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Sleep It Off? Riiiight...


Gee cant sleep it off.

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Gerard could hear Mikey and Lindsey talking. He wanted to sleep, he felt tired, and like the world was spinning. He closed his eyes, as Lindsey stepped in.
"Are you feeling alright?"
"Mmm. Not really.."
"What hurts?"
"My stomach, I think I'm going to need my pain meds."
Gerard groaned, as she came over with two pills, and a glass of water. He swallowed the pills, and fell back on the pillows.
"I'm hungry..." He said, looking at her.
"What do you want?"
"I dunno...something that won't make me sick."
She walked in five minutes later, with toast and water. Gerard sat up, and bit into the toast.
He looked at her, with a dazed expression.
Suddenly, Gerard's eyes widened, and he vomited all over himself. Lindsey grabbed a towel, and started cleaning off Gerard, who had puke all over his chest and stomach. He coughed as she cleaned his stomach off. He didn't feel like he was going to get much sleep, so he stood up, after she cleaned him off, and walked into Bandit's room.
"Daddy, are you OK?"
"Hunny, I'm sick remember? I just threw up about a minute ago..." He said, looking at his jeans, which had vomit on them.
"What happened to your tummy and legs?"
Gerard ran a hand through his hair, "I puked."
"Does it hurt?"
"Well, does. It feels like my stomach doesnt want to have anything in it, so it makes my food go up, and I puke."
"Daddy? You're face is green, and you look funny..."
Gerard walked over to his daugther's mirror. She was right, he had an odd look on his face, and his face had a green twinge. He sat down, and grabbed the pink trashcan, shaking.
"Mommy! Daddy's throwing up!" She yelled.
Gerard cringed, "Hunny, I have a bad headache and a bellyache..."
He closed his eyes, as Lindsey walked in.
"Gerard? Are you OK?"
Am I OK? Uhm, let's see...I have two scars from surgery, I've been throwing up all day...Hmm what does THAT point to? Not OK, thats what! He thought. He scowled as he felt the sour taste of stomach acid in his mouth. He looked down in the trashcan, and retched into it. Bandit and Lindsey were near him. He continued to puke, as the room blurred in his eyes.
"Crap...." He muttered wiping his mouth.
"Gerard?" Lindsey gave him a concerned glance.
"Daddy, are you gonna die?" Bandit asked in a small voice.
"No, hunny. I'm not gonna die. I'm gonna be OK." He smiled cheesily. He walked back to the master bedroom, and fell on the oversized bed, groaning.
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