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Alex's POV

January 3, 2011

Dear Diary,
Okay. Should I be freaking out? Is a week too long? It's been a week since the auditions and I'm starting to think that we didn't win. Even worse, my boyfriend Brandon, hasn't been texting me since Friday. Half a week! I'm freaking out diary.

"Alex. Calm down!" Julian placed his hands on my shoulders. "Seriously Als, chill." Lillian laughed. "Damn it! How can I 'chill' when we haven't heard from them at ALL?" I stamped my foot. The whole band giggled. We started having daily band meetings at me and Luke's house, you know, just in case. We were sitting on the red couch, with a table in the middle. My phone (with the number I gave Chris) was placed in the middle of it.

We got tired of waiting and the rest of the band got tired of laughing at my imaptient-ness, so Luke suggested we play some WOW. Don't know what WOW is diary? Wow, diary. Wow. Anyways, in the middle of shooting zombies when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered excitedly. "Hey Als, it's me." Oh. It's just Brandon. "Okay one sec." I muffled the phone and whispered, "It's just Brandon." Everyone looked disappointed. "Hey babe, what's up?" I asked. "Um, Alex I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm going to have to break us off." I gasped. "What?!" He sighed. "We're over. I fell in love with someone else." I stood up. "You cheating little bastard. GO TO HELL." I hung up. Everyone was staring at me wide-eyed, and their mouths just about touched to floor. "Bastard." I repeated and picked up my controller.

Nothing else about today diary, pretty boring.


Alex's POV

January 4, 2011

I stretched like a kitten the moment the harsh sunlight hit my eyes. I looked at my alarm clock. 9:30. I rolled over and noticed something strange.

My light blue comforter was covered in blood. My blood. I checked my body for the source of the bleeding. I examined my legs. Nothing. I looked at my stomach. Nothing. I checked my wrists. Sure enough, there were 3 perfectly lined scabs running along each of my forearms. Each incision had red stains surrounding it.

Did I write anything about depression, diary? No, I just read over my last entry. I don't remember doing anything like that last night. I'm not depressed at all. Why didn't anyone help me? Was no one home? No.... someone had to be home, I can smell bacon. Wait, why can I smell bacon? No one ever makes food in my house. I walked to the bathroom, and bandaged up my wrists.

I followed the scent of bacon and was led into the kitchen. Luke was standing in front of the oven, blasting My Chemical Romance's Kill All Your Friends on the stereo. "Mornin' Luke! You made bacon? What's the occasion?" Luke turned around. "Your birthday, babe. Happy 30th." I gasped. It wasn't Luke, It was Chris.

"No offence, but why are you in my house? Making me bacon? Wait, 30? Where's Luke?" He looked at me strangely. "Als, it's OUR house. The one we bought a week after our wedding? And, um, Luke died a year ago, babe." I gasped, holding the table for support. "You're not supposed to be here." I breathed.

"You're right, Alex. I'm not." Chris grew about 6 inches and he became even skinnier than he already was. His skin dropped about 10 shades. "What's happening? What's going on?" He smiled, revealing a set of teeth the size of vampire fangs. "Relax, Alexanria. Relax, and all will be fine." He advanced towards me and slowly opened his mouth and before his razor sharp teeth touched my neck I woke up, gasping and shivering in my bed. I looked. No blood.

Dear Diary

Awkward dream, huh? Anyways, since it's Saturday, me and Luke are throwing a band party! Oooh ooh! We're gonna have balloons, cookies, and karaoke.

Once everyone got to our house, we practiced for exactly an hour. I made them by bribing them with cookies. I put on a mix of classic rock on the speakers and set out the cookies. When Selena and Lillian started the karaoke machine with "Oops, I did it again" I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket.

I answered as soon I walked outside. "Hello?" I sat down on the porch steps. "Alexandria? Of Hotterthanyou?" Confusing much? "Yeah... May I ask who's speaking?" Please tell me it's... "Christofer Drew Ingle, from Nevershoutnever. I'm calling about your audition."

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh... "Oh ok haha." Real smooth, Als. Shut up voice-inside-my-head. "Well, to start off, I'm really sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. There was so many bands, you know?" I smiled. I have a habit of saying that too, you know? "It's ok, I understand. It's not like we were sitting around my phone or anything..." He laughed. "Awkward turtle has baby awkward turtles!" I giggled. "Sorry. So, which band made it?" Might as well not beat around the bush.

"Alex... Hotterthanyou IS the band." I laughed a Sheldon Cooper laugh. "Are you joking with me? Is this Brandon? You already broke my heart, you don't have to prank call me. You knew this audition was important to me." There was stunned silence on the end. "Alex. I'm really Chris and I'm telling the truth." Great so now he's a bastard, bitch, and a liar. "Oh yeah? Prove it."

"Fine... Since you're a pretty girl, I'll sing for ya. Even though I'm in the middle of IHop. It's ok, for you, I'll be crazy." I laughed. Brandon was taking this really far.

"Oh, pretty girl, I know that I just met you but I might just dare to say that I love you. And oh, sweet perfection, won't you hear my one confession: That I'm lost, but dear, I'm found." He sounded exactly like Chris. "Ok, I believe you now. I can't believe it! This is so exciting!" He laughed the cutest laugh ever. "Alrighty, I'll text you the details? Bye sugar." He hung up.

Best. Day. Ever.


P.S. When Chris sang, was he implying anything? Naw.

Chris's POV

January 4, 2011

Dear fucking diary,
I can't explain it, but I just sang for a girl in the middle of IHop. And, to top it off, I'm actually excited for the year and a half we get to spend together. She's beautiful, you know that, diary? She has fiery hair, and her eyes... wow. They're captivating.

Anyways, I'd like to get to know her better. That's not even the reason I picked her band. They're actually really good. It was a refreshing change, instead of the heavy metal electric bands about death and sex, there's a total acoustic band (sound familiar? :D) about love and peace. Her voice is like an angel.

Am I a lovesick teenager or what? I've never felt this way about, well, anyone before. Well, this is gonna have to be goodnight, diary. I'm watching Big Bang Theory. I just love that show. Then, I'm gonna have a smoke and go to bed.


Chris x)

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