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Whoa, Gerard's actually eating?! And then Frank and Mikey and Ray come over for movies

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Gerard looked at the clock, 4:58 PM. He was actually hungry for once, and he felt like he could hold something down. He went to the kitchen, and Lindsey was feeding Rodrick formula, and Bandit was eating grilled cheese. He smiled weakly at his family.
"Hey Gee! You look a lot better! You hungry?"
"Uhm, yes."
Lindsey grabbed some toast, and some peanut butter, and jam. She gave it to him. Gerard made the sandwich, and grabbed some coke zero from the fridge. He bit into it, and didn't even feel sick! He could see he was getting better; and so could his family!
He finished the PB&J, and went to the living room. Mikey was flipping through channels, and Ray and Frank were texting thier wives.
"Dudes, we gotta have movie night!"
"Sure, what movies?"
Gerard went to the DVD cabnit, and pulled out The Crow, and Ghostbusters.
"Do these work for ya?"
Everyone agreed, and Gerard started the DVD.
"Hey, whatcha boys doing?" Lindsey asked, smiling.
Gerard grinned, "Movie night. Ya wanna join me?"
"Sure, lemme cook some popcorn for this party."
About five minutes later, the popcorn was popped, and the boys were partying.
Lindsey changed her mind, because she had to put the kids to bed. She told them she'd be back when she was done tucking them in.
Gerard followed her.
"I gotta say goodnight to my kids."
He kissed Bandit and Rodrick, and shut thier doors, and Lindsey and Gerard walked downstiars.
About three hours later the popcorn was gone, but not just one bag, but three bags had been popped. Mikey, Frank, and Ray were geared into the movies, and Gerar was lying on the carpet with a hand on his stomach. As the final credits to Ghostbusters rolled off, Mikey and Frank grinned at each other.
"Best. Movie. Ever."
Ray smiled, "Damn straight, Frankie."
"Shit....I serously cant eat another bite or I'm going to hurl!" Gerard groaned. He looked around, and saw that popcorn was on the floor, and there were coke zero cans around the floor. It was like a house party--but without teh booze or the drugs.
He fell back on the floor.
" stomach feels like it could explode!" Gerard groaned. "I think I ate too much..."
He closed his eyes, and fell asleep in the living room.
The next day, he had a rude awakening, in the form of a headache and nausea. It was like he had a hangover. The diffrence was he just had a minor headache, but had bad nausea.
"Frankie....Ray...Mikey?" He called, his voice thick with sleep.
Frank came into the living room munching on a poptart. Ray and Mikey appeared not two seconds later.
"Whats up? You look like shit."
"I think I'm getting a stomach virus." Gerard groaned.
"Because I feel like I could throw up any minute from last night's party." Gerard closed his eyes, and lied on the floor, feeling the world spin.
"Are you hungry?"
To which Gerard responded, with a groan.
"I'm gonna get the advil, and a puke bucket." Frank walked off, and Mikey kneeled beside him.
"Gee, you look like shit. What the hell did you do last night?"
"Three bags of popcorn......twelve coke zeros..." he moaned. His stomach knotted.
Frank came in with the advil, and Gerard swallowed the pill.
"Dude, do you still feel like you're going to puke?"
Gerard put the bucket beside him, and lied down. He felt like he was on drugs, but really it was too much junk food for him to handle. Mikey looked at him. Gerard propped himself up on his elbows, and looked down at the bucket.
No. No. No. No. No Gerard. he thought as he felt the 12 sodas, and three bags of popcorn take its revenge. He opened his mouth, and vomited into the bucket. Mikey could see chunks of popcorn, and some toast mixed in.
"Gross. Gee!"
Gerard looked at him wearily, then threw up again. He felt awful. Mikey looked at him.
"I'm getting Lindsey."
When he came back in, Lindsey took in the scene: Gerard lying on the floor, sick. Coke zero cans were everywhere, and empty popcorn bags. She looked at him.
Gerard groaned, trying to get all of the food out of himself.
"Hunny, you need to lie down somewhere more comfortable."
She helped him off of the floor, his half naked frame shivering. She led him to the couch, and Ray looked at him. It was like he had hit rock bottom again. He couldn't stand to see his best friend since 2001 sicker than ever.
Gerard vomited into the trash can, then curled up into a ball, and fell asleep.
Ah, Poor Gee! He's partying a bunch! (but not in the bad way)xo Jules
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