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Goodbye Tour


MCR pull out of the tour, even if its the LAST thing they want to do.

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Mikey stepped in the next day and looked at Gerard, wbo looked considerably better. He was sucking down some water, and was eating a grilled chees sandwich.
"Hey, you feeling better?"
Gerard grinned, "Oh, yeah! AFter they took my stitches and stapes off, I was able to eat, and my stomach didn't hurt anymore! In fact, I really wanna go back on tour!"
"Uhm, about the tour..."
"I'm thinking about pulling us outta this one.."
"You're sick Gee. You need rest, and stuff. You're not going to get better on tour. You need to take it easy."
"No, Gee. We're pulling outta this tour and thats final."
Gerard looked down at his hands. He muttred some obscenety that ended in " Mikey."
Mikey looked at him, "What was that?"
Gerard growled at Mikey.
The next day
MCR were chilling in the Indianapolis Airport. Gerard had gone to the newsstand, and picked up MAD, and some Coke Zero. When he arrived, Mikey and Frank were sleeping, and Ray was poking them.
The intercom annouced they were boarding. Gerard watched his brother, and best friend, who woke up.
"what? ALready?"
They boarded the plane. Gerard sat down and sighed. Frank was back behind him, talking to Mikey, and trying to not be as hyper. Ray sat down beside him.
"Gee, you OK?"
"Uh, yeah. I'm just tired."
"Whatever you say dude."
The intercom announced that they had to put away the electronic devices, and all that stuff when you fly.
They taxied to the runway. Mikey and Frank, were looking out the window, as they sped down the runway, while Ray was trying to keep Gerard from freaking out, and making himself ill.
"Gee, dude. We're up in the air. We'll be in LA in four hours,go sleep or something."
Gerard nodded, and popped in his earbuds, and blasted the Misfits. He zonked out, and the sterwertis came out and was passing out pretzles and coke (no not cocaine!). Gerard stirred when she tapped him,
"Do you want anything>"
"yeahjustgimmiepretzelsandcocacola...' he muttered sleepily. She poured his soda, and gave him pretzels.
He sat up, and looked around, dazed. He opened the pretzels, and drank his coke. As he was eating his snack the plane hit some rough turbulance. He looked around, and it finally crossed his mind that coke and pretzels were never meant to go together.
"Ray?" He whispered, tugging his sleeve.
"Yeah, Gee? Whats up?"
"I feel like shit..."
He looked at his friend.
Gerard looked down, and grabbed the airsick bag.
Then it finally hit Ray. Gerard was getting motionsickness. Which, had never happpened to him on a plane, but granted he'd been through a lot the last week and 1/2.
Ray looked at him, "Gee..."
"You gonna puke?"
"Yeah." He looked down, as he felt himself gag.
He threw up twice, and then curled up into a ball, or rather attempted to. An hour later the plane began its decent.
When they hit the tarmac, Gerard and Mikey, Frank, and Ray stepped out. Gerard was shaky, and Mikey was keeping him steady.
As they picked up thier bags,they hailed a taxi, and drove to Lindsey's house.
"Helloo? Anyone home?" Frank called.
"UNCLE FRANKIE!!!" Bandit squealed, running to him.
"Hey! Whats up sweet pea?"
"Rodrick learned how to roll over. Its like hes a dog!"
"Hey! DOn't call your baby brother a dog!" Mikey and Ray said.
"Uncle Mikey! Uncle Ray!!" She hugged them.
"Where's Daddy?!"
"Right here hunny.." He said weakly.
"Daddy!!!" She jumped to him.
"Aw, shoot! I'm sick hunny. I don't wanna get you sick too."
"You don't look sick Daddy." Bandit pouted.
"Well, I was really sick this past week. I had surgery."
"Whats that?"
"Its when the doctors make you take a really long nap, and then they fix whats wrong with you."
"So, what was wrong with you?"
He looked at her, "You wanna see hunny?"
Gerard pulled off his shirt, and Bandit's eyes widened.
"Whoah! Daddy! You got two big scratches on your belly!"
"Yeah. One was from when when your baby bro was born, and the other one is from some surgery I had."
"What did the doctors do to you?"
"They took out a part of my body that broke, and then I was in the hosptial for a week, because I wasn't healing right."
"Why wasn't it healing right?"
"Well, y'know how when you get a cut, we put medicine on it so it doesn't get infected?"
"I had a part called an appendix, which is fine when its working, but mine got real big, and exploded, and I got really sick."
"'re OK now?"
"Yep. I sometimes feel sick, and I sometimes end up throwing up, because of the medicine, but I'm gonna be OK soon."
"I missed you."
"Missed you too sweet pea."
He walked into the kitchen, and Lindsey looked at him, "Gerard! I didn't know you were home!"
"Uh, yeah. I got really sick, so we pulled outta this tour. We hate doing that, but I was in the hosptial for a week, and we felt I'd be better if I stayed at home."
Lindsey looked downa at his scars, one from when Rodrick was born, and then another from his ruptured appendix.
"I had appendicitus, and it ixploded. I was in the hospital, with a tube in my stomach. But I'm OK now. I just feel sick from time to time, but it'll pass."
He smiled, "I missed you suger."
"Missed you too Gee."
"Hey, where's Mahlyenki Dyavol?"
"He's in his crib,
Gerard walked to the blue clad room.
"Hey, Rodrick! Hows my little man?"
Rodrick squirmed.
"Da!" He pointed to Gerard's stomach.
"Yep, those are my scars little man."
He put Rodrick down, then went to the master bedroom, to sleep off the jet-lag.
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