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Good or Bad

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Frank and Gerard meet nothing interesting since it's just an intro but stay tuned for more and yes i'm very sleepy so i'm not sure what i'm writting.

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The clock seemed to get slower and slower each time I stared at it. Not that I didn't secretly enjoy biology , but I hadn't had much sleep for the past few days. I could fell my eyes slowly closing. I hadn't realized I had fallen asleep until the sound of my teachers voice woke me up.
"Frank would you mind joining us back in the real world. This is Gerard Way he will be your new lab partner."
As Gerard walked towards me I noticed he was real cute. Which made me think this could be ethier good or bad. He looked like he could beat me up but i'm not one to judge so might as well get to know him.
"Hi.I'm Frank."
"Hi... i'm Gerard."He kind of mumbled.
Awkward, I thought. I guess he's not much one for talking. The bell rang and everyone ran towards the door.As for me I waited for Gerard to start talking to him.
"Hey Gerard what do you have next" He looked up, well down on me, kind of shocked.
"Umm ... lunch"
"Oh good so do I, you can sit with me and my friends...well if you want."
He gave a grin which was to die for he was so gorgeous.
____________________________________After Lunch___________________________________________
He's actually a very interesting guy and the boys seemed to like him. But it still wasn't enough I still didn't find out enough about him. Like if I even have chance or am I just wasting my time. I did find out he lives near me which was perfect.
After school we walked home together. It was quit at first.
"So do you maybe wanna come over my mom won't be home untill like midnight"
"Um yeah sure why not"
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