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"Wake uppp" I heard one of the guys whisper in my ear.
"Fuck off." I mumbled and attempted to push his face away
"Bad idea J, he bites ya' know."
"No I had nooo idea." I growled being a smart ass
I lay in bed, for a good 3 seconds before I felt as if I was going to puke. I jumped off, rammed right into Tre, who was the one to wake me up and straight for the bathroom.
I was shaking and felt someone holding my hair back.
"I take it you never gotten drunk, or had a hangover." I heard Mike ask and I nodded.
"Nah. Tried to stay away from it in York." I leaned back and wiped my mouth.
"EWWWWWW! Ha just kidden I was the same way." I grinned and leaned my head back against the tub.
"If you don't mind, I think I am going to have a shower." He nodded and walked out, shutting the door behind him. I locked it and turned on the water and went in.
I washed up, it helped the hangover I had. Thankfully.
"So wer are going to go back, when that douche is at work and get your guy's stuff, 'kay?" I walked in and they were sitting on the beds.
"Hell yes." I said as I walked in. I grabbed some left over chinese, which was still good.
We had no stuff, so we just left. Giving front desk our room keys on the way out.
"Who's Dawson?" I heard Tre whisper as he looked at my hand.
"A guy." I said and saw him tense, but keep walking.
"What? Are you jealous or something?" I asked and he nodded, jaw locked.
I shrugged and we had to walk back to where the party was at, to get Mike's car.
"Who's smart idea was it to drive to the party?" I asked.
"This dumbass." The guys pointed to Mike who opened the car door.
"Okay, for that you two can walk home, J can get a ride." He joked. I slid into the backseat while Tre in the front, and Billie in the back.
"I'll drive home the full way I guess." We thanked him and about 10 minutes in I heard Billie whisper.
"So you had a good night last night?" He winked at me and I smacked his arm
"Whatever." I mumbled and he continued.
"Try not to tell Tre, he has a thing for you. It would crush him if he found out." I nodded, I felt kind of bad. I had just met Dawson last night, but I knew Tre longer. He was a sweet, funny and all around awsome guy. While I had no idea about Dawson, I was drunk, he was drunk. I leaned my head back. Trying to keep my mind off how shitty I felt.
"So where are these two staying?" I heard Mike ask.
"You could stay at my place, or someone else's. Your choice." I grinned, see he was sweet.
"I guess I could stay there for a bit, until I find my own place." I shrugged and Billie agreed.
I leaned my head back against the seat once more and closed my eyes. I guess we were back home, I was awake, but didn't feel like openeing my eyes.
"Is she sleeping? Dude you should bring her in the house." I heard someone say from the right of me.
"Okay, c'mon Jade." I heard Tre as he picked me up, still thinking I was asleep.
I remember being lay down on a bed and footsteps leaving. I fell asleep again, to wake up with my stuff in this room.
I pulled out my phone and dialed the number on my hand before it washed off.
"Hello?" I heard him ask, sounding like he knew how crappy I felt
"Hey, Dawson?" I asked and I could almost hear the smile in his voice.
"Jade! This may be too soon, and feel free to say no, but would you be interested in going out with me tonight?" I grinned
"Yeah, so 6:30?" He agreed
"So where do I pick you up?" I asked him if he knew where Tre lived, he said yes.
I walked downstairs and saw Billie sitting at the table.
"I need an excuse before 6:30." He looked at me with a weird look.
"What? Your going out with him aren't you?" I nodded
"I don't want to hurt him, for the fact that he is being so nice to us." He nodded
"I'll tell him you are out with a friend. Her name is Payge. She is really nice. He'll belive it and nobody will get hurt." I grinned
"What? Why would anyone get hurt?" We saw Tre ask walking in.
"She met Payge and didn't want to have to blow anyone off. Are you okay with that dude?" He nodded and I walked back upstairs, happier than ever.
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