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Choices, choices

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I walked up the stairs and back into my room. I grinned. I didn't have to change my name and if they tried again, I would whine and bitch until I got a choice. I smiled and slid under the blankets. They were warm and I not knowing curled up into a ball. That night, I thankfully had no dreams. Next Day 10:30 in the morning I woke up and heard two people yelling. I stepped out of bed, stretched. All tha stuff I did in the morning. "HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, YOUR NOT MY DAD SO STOP WITH THE FUCKING NICKNAMES!" I heard Billie yell "I'LL CALL YOU WHATEVER I WANT" I heard Greg yell back "What's going on?" I asked, voice thick with sleep. "Look what you did." I heard Billie hiss. "Aw J, go back to sleep. This doesn't include you." I without thinking flipped him off. "That's not what you call me." I pulled down my finger and he looked pissed. "I am only allowed to call her that, she chooses." He glared, before saying "So who is allowed to call you by your nicknames." "Mike, Tre, J. I choose, and your not one of them." Greg turned and slammed the porch door behind him. "Nicknames? How many do you have?" I asked trying to keep back a laugh. "2. B, and BJ. Or what Mike tends to call me. Beej." I nodded and grinned. "C'mon, you wanna watch t.v?" I nodded "Can we get something to eat first?" He nodded and brought me to what looked like a pantry. "So, you name it, we probably got it." I nodded and grabbed a Pop Tart, while he grabbed Cocoa Puffs cereal. We brought our food into the living room and turned on the t.v. "Ugh, there are early morning cartoons, but summer is the worst. They go for almost all day." I glared at the t.v and we ended up absent-mindedly watching a cartoon while eating our breakfast. "Well i'm done." I heard him say from the couch and I sat on the chair while he went to put his bowl in the sink. I heard the door open, and I jumped. "Get the fuck out of my chair." He growled and I jumped out and fast-walked into the kitchen. I was looking at the ground so I had no idea Billie was there until I walked into him. "Whats wr-" He swiflty moved by me to see, when he came back he grabbed my arm and led me to what must've been their back door. "Sorry, you can go inside if you want. I wasn't thinking." He shrugged and we were outside. "Nah, rather stay out here. It's warm." I walked over and sat on a swing. He sat on one beside me. "So not to burst the bubble that you might have about here is awsome. But they are lying to you." I looked at him confused, he went on. "They are going to make you change your last name. They aren't happy about the fact that you don't want their last name. But my mom is going to ask you about it." I nodded "Hey B, why does he treat you like that?" I asked and he took a breath before answering. "I never acted the way he thinks I should've. I would rather play guitar and form a band. But he wants me to go into a line of work like him." "What is he like lawyer?" I wasn't serious, but he nodded. "Yeah. Doesn't that sound the greatest!" He sarcasticly exclaimed. "You play guitar?" I asked and he grinned "Yeah, do you?" I nodded "I could teach you if you would like to learn." I grinned and nodded. "Billie. Jade. Can you two come inside." I heard his mom yell to us. We walked inside, to the kitchen where she was sitting alone. "As you know, Greg wants you to change your last name Jade." I nodded and Billie was about to sit by me. "Hunny, could you go upstairs. I need to talk to Jade alone for a second." I gave him a look of despair. He was the guy who stood up for me around here. He shrugged and walked upstairs. Once he was upstairs she went on. "So you really don't like the name Anderson?" I nodded "Please tell me the truth, would you be happy with Armstrong or where you saying that because he was here?" I nodded "If I can't have my name, I would much rather have that." She sighed "Thought so, we will have to re-fill out the papers. Greg said I could probably persuade you into it. But if you are sure, it is your choice." I smiled and walked away from the table. I was on my way to my room when I heard him ask from his room. "What did she want?" He asked and I walked in a bit. "About the name thing. Wanted to make sure I wasn't lying just because you were there." He looked up from the notebook he was using for drawing. " last name?" I nodded and grinned. "What did you choose?" He asked and my grin went into a full out smile. "Like you said, 'J Armstrong, what a ring to it.'" I mimiced him.
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