and I'm still amazed by the parking lot. The lines on the spaces are purple, instead of white. I know its only a small detail, but it's realy fuckin' kickass.

I unlocked my car, climbed in and started it up. I sat there for a while just listening to the hum of the engine while wondering where to go. I finally decided to go to the mall. I needed new clothes anyways. I pulled out of the parking lot and drove down the street towards the mall. Shool is out in about 20 minutes, so I better be quick. I realy don't feel like running into a certain ebony haired boy. My motive was to get him out of my head.

I pulled up in the mall parking lot, got out and locked my car. I was badly in need of a smoke. I felt all my pockets searching for the box, and found it in my hoodie. I pulled the last one out of the pack and lit it up. I inhaled the precious nicotine and leaned against the side of the car before exhaling. I quickly finished up and went inside.

I looked at all the shops until I found a Hottopic, then I went inside. I picked up a few different shirts and pants and looked for the fitting room. After a while of fitting on clothes I picked up a bottle of black nail paint, a black studded belt and a luminous pink belt then I went to the checkout and paid for the items.

After leaving the Hottopic I walked into Forbidden Planet, a movie, game and comic store owned by my dear friend from Chicago. "Hey Bob," I greeted him with a tight hug. "how's it goin in the 'Forbidden Planet'?" I asked playfully. The name of the store still amuses me. "Fuck you Pansy." he laughed, punching me on the arm. "Its pretty slow in here, you can stay and hang if you want." he offered. "Cool," I began, scanning the room for a chair before sitting on the floor. "Ill just hang down here. I'm too cool to stand anyways..." I mocked arrogance, before giggling. He began to laugh too. I love Bob, he's one of my best friends, next to Ray Toro, who works in Guitar World.

We chatted for about a half hour about Pirates of the Caribbean. I love Johnny Depp, he's badass. Bob and I were debating which of the movies were the best until we heard people entering the store. "You're gonna love this shop!" A familiar voice said, I looked around. It was that Andy Biersack kid from Mr.Hudson's music class, with about six other boys. One of which was being dragged in by the wrist. Fuck. It was Gerard Way. Maybe they won't notice me...

"MR.IERO! HEY!" Andy shouted. I mentally facepalmed. "Hey Andy." I greeted him back. Bob snickered, I shot him daggers. "Whatcha talkin' about?" Andy asked as he, his friend Christian and a boy I didn't recognise plopped down on the floor next to me and Bob, legs crossed indian-style, completely forgetting about the other boys. "Pirates of the Caribbean," I informed him. "This is Bob Bryar, by the way." I introduced him to Bob. Bob gave a small wave. Andy, Christian and the boy introduced themselves and started a conversation about Batman.

I stood up and turned to face the sane half of the group. "Hey Frank" Ashley greeted. "Hey Ash, I didn't know you were into comics." I stated curiously. "No, Andy is kinda obsessed with Batman." He explained. "Oh right." I commented. That Andy kid is pretty wierd, but he's got a good heart. "Yeah, you should see his room, its covered with Batman stuff. It's been like that since he was five." Jinxx laughed. I giggled at the mental image of Andy wearing Batman all-in-one pyjamas sitting on his Batmobile bed. I looked up to see a blushing Gerard, and decided I should leave before I said something stupid. "Well, I've got to get going, kids. I'll see you in class tomorrow." I said, rushing out of the store, leaving Bob with the group. I left the mall and drove home.

Gerard's POV

"You're gonna love this shop!" Andy rushed, dragging me by the wrist into yet another random store. I stumbled in the door, closely followed by Jinxx, Ash, Christian, Jake and Andy's friend Matt Good. "MR.IERO! HEY!" Andy exclaimed. WHAT!? I looked and saw him sitting on the floor with a blonde guy, around the same age. ohgodohgodohgod! Andy, Christian and Matt sat on the floor with Frank and the other man and started conversation. Frank got up and talked to Ash and Jinxx. I had no idea what he said, because I completely zoned out. I just stared at him. He giggled at something Jinxx said then looked at me. SHIT! He caught me staring! I blushed and looked down. "Well, I've got to get going, kids. I'll see you in class tomorrow." he said before leaving the store. Awkward.
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