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Simple Enough

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Diary entry 2

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August 1, 2011

We had our weekly band meeting. I happen to be the guitarist and lead singer. (hehe proud smile) We decided on our official band name today, Hotterthanyou, and wrote our first song, January. Nothing much more to say about our band meeting.

The band's line-up is

I'm the guitarist (acoustic) and the lead singer
My brother, Luke, is the bassist
My best friend, Selena, is the electric guitarist, and the back-up singer
Adrienne is the keyboardist (she has excellent skillz lol)
Lillian plays drums (She's awesome!)
My best guy friend, Julian, is our manager

Anyways, Hotterthanyou is nothing more then a local band, you know? I hope someday we'll be more. But for now, I have to settle for coffee-shops and street-playing. Occasionally, we get invited to play at those new music festivals, and some birthday parties. Right now, we are working on a demo to send to some record labels. I really hope we can get signed. That's my dream, you know. To get signed.

While I'm writing this, we are in a band meeting. They think I'm writing a song, he. I got tired of them argue about whether they should order pepperoni or meat. I TOLD them they should order cheese (I'm a vegetarian) but they told me to shut up and write the song. What great friends I have, huh? Well, they don't argue all the time. Just whenever they're hot and hungry. Hot as in, it's 99 degrees hot. Speaking of hot, I just watched the music video for What Is Love? by Nevershoutnever!. That's hot. Haha.

"Alex." Luke gently put down my diary. "What?" I asked. "We've been waiting for you to finish writing the song....." Lillian gave me a weird look. "Oh, sorry. I guess I got side-tracked." The band laughed at me. "What? It's prefectly normal for a 17-year-old girl to have a diary, right?" Julian patted me on the shoulder. "'Fraid not, Als." I shrugged. "Whatever. Let's finish this song."

That's my band-life. My school life was more... normal. I'm just glad it's summer vacation and I graduated. I don't have to deal with that shit anymore. I spent it like a reject.

"Hey freak, what's going on in your little emo mind?" The school's biggest preppy whore, Keira taunts me all the time. It's weird considering we used to be best friends. This stupid school reeks of cliche. "Nothing that you would understand, dumbass." She scowled at my comment. "Stupid bitch!" She shoved me into a locker. A chorus of "OOOOH's" were heard from the people watching. "Nice one, babe" Alex, the dumbest guy in the school, started to make out with Keira. "Ugh." I shoved past them and walked to class.

May I quote a My Chemical Romance song here, "I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to degree." Ah Gerard, I empathize with you. Thank god I had Hotterthanyou. I have time to focuse soley on the band, now. FREEDOM!

Hm, this entry has been longer than the first one. Great, what has my pathetic life come to? Writing in my stupid little diary, holed up in my room, staring at my poster of Christofer Drew. I bet his life is better than mine. At least he's famous. Lucky bastard.

Alexandria Smith

A/N Well, my second chapter! LOL I am really starting to like this story! I'm gonna upload the third chapter later today, but that's all for today! xD Love ya guys!
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