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As Long As We've Got Eachother, We've Got It Made


Gee and Lindsey. Gerard's wanting a roadtrip, Lindsey wants him to rest...oh Gee!

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Gerard sighed. His medicine had just worn off, and he did not want to be sick. Lindsey, his wife, walked in.

“Gerard? Are you OK?”
“Just tired, and my meds wore off…” he sighed.
“You want to do something?”
He perked up, “Can we go on a road trip?!”
“No, you just had staples out of your stomach, a week ago. You’re not well enough for a car trip.”
“Whyyy?” He whined.
“/Because/ you’re sick Gee!” She said sternly.
“’M not sick…I just had too much junk food…”
“Are you sure Gerard?”
“/Yes/ I’m sure hunny.”
“OK, let’s eat, and then we’ll go down to San Francisco.”
Gerard paled.
“What’s up?”
“I’m not really hungry…”
“I just don’t want to eat right now. Can we just eat on the road?’
Gerard sighed in relief. He really didn’t feel well…and he wasn’t going to admit it. Not in a year. Not in ten. He hated being a burden to others. He hated putting others in a pity position, when he was sick or injured. Even if he was the biggest sass queen…ever. He laughed at a mental image of him in a beauty pageant, wearing a tiara and sash that read “Sass Queen 2012”. Not in a million years. Not ever
Lindsey grabbed the keys, “Come on Gee. Time to go.”
Gerard grabbed his wallet, and texted Ray. The kids were staying with Mikey, so Gerard wouldn’t get them sick. He smiled as he turned on the Smashing Pumpkins.
They drove down the interstate, and Across the Golden Gate Bridge, which told them they were in SoCal.
He grinned.
Now, what shall I do now? He thought before pulling Lindsey to a view finder, and seeing the Pacific Ocean.

SORRY FOR THE LACKAGE! winter break was reeeeeeeeeeallllllly busy for me. but here it is!xo Jules
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