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I Want To be the Minority

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PG 13 for language

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I rested my head against the cool window of the car. I was driving with my cousin to 'my new home'. I felt a tear run down my face. I had been crying ever since I found out. My parents are dead. "Hey, honey. It's going to be okay, they are good people." "No, I don't want to be 2 stranger's kid." "Not really, they already have a son, and his friends are like family to them." I groaned in anger. "I still don't wanna go." I muttered. "You are, end of story. You are lucky I came with you to California. I could've just let you go by yourself and they pick you up." "Calm the fuck down. You know what, you can be a bitch sometimes." "JADE! You're the one who is bitching about having to move. Yeah I feel bad for you that your parents passed. But no need to make an ass of yourself!" I sighed in anger. 1 hour later "We're here." I heard her say, she had calmed down. "Drew?" I asked her "Yeah." We walked around the truck to get my stuff. "Did my mom and dad know them?" She nodded and explained. "They were close friends. You probably don't remember but they used to be over at your house all the time." I felt the pain and anger well up in my chest. "So I am guessing your Jade?" I turned to see a girl, who was older than me by far, with reddish-brown hair. I nodded and she gave me a hug. "I'm Maria." I smiled at the hostility. "Do you live here?" I asked and she nodded. "Sorry, I moved but I visit more often." I looked at the ground. "What's wrong?" She asked and I muttered "Idon'twanntbealonehere." "Don't worry, my little brother still lives here, he is 16. Like you are?" I nodded and she went on. "Plus he has his two friends over all the time, so no worries." I smiled and she helped me grab my stuff. "MARIA." I heard someone yell, she put down my stuff and walked through a doorway. I heard her talk to someone, and whoever it was talk back. I only heard a guy say. "Dude, calm down and meet her." I stood there playing with a string on my shirt. "Hey, so you're Jade that Maria is talking about. I'm Tre, Billie is in there, he lives here but is being an ass. Sorry about that." I smiled and shook his hand. "No problems." He nodded and walked back. I heard him almost yell. "Seeee she doesn't bite!" I shrugged and Maria walked back. "As Tre probably said, he is being an ass right now." She showed me to my room and Drew had to leave. I unpacked and lay down on the bed pulling out my Ipod. I scrolled through the songs and picked the song. 'Nevermind' by Nirvana. I listened unti I saw someone open my door. I was half expecting to see this Billie dude. But saw who must've been his mom. "Jade, it is time for dinner." I nodded and walked downstairs into the dinning room. I saw 3 guys walk in and sit across from me. I kept my head down until I felt someone touch my arm. "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Mike." He pointed to the guy who was sitting beside him. "This is B-" He was cut off by a dark look. "I can introduce myself." I heard him mutter angrily. "Then why don't you?!" He shrugged. "I don't know why I should. I don't really want her here, and I am thinking she doesn't want to be here." "That's enough!" I heard his mom snap. "Sorry, he is angry about this." I shrugged.
"I'm not trying to be rude but he is right, I don't exactly want to be here. I pushed away from the table. "By the way, I am Helen." I shook her hand, and we heard a guy walk in. "Who is this? Do you now have a girlfriend?" He was being rude, to whoever he pointed that comment at. "No, Greg she is staying. It is Jade." I saw him nod and hold out a hand. "I'm Greg, nice to meet you. So B, are you going to let us change your last name? Or will we have to do it without you being okay with it?" "Fuck you, I am not going to. Your not my dad so stop calling me 'B'" I saw the anger in his eyes as he pushed away from the table. "Sorry about him." I saw the guy sit at the head of the table. I saw Tre and Mike motion for me to follow them. They walked out on the porch, it was summer so we didn't need jackets. "We gotta go, sorry. If you see him, tell Billie we say bye 'kay?" I heard Mike say, while I nodded. "Sorry, Greg is an asshole and we don't like being around him." I nodded and walked up the stairs into my new room. I sat on the bed and resumed listening to my music, but this time I started to play the game 'Papiwall'. Simple concept, you just need to jump over walls various heights with out touching the top or bottom. I had my music loud, so I didn't hear the knock on my door. So I jumped when I saw a guy standing in the doorway. "Stay away from Greg, he is nothing but bad news." I saw the guy walk over and sit on the end of my bed and I pulled my knees into my chest. "By the way, i'm Billie Joe, but Billie works." I shook his hand. "Jade. Call me whatever, I don't care anymore." I saw a look of concern go over his face. "So J works?" I nodded before asking. "If you don't mind my asking, but why did you get mad when he called you B?" He looked down. "It was a nickname my dad had given me, before he died. Fuckin' cancer." I felt so bad for him. "I'm so sorry." I wanted to give him a hug, but I didn't know how he would react. "Better than you, losing both." I felt him give me a hug, in more of a brotherly way. "So did Mr.Asshole ask you to change your last name?" I nodded and he thought for a second. "He will I know that for a fact." I looked at him. "Why does he want you to?" "It's not his name. Him, my mom and Maria all go by Anderson. I go by Armstrong." I nodded. "Really? I will have to be Jade Anderson" I was disgusted by the thought of it. "No, I know neither my mom or him will let you keep yours." "I'd rather have the same last name as you, not his disgutsting, rapist name." I heard him laugh. "Really? You could ask my mom." I smiled "Oh yeah! Tre and Mike say 'Bye'" He grinned. "So you have 3 friends already?" I shrugged and he looked more or less confused. "I think of it more like....." I looked down not finishing my sentance. "What? Don't be embarrased, I won't judge you." "2 friends one-kinda brother." I saw him grin "Yeah, your a better sister than Maria, and I just met you." I smiled and hugged my 'brother'. Right as Greg opened the door. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?" He scared the shit out of me. I stood and Billie stood in front of me. "WELL SORRY FOR GIVING MY LITTLE SISTER A HUG!" I heard him yell. "What are you guys yelling about?" I saw his mom walk up behind Greg. "Why is he allowed in her room?!?" I saw him tense in front of me. "What?! You think I am going to fuck her? God you are an ass. She isn't used to it here. She is like my little sister." I saw him look at me. "You, downstairs in 5." He turned and walked away. I felt tears burning in my eyes. I wiped my eyes with my sleeve fast. But not soon enough. "Sorry about him, want me to come?" I nodded and felt him hug me as a 'sorry' kind of way. I walked downstairs behind Billie and sat in the same place as I did at dinner. "So, we were thinking that you could be even more apart of our family. You could change your last name." "To what?" I angrily muttered. "Anderson honey." I heard Helen tell me. "Hell no. Can't I choose?" I saw him raise his eyebrows. "What then?!" "Armstrong." Me and Billie said at the same time. "WHY?!?" "J Armstong, I like it. She is my little sister anyways. You said she could." They glared. "Nevermind then. We will only change it if the law enforces so." I smiled and walked back upstairs. "Thanks." I said to him as I walked by his room and he waved in response. So far California was turning out quite awsome. Good? What do you think
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