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CHirs's POV

December 19, 2011

Oooh yay! It's almost Christmas, diary! Well, anyways, we just now got to California. My stupid manager says I can go home after the auditions... you know, for Christmas? I got these awesome little things for my parents. Do you think Santa will come visit my house? He said sarcastically.

Lawls, diary. Lawls. My new word...Taylor taught it to me! :3 He taught me that smiley face too. Anyways... I just fucking saw the Hollywood sign. Damn, diary. This is amazing, right there..

So we just pulled into the studio/arena thingie that is hosting the auditions. I'm sitting in my corner with you on my knees. Fuck. If I write about you like you are an actual person, am I crazy? Who am I kidding? I'm bat-shit crazy. Lawls. Sorry, I'm going to stop with the lawling. One more time?


Ok I'm done. Gotta go, diary. Peace out!

Chris x)

Alex's POV

December 18, 2011

So today I found out about the Nevershoutnever! auditions. This may be my chance to get out of this stupid little town. Finally.

So Luke just asked me why I am writing in my diary so much. I told him I didn't know. Maybe it gives me a chance on reflection... I don't really give a fuck about writing, but it's strangly calming to write.

So, I realize this is going to be a short entry, diary, but I really have to go get ready for tomorrow!


Alex's POV

December 19, 2011

So this is it! Today's the day! Hotterthanyou is offically going to try to break into the music business. Augh, this is so exciting! It took us a long time (and many hours on Skype) to figure out which audition song we should do, and finally, we decided on January. It has the most emotion.

In the car, I put my diary in the glove compartment and prepared for the biggest audition in my life. I waited for the rest of the band to get out of the car. Before we walked in, we linked hands and simultaneously took a deep breath and pushed open the big side entrance door.

A nice lady with waaaay too much makeup on told us to sign in. I ended up signing it. Go figure. After I wrote our band name down, we took a seat next to thousands of other hopefuls. It's like a real life American Idol without the cameras and fake bitches. As soon as I opened my mouth, he walked in.

Christofer Drew FUCKING Ingle. He walked in and I smiled. He really was adorable. He smiled at us, and spoke. "Hey bitches, what's down?" Everyone laughed. "Okay guys, I know that you're nervous and all, but just do you best and you'll be fine!" He nodded towards the first band. "Okay y'all are up."

One by one the band's started to go into the tiny auditioning room. Everyone had fancy equipment, a full drumset, electric guitars, full keyboards.... We just had an acoustic guitar, bass, xylophone, and a cooking pan. Damn, we must look like hillbillies.

"Umm.... Hotterthanyou?" Christofer read off our band name. "Cool name by the way.." We all just nodded. "Alright, let's hear what you got."

So we played January, sounding 10 times better than we normally play. Right before the chorus, Christofer stopped us. He walked up to me. "Stop, please. What's your name?" I blinked. Whoa. He was very hot. I cleared my throat before speaking. "Alex..." He stuck out his hand. "Thank you for auditioning, Alex. Hotterthanyou. I'll let you know before Friday,k?" He put up the signal for "call me"

I was shaking. What does that mean? He loved us? Hated us? One thing is for sure, That Chris is sure hard to read. Dammit. What if he doesn't call?

Sincerely, and nervously, yours

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