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Getting Away

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I walked into my room, and pulled out my phone. No new texts or missed calls. Nothing out of the ordinary.
"So you have a phone?" I heard someone ask from behind me and I jumped almost 5 feet in the air.
"Fuck, B you can't do that!" I walked over and slapped him in the arm.
"That hurt so badly." He kidded and fell to his knees.
"Get up." I playfully nudged him with my foot. He, still kidding, curled up into a ball.
"Beej, your human, not armadillo. So get up." I looked to see Mike and Tre.
"But she's abusing me!" He yelled and we burst out laughing.
"What the hell? There are people downstairs who are trying to concentrate!" I heard Greg come up the stairs and the two guys jogged away from the top of the stairs and over behind Billie. I didn't move, until I felt someones arm around my waist pull me.
"Get the fuck up." I heard him say
"Fuck you asshole. If my mom was here right now, I know for a fact you wouldn't be acting like this." He hissed angrily.
"You all shut the fuck up." Greg stormed back downstairs.
I saw the anger in Billies green eyes.
"Dude, we still up for the party tommorow?" I heard Mike ask and Tre let go of me.
"'Course. Can't wait to get out of here ya know." I tried to slip back into my room but I felt a hand grab my arm.
"You wanna come?" I shrugged.
"Yeah, but I don't wanna crash anything." They shook their heads.
"Ah the guy who is hosting it won't care. He likes having more people." I nodded and Billie grabbed my phone.
"What are you doing?" I asked, as he handed it to Mike. Who also did something, Tre did the same.
"Trust us." I heard Billie say as I got my phone back.
3 New contacts The screen read and I grinned

The Next Day

I sat on the couch, leaning against the arm rest, eating a Pop Tart. Me and Billie were dressed and waiting for Mike and Tre to come pick us up.
"So does it take a while to get to the city?" I asked, for he lived more in the country.
"Yeah, about a couple hours." I nodded and we heard a car horn. He checked through the curtains.
"It's him, lets go." I got up and we walked outside. There in the driveway, was a black convertable with the top down.
Mike was sitting in the drivers seat and Tre moved to the back.
"Hey guys" I heard him say as he got into the car. He chose shotgun, which left me in the back.
I slid in and leaned back. I felt the grin across my face. I never really got to let go when my parents were a- still around. I was enjoying the freedom, until I heard the door slam open.
"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?!?" I heard Greg yell and Mike took off. He ran after us, a little ways up the road he gave up. I think.
"So, you excited?" I looked over to my right, then nodded.
"Hell yeah." They agreed

We switched who was driving afew times. So one of us wouldn't be stuck driving the whole way while the rest of us were, trying to enjoy ourselves.
"So, we got a hotel booked?" I heard Billie ask
"What?" I was confused
"We are most likely going to get drunk, and we don't want one to have to drive all the way back and not be able to have fun." I nodded and saw lots of lights. We were in the city.
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