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1- Crossing Paths

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"Make no mistake little girl; in this scene there will be no hero."

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She was just a little girl. A little girl in a big bad world. Two weeks on her own and she didn't know what to do. In high school they didn't teach you how to survive on your own. No, they definitely didn't. Lean on your parents, worry about education... That's what they taught you. What if your parents were abusive though? What if you had a little sister that continued to be abused? That's what happened. She had to answer questions that had never before been brought up in class. When her father turned from her, the belt in his hand... and told her that her sister would receive the same punishment as her for whatever misdeed had been done... she couldn't do anything other than sob and plead. Her little sister. She was so innocent at eight years old. She was a little ball of fire and... watching that fire slowly get extinguished was more painful than any beating.

At 17 there wasn't a lot that could be done. Get a job? Not many people wanted to hire a 17 year old with no experience that smelled as if she hadn't showered in days. It was hard to have a clean appearance when you lived in an abandoned shed with your little sister, in order to escape your father's harmful, random 'punishments'. Neither of them had showed up at school since they ran away. Fed by... tiny scrapes they found in various places. Rats ate better than they did.

Rian Livinston was running out of options while she still had her younger sister Piper to care for. What was a girl to do? That's when she saw him. She was wandering the streets, looking for any opportunity for food. He seemed like an easy target. They were the only ones on the street since it was so late. Rian looked around, wondering if she would be able to outrun him if he noticed... she had to try though. She couldn't return to Piper again with no ability to provide her food. She couldn't let her sister go hungry another night.

Her target was bent over, going through something inside of his car. There was a bulge in his back pocket that looked as if it could be his wallet. Rian stepped forward, quietly. She was so tired, she felt as if she might collapse with another step. Her fingers reached out...


His fingers sifted through the papers in his glove compartment box as he tried to find the 'love letter' his ex-girlfriend had broken up with him using. He was in the midst of planning a visit to her and wanted it to be the last thing she saw before she met her cruel demise. You see, the man that Rian was so daringly attempting to steal from happened to be a local serial killer. He'd had the sick urge his entire life but it wasn't until he turned 18 that he acted upon it, perfecting his skills with each kill. Seeing as how he had yet to get caught, he was damn good at what he did. He really didn't care about his 'ex-girlfriend' for she was someone that he was just using to amuse himself with. He had never gotten too close to her due to the fact that he knew he would kill her at some point in time. He didn't want anything to be traced back to him. His targets? Prostitutes, criminals, people who stumbled across his path and said something wrong... He wasn't all too picky. He had to feed the urge living within him.

He tensed but remained bent over as he felt something against his back pocket and then as he felt his wallet sliding upwards he realized someone was attempting to steal from him. With quick speed he managed to surprise the young girl behind him, causing her to nearly fall over. He grabbed on to her wrist in order to keep her standing and as he glared in to her innocent face, masked by dirt, she began crying. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" She began apologizing, terrified. She had never before attempted to steal. It was a last ditch effort to feed her and her little sister. And now this stranger... he had caught her. She didn't know what to do, except plead for mercy. If she went to jail... what would happen to her little sister? The thoughts that ran through her mind sent her in to a panicked frenzy, "Please sir, please don't call the cops!" She pleaded.

The man grabbed her roughly, pulling her forward as he turned which resulted in the young, underweight girl flying in to his passenger seat face first. Her cry of fear was muffled by the seat and she quickly tried to turn around right as the door was shut in her face. She waited, not even attempting to get out of the car, too afraid to make any move. Would this man call the police on her? Would she go to jail? Would her dad get her and her sister back? How long would they be able to survive the abuse?

"Please, I'm sorry. Please just let me go!" Rian mumbled again as he joined her in his car, not wanting to frustrate the man further. He already looked quite ticked off. As she studied his face she realized he couldn't be too much older than her. His bloodshot eyes made him look absolutely exhausted and as he spoke, without looking at her, she felt a jolt of fear run through her body.

"Make no mistake little girl; in this scene there will be no hero." The man stated, steering his car down the empty street. A muted scream of terror clung to the girl's lips as she wondered just what she had gotten herself in to.


(What do you guys think? Also if anyone leaves feedback let me know... Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Or Ray? I'm curious as to who people would pick out to be the main character! ... I'm not sure if this is any good but it's another story that's been floating around in my head. The only way to get rid of it is to get it posted.)
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