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This Shit Get's Old

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Just read, dammit. Lol

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Chris's POV

December 16, 2011

My manager says I should keep a diary. That way, when I die, he can make money off of my thoughts I had when I was alive. Those were the fucking bastard's exact words, I swear.

So hm... should I introduce myself? or do you already know who I am? Ah, fuck it.

My name is Christofer Drew (Ingle). I am 19 fucking years old, I have brown eyes, and I'm in the band Nevershoutnever! I'm a vegetarian and I hate shoes. I smoke, and I have tattoos, and I am semi-famous, I guess. I have a clingy girlfriend, Amber, and I've been thinking about breaking up with her. I'm about to go on tour soon for Time Travel. I say "Fuck" a lot.

Today's game plan is to have auditions for an opening band to go on tour with me. We started in New York and planned on making our way to Cali. I hope we find a good band.

Anyways, there's nothing else exciting happening in my life right now except- hang on. Amber just walked in screaming I forgot her birthday, which was yesterday. Damn drama queen. One sec.

So I took care of her. I told her to stop being a drama queen in order to have sex with me, and I dumped her. New York girls are idiots. For once, I want to be normal, you know? Not having to deal with fame, or tours, or stupid pictures... I hate pictures. I want a normal life, a normal girlfriend, and normal things to do. Curse my talent. (Lol)

Peace out, diary.
(God, that's sounds so gay, dammit)
Chris X)

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