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I Left My Heart in San Fransisco


Gee and Lindsey in SoCal. written by me and Dude, on coke zero and TMB and King of the hill on [adult swim]

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Gerard dragged Lindsey to the boardwalk, and looked at the ferris wheel. His iPhone rang.
"Hey, are you near the ferris wheel?"
"Who is this?"
"Gerard! It's me! FRANK!!!"
"Frank! How the hell do you know I'm in SoCal?"
"Becasue you're looking right at me?"
Gerard looked across the boardwalk--and lo and behold, it was Frank!
He ran over with Lindsey and hugged his friend.
"Hey! What are you doin out here?"
"I wanted to go on a roadtrip!"
"But, dude! You just had staples taken out a week ago!"
"Dude! I'm in San Fransisco! We've gotta do stuff!"
"Lets go on the rollercoaster!" Gerard squealed.
Frank looked at him, "Dude. You're mental"

"No, I'm not."
Gerard dragged Frank to the biggest rollercoaster, with loops, and twists and all that.
"Dude, are you sure you wanna go on this?" Frank asked.
"Uh, yes!"
"You wanna go on this?" Frank asked.
"On what?"
Gerard took a pause, and looked down.
"The rollercoaster you pervert! God, its like you're on morphine, again!"
"'M on a boat, and! It's goin fast! And!"
Gerard burst out in a fit of giggles, like two teenage girls watching all the perverted stuff on Family Guy.
He dragged Frank to the first car.
"C'mon Frankie! I wanna ride it fast!!"
Frank stared at him, "You wanna do what"
"Nevermind, just sit down and shut up!"
The rollercoaster started going up the hill, until it reached the top. Then, it came down, fast. Gerard grabbed Frank, as they went up a hill.
"Dude, what the hell?"
"Frrraaaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!! I'mmm gonna diiiiiiieeeeeeee!!"
"You're not gonna die, dude. You're on a rollercoaster!"
They went to the loop, and Gerard grabbed Frank's hand.
Gerard screamed, as the rollercoaster turned. As it slowed, Frank looked at his best friend.
Gerard looked at him, "What?"
"That was beast!"
"Yeah. If my head wasn't spinning I'd agree with you."
"Dude, I knew this was a bad idea! You're sick"
"I'm not sick!" Gerard protested.
"Then, what?"
"I'm tired"
"C'mon dude! Go to Lindsey, and get some sleep, dude!"
"I'm fine"
"No, dude."
"I'm fine!" Gerard protested angrily.
Gerard looked at Frank angrily.
"Why the fuck don't you believe me!"
"--Because why?!"
"Gerard. Listen. You just got out of the hospital Thats why!"
Gerard glared at him, "Fuck you Iero!"
He stormed off, to Lindsey.
"Fuckit, I'm outta here!" Gerard grumbled.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, hunny. I'll tell you later," Gerard sighed.
They drove back, and picked up the kids.
"Mommy, Daddy, how was the trip?"
"It was OK, hun. Daddy and Uncle Frankie went on a rollercoaster."
"Wow! Was it cool? Did it do lotsa spins?!"
"Uh, yeah. It did, B."
Gerard shuddered at the memory.
When they arrived home, Bandit was running to her room, to draw. Rodrick was sleeping in his crib, and Lindsey was making supper.
Gerard groaned as the smell of garlic bread reached him.
Lindsey walked in, "What's wrong?"
"I think the rollercoaster made me sick. I can't see right, and my stomach keeps doing 360 loops."
Lindsey kissed his cheek, "Go lie down,hun. I'll call you when supper's ready."
Gerard ambled off to thier room, and fell on the bed, as he took off his hi-tops, and coat.
He fell asleep looking at the clock: 3:24 PM.
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