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Chapter 28

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Regents. That's all.

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First off, I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. I really am sorry!
Secondly, does anyone actually read thi anymore? :\

Today was the last and final day of regents. The tests that all students hated having to face were today. They all dreadfully woke up that morning. All the freshmen had to take Algebra 1 and Biology regents, which they’ve been studying so hard for. Juniors had to take the most: American History, Trigonometry and Chemistry. Gerard only had to take an English regents to pass.

Ray had taken the Trigonometry regent the day before, and now today only had to suffer through two three hour teats, as did his younger friends. Biology and Algebra 1 were on the same day as American History and Chemistry as well as English 12. Ray and the freshmen had to be at the school at 7:45 to take their respective regents at 8, in the freaking morning.

Monty, Jamie and Frank had gotten a ride from Ray to go to the awful test. Mikey and Bree would have gotten a ride from Gerard, but he was still sleeping because his test was at noon. Mrs. Way drove them to the school, instead. The dreaded subject of biology was the first test of today. Anyone taking the Biology 9 regents was to report to the gym, while students taking the American History 11 regents were to find their way to the auditorium.

“Alright,” Ray said to his freshmen. “I’ll see you guys later. Good luck!” He kissed Monty’s cheek before walking down the hall to the school’s auditorium.

The six groaned, walking towards the doors of the gym. Desks were set up in rows, far enough apart to keep you from cheating. Students had to sit in alphabetical order, use a ballpoint pen, couldn’t talk, etc. Tests were on the desks face down and were not to be turned over until said so.

“Last names: U though Z!” the administrator shouted. They weren’t many students with a last name starting with any of those letters, but those who did made their way into the gym, all the way to the other side. Only fifteen out of 150 had last names U-Z. Two of those fifteen were Mikey and Jamie.

Charles and Kim Zablotsky were in the two last seats, then there were four Y last names, one X, five W and two U. Adele Wolf was behind Jamie and Patricia White was in front of her, but Mikey was in front of Patricia, so it was all good.

Students O-T filed in next, and miraculously Monty and Bree were across from each other, which didn’t make them as nervous. The gym was filed with more and more students, H-N came in. From where Frank sat all the way in the back, he could see all five of his other friends. Cari felt very awkward sitting in the very front row, but if she turned right, she could see Monty and Mikey.
The rules were soon told: all questions must be answered, no talking, ballpoint pen only, students must stay for at least two hours of the test, you may only go to the bathroom with a teacher, etc.

Ray thought that the American History was the worst one of them all. The whole test was seven document based questions and then a whole essay. They had to have all of that complete to a high level within three hours. Ray thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown. Once he was allowed to start the test, Ray flipped to the essay questions.

What are two major wars that have impacted the ways of American society? You may use details from the documents and your knowledge on American History.

Ray thought that was too easy, but he was happy with it. He immediately started planning his essay. A good constructed thesis statement, three paragraphs on the American Revolutionary war, three paragraphs on World War II, well developed conclusion; Ray had this in the bag. There was no way he wouldn’t get at least an 85 on this horrid exam.

It was 10:15 when the proctors allowed all finished students to leave. Cari was the first one to finish, but she didn’t raise her hand to show she was done until she saw Monty raised her hand too. One by one, each of them raised their hand to leave together. Leaving the gym never felt so good. They immediately went towards the auditorium trying to find Ray.

“Dude. That fucking sucked!” Frank exclaimed. “Whatever, man. I’m starving. Let’s go get some breakfast!”

“You were supposed to eat before the exam, dummy,” Bree laughed, taking his hand. “You know, to keep you focused.”

“Even if I did eat there was no way I’d be able to focus on that shit!” Frank exclaimed.

“One test done,” Monty said, “One more to go.”

“Look on the bright side, Montgomery,” Cari smirked, “After today, we are as free as fucking birds!”

Mikey laughed, “That’s funny, Cari, not all birds are free. Most of them are trapped in cages and fed to like cats or snakes. Personally, I don’t want to be a bird.”

Cari rolled her eyes, “Fine, as free as—”

“Whatever animal you suggest, it can be held in captivity,” Jamie said, pointing out the obvious. “Free as the wind, how bout that?”

“That makes me think of Pocahontas,” Bree admitted. “You know that song? About painting the colors or the wind, or whatever?”

“Do I even want to know what you’re talking about?” Ray asked. “Who’s hungry? I am starved. Breakfast, anyone?”

Cari and Jamie couldn’t help but laugh, as Bree and Monty smiled. Ray looked at the girls like they all head several heads.

“What is it with guys and food?” Cari asked. “Where does it all go?”

Jamie poked her side, “We just took our bio test. Boys have fast metabolisms and don’t get fat. Ever. Which isn’t fair at all.”

“Jamie, you are such a nerd,” Monty laughed. “Anywho, breakfast sounds great, to be honest.”

“Am I the only one who actually ate before?” Bree asked as they exited the school building’s side door.

“Yes,” they all chorused in.

The seven teenagers walked across the school parking lot, casually strolling along to get to Ray’s car. They passed Katie and Gia, and waved to them, saying “hey.” They had no real intention of stopping; they were all—except Bree—pretty hungry.

Out of nowhere, a hungry lion attacked them.

No, just kidding. But Gerard’s old crappy car cut in front of them, with a very groggy Gerard driving. They all jumped, thinking they were about to get hit.

“Hey, losers,” Gerard said, rolling down his passenger’s window, taking a drag of his cigarette. “I’m getting food. Who’s coming?”

Gerard looked as if he just rolled out of bed, didn’t take a shower or anything. He had on dark sunglasses, covering his drowsy eyes. He leaned over the seat to push the passenger’s door open for Cari, who of course would go with him. Mikey and Jamie also got into the back of the car.

“Belleville Coffeeshop?” Gerard asked.

Ray nodded, barely having time to say, “Yeah. See you there.”

Gerard sped away, leaving tire burns on the pavement. Monty shook her head; they were going to get killed one day. Ray, Monty, Bree and Frank got into Ray’s car, but weren’t able to catch up with Gerard. They were already there by the time Ray had pulled into the spot right outside of the old coffeeshop. It looked like typical old dinner, with a lit up coffee cup.

There was one booth that could fit up to ten people—perfect for the eight of them. Of course that’s where the Ways, Jamie and Cari were. Frank slid in the booth next to Mikey, with Bree sliding in on the other side of him. Monty slid into the seat on the other side of the booth, next to Cari. As if on cue, their waitress came over with two coffees and two fruit smoothies. Of course the Way boys ordered hot coffee in the summer time.

“I’ll have whatever that is,” Bree said, pointing to the pink smoothies handed to the girls. Frank nodded, “Same here.”

Monty and Ray had both ordered iced coffees. The waitress had also taken the food ordered—three Bobos (bacon, egg and cheese on a roll), two Hobos (ham, egg and cheese), one Sobo (sausage, egg and cheese), French toast special, and pancakes.

“Summer,” Cari said suddenly. “What are we doing?”

“Concerts,” Jamie said. “Maybe.”

Gerard shook his head, “Actually I have a better idea. Anyone care to hear it?”

“Pray tell, dear brother,” Mikey said.

“Well, little brother, I think if we can pool enough money together, we’re going on a road trip,” he explained. “Up north.”

“I’m sorry, but up north?” Frank asked. “I know we don’t like the heat, but come on! We’re supposed to go south or at least down the shore in the summer!”

The waitress brought over all the food, and Gerard continued.

“Listen, it’s a really cool idea. Besides, it’s not like we won’t got to Seaside Heights or Asbury Park this year. It’ll only be a week or two!”

Seaside and Asbury were two of the most popular beach destinations in New Jersey in the summer for anybody along the East Coast. For some reason everyone had to go to the Jersey Shore each summer. The beaches filled with people traveling from New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware and other near states. Everyone loved the boardwalk on a midsummer night.

“Alright, so your brilliant idea…” Ray trailed off, trying to get Gerard back on track.

“Right! Well, there’s this really nice lake with cabins surrounding it—”

The group involuntarily groaned. Gerard’s face fell. He thought it’d be a fun cool idea. Apparently not.

“Oh, come on guys. It’ll only be for a week or two and it’s really cheap! I’d take you all to the shore, but that’s fucking expensive! Please, it’ll be the last time I’d get to spend with you before I get shipped away to New York for college!”

When he put it that way…

“Fine.” “Okay.” “Alright.” “Whatever.” “There better plumbing.” “If you were anyone but my brother…” “I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.” “Only for you.”

Gerard’s grin returned as he took a bite out of his Bobo.


“We need to go. Now,” Mikey said.

“Chill down, I’ll get you there soon enough. We can wait a minute or two,” Gerard said.

“Uhm, no,” Jamie said. “If you drive like that again, I’ll lose my breakfast all over the back of your car. Okay?”

Gerard scrunched up his nose. “Ew. Okay, fine, let’s go.”

Freshmen were once again in the gym for their Algebra regents. Juniors taking the Chemistry regents were put in the cafeteria, which was now filled with rows of desks. English for the seniors was in the auditorium.

The same rules were administered for each test. No talking (obviously), only a blue or black ballpoint pen, must stay for at least two hours, check over your answers, blah blah blah.

Algebra came naturally to very few: Bree, Monty and Frank. Unfortunately, Cari, Jamie and Mikey had no i-fucking-dea what they were doing. Those three took the longest, while the other three were done by no time and left after two hours. Jamie took two hours and twenty-seven minutes, but Mikey and Cari both took about two hours and forty-five minutes, and they weren’t even the last to leave.

Ray didn’t care for Chemistry, and the pressure seemed to be increased in the cafeteria—god knows why. He finished about the same time with everybody else, though. When he got out of the cafeteria, the freshmen weren’t done, so he hung around on the lobby stairs.

“Hey, you, what’s you think of the test?” Katie asked, sitting on the steps below him, with Gia right next to her. “I though it was complete bullshit, you know? We didn’t learn half that shit!”

“Yes we did,” Gia laughed. “You just didn’t pay attention.”

“It was alright, I guess,” Ray said. “What’re you girls doing this summer?”

Katie shrugged, “We’ve saved up to take a trip to California, me and Gia. I’ll write you a postcard, Toro. Going to any senior parties?”

“I think Gerard’s having one on Saturday. You two are welcome to come, if you want,” Ray said, “He wouldn’t mind.”

Gia smiled, “Okay, we might see you there. But, we gotta go right now. Talk to you later, kay? Bye!”

Gerard exited the auditorium, feeling like shit. It was complete bullshit, he thought. He guessed on half of it and completely bullshitted the essay. As long as he passed, he was okay.

He meet up with Ray and the freshmen, and smiled excitedly.

“Hey guys, guess what,” Gerard said. “We’re fucking free—”

“As the wind!” The girls laughed.
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