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Party Hard

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We drove to the party, which was in a place that looked abanodoned.
"Are you sure it's here?" I asked and the guys laughed
"Yeah, trust me once you get inside you will know." I heard Billie explain
We walked in and they the song Room 21 by Hinder playing.
"BJ, your theme song." I saw a dude who was already wasted, joke.
"Hell yes!" He joked and walked off
"Don't be shy, they may be drunk. But they don't bite...hard." I laughed a bit before a girl offered me a beer.
"Trust me." She had wavy strawberry blonde hair. I smiled and took it.
"No offence, but you need to open up." I nodded and took a drink. Since I wasn't used to the taste, I ended up almost choking.
"It's okay, I barely know anybody here." I shrugged and she led me somwhere.
"Whats your name by the way?" I blinked taking another long drink
"Jade. Yours?" I asked and she told me her name was Herriet. She brought me to a group of people that must've been her friends.
"Guys, this is Jade. We need to make her open up." I felt her lean on me and looked, some people looked disgusted and left the group. But 5 stayed.
"So you must be new here, i'm Dawson." I grinned, he was kinda cute. Short golden brown hair, dark brown eyes.
"Grace." A girl with black hair, like mine. With silver-ish grey eyes said.
"Jay." A guy with brown hair with blonde in it said. He had green eyes.
"Kayleen" A girl who looked a bit like Herriet said, except she had hazel eyes instead.
I felt an arm wrap tightly around my shoulders.
"I'm Presten, and you are a hottie." He tried to kiss me, I pushed him away.
"Seriously dude! You don't even know her. For fuck sakes!" I heard Dawson get pissed.
"Well it was nice meeting you, i'm going to go." Alot of them left, except for Dawson and Presten.
"C'mon, you don't wanna be around him when he's drunk." I followed Dawson to somewhere else.
"So you're new to around here?" I nodded and he smiled.
"Well not to sound like a perv, but you are hot." I felt my cheeks heat up.
"Thanks, you are pretty damn hot yourself." He smiled, god was he hot. But I wouldn't tell him yet.
A while later

I don't know how much I had to drink, but I was sitting really close to Dawson. I saw the guys once in a while, but not much.
"You know, I think you are fucking hot." Great, I just told him. But who cares.
"I think the same of you." His face was only a few centimeters away from mine.
Before I realized what was happening, I was kissing the guy. It was, well no words could describe it. I ended up feeling a hand on my arm, to akwardly see Billie beside me.
"C'mon, we are going. Tre looks as if he is about to pass out." He was drunk, so I prayed he wouldn't remember what he saw. "Okay, one minute though." He nodded and I felt someone writing something on my hand.
"Call me." I heard him say, with one last hug.
I stumbled back to the hotel, trying not to die.
Once we were back, I flopped down on my bed and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Note: Any song mentioned in the chapters, it is what I was listening to. What do you think?
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