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Agent Cat decides that she wants to join the Squash and Stretch Gym, desperately wanting to meet Coach Z. She has no idea what she's getting into when she joins. (The chapters range from R-MA excep...

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Agent Cat, a black cat, stood outside of the Squash and Stretch Gym in Daisy Gardens. It was 5:58 in the morning, and the gym opened up at 6am. Her heart was pounding against her chest and she heard footsteps. She quickly hid around the corner. She peeked out and saw a yellow duck walking towards the gym. He walked up the steps and unlocked the door. When he walked inside, Agent Cat got up. She took a deep breath, and started walking up the steps. She walked inside, and the yellow duck turned around.

"Well you're an early Visitor." he said with a smirk. Agent cat just stood there, blushing and staring at him. "Are you gonna say something or are you just gonna stand there and blush?" Agent Cats knees felt like Jelly.

"Are you Coach Zucchini?" Agent cat asked. The Coach nodded.

"You can call me Coach Z for short."

"Oh okay. I would like to join your gym." Coach Z looked at her.

"You do look like you could use some training..." Coach Z teased.

"Yeah... I could use some...." Agent cat said.

"Well before anything, I'll need to know your amount of laff and the gags that you have."

"Okay! I have 73 laff points, Pixie dust, quicksand, a $10 dollar lure, a wedding cake, a storm cloud, and an anvil!" Agent Cats tail was waving in the air.

"Yikes... no sound huh?" Coach Z said. Agent Cat blushed harder. "Oh well. At least you have lure and toonup. Now stop blushing you're making me feel awkward."

"Sorry!" Agent Cat said.

"No problem. Anyways, let me tell you one thing," he said as he walked up to her. "When it's 45 degrees outside it's probably best not to wear short shorts. Now, if you are going to join my gym, you will be required to come everyday from 7-10pm. It's late, I know. Of course you can skip out if you are sick or f there is a family emergency. We will let you take a couple weeks off as vacation, if you wish. Intuition is free, and you will be able to socialize with the other toons in the program." the coach took out a contract. "Just sign here, and you're in." he handed agent cat a pen. She quickly signed it and gave the contract back to him. "Alright Agent Cat. I'll see you later tonight. And please, don't wear super short shorts or tiny tank tops, I know everyone else in the group very well, and they would hit on you like there was no tomorrow. I will give you a uniform tomorrow night."

"Oh thank you Coach Z! I promise I won't disappoint you!!!" Agent Cat said before skipping out.

"I bet you won't!" Coach Z called after her.

When Agent Cat got back to her estate, she jumped for joy. "I GOT INTO COACH Z'S GYM!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she went to her bedroom and fell on her bed. "And he was so hot....." she felt herself get wet. "He had such a sexy figure....." she looked at the clock. It was only noon. She changed her shorts and got out her phone. She dialed the number of Vanilla, her best friend. Agent invited her out to lunch and then the mall. Then possible after that some cog fighting. Vanilla accepted, and they had a day of fun. When Agent Cat got back home, she got undressed and got in the shower. She started thinking about Coach Z again, and she spent the rest of her shower getting clean and masturbating to her fantasies. Agent Cat woke up at around 8am. She stretched and got out of bed. She brushed her fur and got dressed. She made herself breakfast and she went outside to go fishing. She caught some clown fish and horse mackerel. She was fishing longer then she thought. When she went inside she realized that it was 6:30. She quickly changed into jeans and a T-shirt and headed to the Squash and Stretch Gym.
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