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Chapter 29

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Graduation. The End of Y&H, part 1.

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It was 9:47 on Saturday morning when Gerard suddenly awoke. He jolted up out if bed, tripping over everything that was on his floor, and ran upstairs cursing his head off. Nobody else seemed to be up. He cursed some more. Gerard ran back downstairs, tripped over some more stuff on the floor, and quickly ran into his bathroom.

Today was Graduation Day. The ceremony started at 10:30, and Gerard was supposed to be there at ten. Fortunately, he was at the end of the alphabet, which bought him some time. He swore he told his mother to wake him up at nine, though.

The others were already awake actually; they were bustling around upstairs, also trying to get ready. There were three full bathrooms in the house and one half bath: Gerard’s, the master bathroom, and the upstairs bathroom. That meant that Mikey, Frank, Bree and Jamie had to battle out who got the shower first. Of course the girls wanted it first, but there was no way the guys would let them.

“No. You had it first the other day!” Frank shouted at Jamie. “It’s technically my turn!” He pointed to the shower schedule that Mikey had made, which had all of their names on alternating days.

“I don’t need to take a shower that bad,” Mikey shrugged, about to head downstairs, but Donna stopped him.

She shook her head, “No, sweetie. You need to take a shower.” She smiled sweetly, continuing her way downstairs, possibly to make breakfast.

Back in the basement, Gerard’s thoughts were running on a rampage. He wanted—no needed—a drink right now. He was so nervous and it would calm his nerves, letting him slip away into a happy carefree state. But that wasn’t an option. There was always that pill that Mark gave him weeks ago… Gerard could take that…Mark said to swallow it for slower side affects… Maybe, just maybe, that could help him calm down.

Luck was not on his die today. All of Gerard’s over thinking and nerves made him throw up in the shower. It wasn’t much, he hadn’t eaten in a while, but it was still enough to make him gag. He made a face of disgust.

“That’s fucking nasty,” he said, feeling like his was going to puke once again.

A knock came from the door, making Gerard snap his neck in that direction. It was his mother.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” she asked concern.

Gerard groaned, “No. I fu—threw up in the shower. Ugh, if you truly love me, don’t make me go.”

A small laugh escaped his mother’s lips. “Gerard, you can’t miss this. It’s only for a few hours, and then you can do whatever you please. Are you all right, will you throw up again? Do you need water?”

“Nah, mom, thanks. I’ll be fine. It all went down the drain.”

“Okay, honey. I might sound one of the kids down here to shower if that’s all right with you.”

“Uh, sure,” Gerard said, feeling confused as to why his mother would make one of them shower in here after he just said he puked, but he knew better than to argue with his mother.

He heard his door shut and her footsteps go back upstairs. Gerard washed his hair quickly and stepped out of the shower. He could tell the upstairs started to run, which meant that they finally decided who should take a shower.

“We’re pathetic, you know that right?” Jamie laughed, sitting in the upstairs hallway, with a towel ad clothes in her hands, across form Mikey and Frank. “We fought over a shower. Jesus.”

“And if it wasn’t for your dad,” Frank said to Mikey, “we’d all still be arguing.”

Donald had made them all pick a number from 1 to 10, and Bree had guessed 6 correctly. She got the shower first, and then Jamie and Frank had to flip a coin to see who would go next because they said the same number at the same time; Frank won that.

Gerard came bounding up the stairs, poking his head into the hallway, looking at his younger friends. He was sort of dressed, with a towel on his shoulder and his hair was still considerably damp. Gerard pointed at Mikey and said, “Mom wants you to shower, said you could use mine. Hurry up.”

Frank began to protest, saying he should get the next available shower, but Mikey already ran downstairs. Gerard held a finger to his lips.

“You do not want that shower, trust me,” Gerard said. “I’m sure you can use my parents since their both downstairs. If you don’t mind, you know.”

Monty, of course, did not have the problem of having to share her shower. It was only her and her dad, and Emily, too. It wasn’t like Emily was going to user her shower though. It wasn’t technically hers, though, it was in the hallway, but only Monty used it. She, unlike the Ways and their guests, woke up at a quarter after nine to have enough time to get ready.

Emily had cooked breakfast that morning: pancakes. Yum. The smell of maple syrup and cinnamon made her run down the stairs after she was finished getting ready. Monty didn’t have a problem with Emily as much as she did before. She acted really nice to her, and she even invited Monty’s friends to her wedding. Emily obviously was trying real hard for Monty to like her.

Emily and Robert’s baby was 20 weeks along, and she was finally starting to show. Monty always tried to ignore Emily so she never noticed the tiny baby bump. She was tiny, too, but now you could definitely tell she was pregnant.

“We’re going to the doctor today,” Emily smiled excitedly. “We’re going to find out the sex of the baby! I’m so excited. What do you want, Monty, a little brother or a little sister?”

Monty shrugged, “Um, either is fine, I guess.”

A knock on the door saved Monty from this soon-to-be-awkward conversation with Emily. It was Ray, thank the lord. Monty said goodbye quickly to her father and Emily, and ran outside, tackling Ray in a hug.

“Oh thank you for having perfect timing! It was about to be such an awkward conversation with Emily!” Monty exclaimed. “Do we have to pick up Cari?”

“Yeah,” Ray said. “It’s good to see you too.”

“Dude! Your parents left already!” Frank shouted. “YOU’RE the one graduating but THEY’RE gonna be there before you. Holy crap.”

“Frank, chill,” Gerard said. “I’ll get there, when I get there. Besides Way is at the very end, I’m fine. What can they possibly do to me? Give me detention?”

Jamie grinned, “I’d laugh so hard if they did. That’d be perfect.”

Gerard rolled his eyes, “Shut up, James, it wouldn’t be funny. C’mon guys, guess we better go.”

“We’re still going to be really late, you know,” Bree said.

“Let’s just hope Monty, Ray and Cari saved us seats,” Mikey said hopefully.

Thankfully, they did. Cari was actually ready, surprisingly. Ray and Monty thought she’d still be asleep. But, no, she was outside on her porch waiting for them. Cari muttered something about her mother being an insensitive bitch before jumping into Ray’s car. They found seats and saved some for Jamie, Frank, Mikey and Bree. They say Mr. and Mrs. Way, but the others were nowhere in site.

Gerard sped all the way to the school, making them all feel pretty sick. He ran to the library where seniors were supposed to meet. The others slowly found their friends. They still felt pretty carsick after shortening the usual twelve-minute drive to four minutes…

The seniors weren’t on the stage yet, but Principle Brown just finished his speech, and the seniors made their way to the stage. Gerard was there in line, but his hat was crooked, and they couldn’t tell if his robe was on backwards or not.

Brown started calling the names in alphabetical order to give the diplomas out. Within an hour, he finally started to finish:

“Gerard Arthur Way,” Brown seemed to call rather reluctantly. He handed Gerard his diploma. “Congratulations, Mr. Way.”

Gerard’s friends all stood up and cheered. Bree, Monty, Jamie and Cari all shouted “WOO-HOO!!!” while the guys screamed “YEAH!! GO GERARD!” They all fist pumped the air, clapping and cheering, receiving stares from everybody around them.

Gerard rolled his eyes, but he was smiling and grinning like he hadn’t in while. He was so happy that he had finally finished high school. No more waking up at six a.m, no more shitty teachers or students that hated him, no more bullshit. Gerard was incredibly happy.

They all met up after the ceremony finally ended. Mr. and Mrs. Way hugged him first, being the first to congratulate him.

“We’re really proud of you, honey,” Donna smiled warmly. “Photo time, yes? Mikey, darling, get in the picture with your brother.”

Mikey stood next to his older brother, “Congrats, Gee,” he said. Gerard slung his arm over Mikey’s shoulder as they posed for the picture. The brothers hugged, before Donna told all of them to get in the picture. Ray and Monty stood on the other side of Gerard, with Bree and Frank next to them. Cari nudged her way between Mikey and Gerard; Gerard put his arm around her waist, pulling her close. Jamie stood in front of Mikey, but since she was petty short, she wasn’t blocking him. They all smiled for the picture.

Tonight, they were going to party like they’ve never partied before.

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