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The First Day

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Agent Cat made her way to the Squash and Stretch Gym. She had 20 minutes, so she decided to wander around and look around. She looked into an alley and saw a gang of tough looking dogs. They all looked at her and gave her a creepy look. She quickly turned around and quickly went to the gym. When she walked in, she saw a lot of toons. All guys, which slightly bothered her. They all looked at her and Agent waved awkwardly. "Alright, meet our new recruit. Her name is Agent Cat, and she will train with us. Now, get in line everyone." the other toons got in line, and Agent Cat just stood there. Coach Z started telling me the names of all the toons. There was a yellow cat named Tadger, a green bunny named Roz, a blue cat named Forensic, and a red duck named Scrub.

"Oh, are these the only people in the gym?" Agent asked surprisingly.

"No, this is just the group that you're in. There are other groups."

"Oh I see. Coach Z didn't you say you would give me a uniform?" Agent asked.

"Oh yes I did. Here you go." Coach Z gave Agent short shorts and a tank top that was obviously see through. "Wait a second... Tadger!" Coach Z looked at the yellow cat.

"What? I like seeing a nice pair of tits on a cute cat." Agent Cat shifted uncomfortably at Tadgers comment. Coach Z gave him a look.

"You pervert. Sorry about that Agent Cat." Coach went back to a room and brought out a different set of clothes. A T-shirt and shorts. "There you go. There are changing rooms right over there. And don't worry, I'll make sure that Tadger doesn't watch you." Agent Cat nodded and went to the changing rooms. A minute later she came out. "It's not too big is it?" Coach Z asked.

"Nope, it's a perfect fit. So now what do we do?" Agent asked.

"Well... While everyone does they're regular drill I'll have to do some fitness testing with you." Coach Z led Agent over to a separate room. He had her do a series of workouts, like push-up and pull-ups. By the time she was done with everything, it was fairly obvious that the coach turned her on. "By the way Agent Cat..." Agent looked up at him. "try to control your hormones." Agent Cat blushed heavily and Coach Z smiled at her. "You can go now. Its 10 o'clock."

"Okay..." Agent Cat got up and quickly left.
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