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There's nothing sexier than the sight of a girl wearing her boyfriend's t-shirt.

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12. Writer's choice: t-shirt

Inspired by Keith Urban's song: "You Look Good In My Shirt."

Josh was enthralled with World of Warcraft and paying no attention to his girlfriend, who had just emerged from the bathroom in nothing other than a t-shirt. However, said shirt wasn’t just ordinary—it was Josh’s favorite, his brown, slightly faded Sublime t-shirt. Robin had fallen in love with the shirt from the moment she’d laid eyes on it, and she’d vowed to steal it whenever possible and wear it for Josh.

And that’s exactly what she was doing at the current moment. A smirk came over her lips as she walked over in front of the TV, bending over seductively while removing the controller from Josh’s hands and setting it on the floor. Whereas he hadn’t been paying much attention before, Josh definitely was now, and his jaw practically dropped at the sight in front of him. Robin’s hair was messy, and she’d taken her glasses off, which meant that she was virtually blind, but Josh didn’t care. He could feel his pants beginning to tighten at the sight—the very sexy sight, he added to himself—of his longtime girlfriend standing before him in nothing but his shirt. The shirt clung to her ample breasts, and the smirk that was on her face did little to discourage Josh’s growing erection.

Josh found himself struggling to speak, but after a few minutes of doing nothing but staring and appreciating, he was finally able to choke out a sentence. Whether or not it could be called a coherent one was debatable.

“Holy fuck,” he breathed, arousal evident in his voice. “You look so damn fuckable.”

Robin giggled a little as she pushed Josh back onto the bed, straddling his hips as her chest pressed to his.

“Is that so, Tiger?” she leaned in and placed a teasing kiss to the corner of Josh’s mouth. “Why don’t you show me?”

Not needing the statement to be repeated twice, Josh quickly began to strip himself of all clothing, his eyes never leaving Robin’s as he did so.
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