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Not Alone

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When in the city, they figure out. They aren't alone. (bad summary, im sorry)

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Once we got into the city, we went out to a resturaunt. It was chinese and I kept choking. Not because it was the food. The fact that I was watching Billie's attempts at using chopsticks.
"Jade, stop dying." I heard Tre say as I choked once more.
"Are you laughing at me?!" I heard Billie joke.
I stopped choking before saying.
"Hell yes!" We all burst out laughing until a very angry mother walked over.
"I would appreciate it if you watch your language. God, teenagers these days."
"We would apprectiate it if you didn't judge us." Billie said, she gave him an angry glare and we burst out laughing again.
"Dude, somone is going to kill you for saying stuff like that some day." I heard Mike say.
He shrugged. He went pale and his jaw was almost on the ground.
"Whats up dude." I turned to see where he was looking. Sure enough there was a pissed off Greg in the parking lot.
"We gotta go." I heard him mutter and we got up and hid behind a van until he was inside. From there we pulled up the roof to Mike's car, and drove. To the drive through. None of us argued, for the fact we were still hungry. We got the food and drove to the hotel.
"Holy fuckers." I was shaking from the fact he was in the city with us. I felt someone grab my hands.
"It's okay. We won't let him touch you." I heard Tre whisper and let go of my hands.
We got to the hotel and went up to our room. There were 2 beds and a couch.
"Dibs the couch." I heard Mike yell and flop down on it.
"So I guess J could get the one bed and me and Tre the other." I grinned
"Ew, I am not sleeping with BJ. I am not that desperate." I giggled, then everyone else did.
"You know you love me." I heard Billie kid, I hope he was kidding.
"Nah. I love someone else." I saw him shrug off Billie's arm. We all gave him weird looks, he shrugged and walked around.
"I'm going to get a pop. Anyone else want one?" I saw the three of them nod and give me 2 dollars each.
I was on my way to the pop machine down the hall. I felt someones arms around my waist and pull me back. I swear I was going to have a heart attack. How the hell did Greg know our hotel. I started squirming. Hoping he would let go.
I heard laughter from behind me and the person let go. I saw Tre standing there, laughing.
"You ass-fuck!" I punched him in the arm
"Aw J i'm sorry. I just wanted to get your attention." I rolled my eyes and kept walking.
"Whatever." I put in my money and clicked Coca Cola. I put in Mike's money, before realizing. I had no idea what he wanted.
"Mike has Pepsi and Billie Coke." I looked to see him leaning against the machine.
"And I like 7-Up." He handed me two dollars.
"Why are you here?" I saw him look at his feet.
"I kinda, really do like y-" He got cut off, by me putting a hand over his mouth.
"Oh fuck." I crawled over to the balcony and looked over. To see Greg talking to the front desk.
I started shaking, out of fear.
"C'mon." I felt him grab my hand and 2 of the pops and we ran.
"LET US IN! NOW!" I heard him yell as he pounded on the door. Right as they opened it, Greg was running towards us.
"LOCK IT!" I screamed and felt someone pull me back as Mike locked the door.
"It's him, ain't it?" I nodded and sat with my back against the wall and knees to my chest.
"It's okay. We will take care of you, ya know." Right as he said that I knew who it was.
"Sorry, I just never thought of my life turning horror movie." I heard his laugh.
"Sorry, my family is like that." We heard him pound on the door.
"I KNOW YOUR GOD DAMMED WELL IN THERE! LET ME THE FUCK IN!" I tensed up and felt someone sit on my left side. I sat there, feeling more relaxed. I had Billie on my right and Tre on my left and Mike in front of me.
"So just wait it out?" I asked and they nodded. I shifted and felt something fall out of my pocket. My Ipod.
"Music?" I nodded
"And games."
"Really?" I nodded and we ended up paying on there.
"Mister. We will have to ask you to leave the building. Some of our guests have complained." We heard the lady from the front desk ask.
"Whatever. Hear that faggots. By the way Billie, Jade DONT EVER THINK OF COMING BACK TO MY HOUSE." I looked down and felt two arms go around my shoulders and someone touch my foot.
"Don't worry, we will all buy a house together." I grinned at the thought.
"Its 6:30 ya know?" We got up and walked downstairs. Time to go to the party.
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