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This is where it gets bad,

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I;m bad at summaries just read it.

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Agent Cat was walking home. It was 10:30, and she was on in ToonTown Central. Her house was in the outskirts of Donald's Dream Land, so she had a long way to go, considering she left her teleporting hole at her house. When she was about to cross over to Minnie's Melody Land, she heard snickering. She ignored it, and kept walking. Someone squeezed a nerve on Agents neck, and she instantly fell onto the ground, unconscious. When she woke up, she was in a house. The house looked familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. That's when the blue dog walked in. "Hello kitty. Remember me?"

"Dizzy Wig?" Agent asked. She vaguely remembered times when they would work on toontasks together, and go in the front three just for fun.

"Yep. Remember when we stopped hanging out? When we lost touch?" He asked her. Agent nodded. "Well you never realized, but I always wanted more then that. But since you were never open to it, I decided I would kidnap you." he moved towards her, and Agent backed into the corner. Dizzy Wig spun her around and pulled her back towards him. "You always had such big breasts, you know..." he said, starting to play with them.

"Please... Dizzy Wig stop..." she tried to pull away, but he just held her tighter and started kissing her neck. He pulled out a knife, and ran it up her shirt, tearing it apart. He pulled it off and started sliding her pants down. Agent squirmed around, trying to break loose, but she couldn't. Dizzy Wig smirked and sat her down on a bed. He pulled off his shirt and slid down his pants. He pushed her head down, forcing her to give him a blowjob. After a few minutes, he layed her on the bed and started raping her. As if just on cue, Coach Z burst through the door with a gun.

"GET THE HELL OFF OR HER YOU BASTARD" he said, pointing it at Dizzy Wig. He quickly got up and pulled on his pants.

"Whoa there's no need to pull out a gun duck..."

"YES THERE IS NEED YOU FUCKING IDIOT." Coach Z ran at him and clubbed him on the side of the head with the gun, knocking him out. "Are you okay Agent Cat?" All Agent could do was lay there and shiver. Coach picked her up and Agent wrapped her arms around him, still shivering. "It's okay Agent Cat, I'll make sure he won't hurt you. Put your clothes back on. You can stay with me tonight." Agent Cat quickly put her clothes back on and left with the Coach.

"How did you find me anyways?" Agent said.

"I was nearby and I saw him take you. So I followed with a gun, to make sure he wouldn't kill you." Coach put his arm around her to comfort her. Agent hugged him.

"Thanks. So where do you live?" Agent asked him.

"I live up in Daisy Gardens, it's close to where I work so it's convenient." the Coach stopped in front of a rather big house. "Well here we are." they both went in, and it was freezing. "Its late, we should go to bed. There's a guest room across the hall from where I sleep, and you can sleep there." he led Agent Cat to the guest room, and she sat on the bed. "Good night Agent Cat." Coach Z patted her back and went to the room across the hall. Ignoring the freezing temperature, she pulled the covers over herself and went to sleep. She woke up in the middle of night, filled with goosebumps. She had the stupidest idea ever. She went across the hall into Coach Z's room, where he was sleeping. She crawled in bed next to him, and quickly fell asleep again.

In the morning, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She woke up and saw Coach Z looking at her. "Hi..." she greeted.

"Quick question... Why are you in my bed?" he asked.

"I was cold..." Agent Cat said, rubbing her eyes. Coach Z sighed. He looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning. He put his arm around Agent.

"Well if your cold then we'll have to warm you up." he said in a seducing voice, "but only if you're okay with it." Agent Cat nodded.

"It's fine with me..." Agent Cat scooted closer to him. Coach Z rubbed his hands all over her body, getting her wet and horny. Coach Z stuck one hand down her pants, and another on her boob. Agent moaned and stuck her hand down his pants. Coach took off his shirt, and so did Agent.

"You have a beautiful pair of tits.." he complimented. Agent and he Coach slid off their pants.

"You have such a big dick..." Agent said, jerking him off. Agent smiled and got down lower and started to suck his dick. Shortly after, the coach got on top of her. He went inside of her, and they both moaned. They were at it for a while. His thrusts were long and fast, and soon he began to come inside of her. They both moaned loudly, and fell next to each other, panting. They look at the clock. It was four in the morning.

"I'll clean the sheets tomorrow..." Coach Z said. The two of them held each other close and fell back asleep.
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