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Are You Kidding?!


Ray tries to give Gerard medicine. humor insues :P

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Ray looked at his best friend, as he slept. Gerard looked pale, and had a huge quilt over himself.
Gerard whimpered, then turned away.
"What's wrong?"
"'M fine, Ray...just had too much damn junkfood..." He mumbled. He groaned, as his stomach took a strong turn. Ray looked at him.
"Dude, admit it, you're sick.."
"'M not sick...I just was stupid, and had too much junkfood..."
Gerard's face twisted into a grimace. Ray grabbed the trash bin, and watched as Gerard threw up more of his junkfood. Ray looked over his shoulder, and saw a bunch of soupy looking bile. Gerard wiped his mouth, and fell back on the pillows.
"Sorry..." He said raspily.
"Dude, I'm getting the stomach meds. You need them."
Gerard looked up, the lights blinding him.
Ray came back in with a pink liquid. Gerard turned away, groaning.
"But, Gerard. It'll make you stop puking!" he said desperately. "please?"
Gerard looked at him, face blank.
Ray saw his chance, and scooped a spoonfull in Gerard's mouth.
Gerard coughed. "What the hell was that for?!"
"Be thankful I didn't put it in your coffee, dork!"
"Shut up, Toro!" Gerard grumbled, falling back to sleep.
Well, at least he's not throwing up anymore! Ray thought, watching Gerard sleep peacefully.
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