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Anything and Everything

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Showers are great, aren't they?

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AN: I'm so sorry I didn't update sooner! I feel so awful, and you probably hate me, and I'M SORRY!!!
Boyfriend slaps face "Snap out of it, woman!"
Me: FINE! Anyway, this chapter isn't going to win any awards, but it's here. I suck at writing smut...

By the time a month had passed, Frank was beginning to think that he had a bullet wound himself. Every morning for nearly three weeks, Gerard would wake up nearly crying from the pain in his shoulder. The sight of his lover suffering made Frank feel helpless.

And, you know, no sex.

Needless to say, Frank was pretty fucking happy when that sling finally came off. Dr. Blune had pronounced Gee's shoulder 'good as new', which was complete garbage, because Frank doubted that Gerard screamed whenever he moved it just for the hell of it.

"Moron," Frank snorted, walking hand-in-hand with his boyfriend to the sidewalk. Ever since the encounter with Naomi, the couple had silently agreed never to take a taxi again. They'd been walking everywhere ever since. "'Good as new' my ass!"

Gee squeezed his hand. "It's fine," he insisted. "Just a little sore. And just for the record, you have a very nice ass."

Frank stuck out his tongue. They were barely halfway down the street when a dark-blue Honda Civic stopped next to them. Bob Bryar poked his head out the window and grinned.

"Need a lift?"

Frank sighed in relief and climbed into the backseat, Gee on his heels. "How'd you know we were here?"

"Heard it from Toro," Bob answered, pulling away from the curb and guiding the Civic to their apartment. "He wanted to come, but he's got something with his girlfriend."

Gerard snorted. "I'll bet."

Frank elbowed him in the ribs. "Don't be rude! Just because you couldn't get laid-"

The two bickered like an old couple until Bob stopped outside the apartment building. Gee asked him if he wanted to come inside, but he shook his head.

"I know you guys want to, uh, get re-acquainted I'll just go home." And without another word, Bob sped away.

"Rude," said Frank with a pout. "It's not like we can't wait..." He noticed Gerard giving him a strange look. "What?"

"We went a month without sex," Gee said slowly. "A month. Cold showers. Sleeping on the couch on different nights. Not looking eachother in the eye during condom commercials," he continued, shaking slightly. "And you think you want to wait?"

Frank wet his lips with his tongue. "Maybe I didn't think it through-"

"Damn right you didn't!" exclaimed Gerard.

They raced up the stairs, laughing like love-struck teenagers as Mrs. Grenn peered out from her apartment to stare, and almost slammed into the front door of their apartment.

Gerard clumsily unlocked the front door, accidentally trying to use his car key, and had barely pushed it open when Frank jumped at him.

Their mouths collided in a searing kiss that left Frank wanting more. He was airborne as Gerard lifted him closer, so he kicked the front door shut with his foot. Frank bit lightly on Gee's lower lip, knowing that it drove his boyfriend wild. He was rewarded when Gee moaned and squeezed his ass.

"Got any roses?" Frank panted, releasing Gerard's lip.

Gee kissed him again, and when he spoke, he kept his mouth only half a centimeter from Frank's. "No, but I think what I want is clear enough."

Frank was about to make a witty comeback when Gerard started kissing along his jaw and down to his collarbone. He stopped at Frank's neck and sucked, hard, drawing blood to the surface of his pale skin.

"Damn," he gasped. "What... What do you want, Gee?" he asked, trying to regain some control.

Gee chuckled into Frank's neck, his breath hot on his skin. "You."

And Frank didn't even have enough time to respond before his mouth was all but welded to his boyfriend's.


Gee steered Frank over to the couch, still kissing as they went, and sat him down. He flicked his tongue across Frank's teeth, relishing the moan that came from his boyfriend and feeling his jeans get tighter. Their tongues explored eachother's mouths while their hands explored their bodies. Gerard felt Frank's fingers press urgently against his inner thigh and shivered.

Quickly trying to regain some control, Gee ground his hips into Frank's. The immediate reaction was a cross between a gasp and a whimper. Gerard smiled against his boyfriend's lips and did it again, this time harder. He could feel Frank's erection through two layers of jeans and boxers, and he was eager to strip him down until there was nothing separating them.

The kisses became more heated as their need for eachother increased. Gee swiftly tugged Frank's shirt over his head and was working to remove his own when Frank stopped him.

"I... hold on a second..." Frank panted. When he caught his breath, he continued. "I want to try something."

Gerard grinned. "Whatever you want is yours, babe."

Frank smiled hugely, sending Gee's heart into a frenzy. "Good," he said. "Follow me."

Frank moved off the couch, much to Gerard's displeasure. He swallowed a whine and tried to avoid staring at the oh-so-sexy sway of Frank's hips, which was quite difficult. Thankfully, Frank returned quickly and led him to the bathroom. Gerard eyed the running shower and was about to say something when he felt Frank undoing his belt.

Once they had both been stripped free of their clothes, Frank started kissing his way down Gerard's stomach; lingering on his sensitive ribs and grazing his teeth across the flesh. Gerard shivered, and Frank laughed quietly. His breath tickled Gee's skin in a way that sent heat flooding to his belly.

Once Frank was on his knees, Gerard knew what was coming. A warm blush spread across his face; he'd never had a blowjob before. Handjobs, sure, but never a-

Frank pressed his lips hesitantly to the head of Gerard's erection, and his thoughts drained away like water in his hands.

"Frank," he mumbled. "You don't h-have to-"

"Shhh!" Frank hissed, kissing the inside of Gee's thigh. Gee bit back a scream. "You told me I could have whatever I wanted, remember?"

Gee felt the tip of Frank's tongue, hot and unbearably wet, trace his member. His tongue glided over the tight skin of his balls and made its way up to the tip, where white fluid was gathering. Frank licked up the pre-cum with and experienced flick of his tongue. Gerard inhaled sharply, and Frank took the head of his penis into his mouth.

Frank's lips closed around the tip Gee's erection, surrounding it in moist heat. His pink tongue slipped around the tip in slow circles, spreading the pre-cum over the slit and letting it wash into his mouth. Gerard fought the urge to move forward, to try to shove himself all the way into that perfect mouth-

Frank slid his lips down over Gerard's erection until it was nearly entirely covered. Gee found himself struggling to remember how to breathe. His member was aching painfully now, and the wet heat of Frank's mouth was sending fire into his stomach. Frank's teeth grazed his shaft, only adding to Gerard's distress.

"Frank!" he exclaimed, his eyes half-closed in ecstasy. "I'm gonna- ungh!" Gee felt like a virgin again, trying not to orgasm too early and still being dragged over the edge. He had never felt this before, and it was shaking him apart while at the same time keeping him solidly together.

Frank hummed in the back of his throat. The vibrations against his throbbing cock made Gee's eyes roll back in his head a little. He braced himself with one hand against the shower door and bit down on his lip. Frank's head began to bob up and down at a furious pace.

"Frankieee!" Gee moaned, squeezing his eyes shut. Frank made a satisfied sort of noise and pulled away. When Gerard opened his eyes, Frank was looking at him like he'd been hit on the back of the head. His cheeks were bright red.

"Yeah, Gee?" said Frank dazedly.

Gee panted. "I... I almost..."

Frank's eyes sparkled dangerously through their lust-induced haze. "You almost what?" he asked innocently.

To answer, Gee lifted him up and kissed him roughly. His fingers knotted themselves in Frank's hair as he forced his boyfriend's mouth open. Gee tasted himself on Frank's tongue and moaned.

And then Frank was forcing him backwards into the shower. Gee felt his back touch the cold tile, but couldn't yelp because Frank still had his tongue down his throat.

Warm water washed over the couple, causing their hands to slip over eachother's skin. Gee gripped Frank's shoulders tightly and pushed him a fraction away. Water dripped from Frank's eyelashes like tears.

"Frank," Gerard said seriously, touching his forehead to his boyfriend's. "You know I love you, right?"

Frank nodded slightly, and Gee thought his blinking had increased.

"And you know that I'd take a bullet for you any day, right?"

Frank nodded again.

"Then you need to know that whatever my parents or anyone else might say doesn't matter." Gee's eyes burned with tears and water, but he still managed to keep eye-contact. "And that I will always die to keep you safe and happy."

Frank made a choking noise. "Then don't die," he whispered.

Their lips brushed together, the steam and water making them slide. Gee ran his hand along Frank's smooth stomach and kissed his shoulder, sucking at the skin and leaving a faint mark.
"Turn around," he breathed into Frank's ear. Frank kissed him again and obliged, pressing his ass urgently against Gerard's erection as he did so.

Gee moaned. "Careful," he warned, grazing his teeth along the shell of Frank's ear. Frank made a mewling sound that just turned Gee on even more. Without even being completely aware of it, Gerard flexed and slammed into his boyfriend with such force that they were both in danger of being thrown out the shower door. Frank cried out in surprise and pain.


Gerard immediately pulled out, horrified and ashamed at what he'd done. His cheeks burned. "S-Sorry-"

Frank wobbled a bit but managed to stay standing. "I... I've been through worse." Gee flinched. Drops of water rolled off Frank's nose and disappeared in the spray of the shower. "Gerard," he murmured without turning. "I... I need you inside me, but... Do you remember our first time?"

Gerard smiled and nodded slowly. He remembered the soft warmth that was Frank's body against his, his miracle that had somehow escaped that fire and, for some reason unknown to Gee, wanted to be his. He remembered the intense pleasure when their bodies joined, the dazzling lights that had popped in his eyes when they climaxed together-

Oh yeah, Gerard remembered.

Frank looked as if he too had been reliving that afternoon. His green eyes were unfocused and bright. "Can we... I mean, can we do that again?"

Gerard leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to Frank's shoulder. "Anything you want is yours," he whispered.

Gee entered Frank again, but this time he managed to control himself. He slowly penetrated his boyfriend, drawing pleasure from the heat as Frank's tight body accepted him. Frank himself made the loveliest noise; a moan that melted into a sigh of pure bliss. Once fully inside, Gee withdrew himself almost all the way before sinking back in with deliberate slowness. His long-fingered hands had a light grip on Frank's waist, just above his pelvis. The pads of his thumbs drew relaxing circles on his hip-bones.

Frank, who had his hands held flat against the wall to brace himself, shifted back. At once there was a sharp gasp as Gerard angled his hips, searching for the bundle of nerves that he knew would reduce his lover to a quivering, moaning puddle. He hit Frank's prostate and couldn't help but feel a bit triumphant when Frank squealed.


Gerard thrust himself into Frank again, relishing every moan and soft, needy whimper. "Tell me..." he said, kissing Frank's neck and dragging his teeth lightly along his ear. "Tell me what you want. Right now."

He flexed his lower half again and was rewarded with a raspy scream of ecstasy.

"You!" Frank panted. "A-ah! I want-I need-!" He gasped and tensed. "I nuh-nuh-need you to fuh-fuck me! Baby, please-!"

Gerard thrust in and out, hitting Frank's sweet spot at a quick pace. His orgasm was building, but the heat in his stomach was only a dull throb. "Say my name," Gee hissed.

After a while, Frank managed to choke out: "Gerard!" His back muscles were tense, as were his shoulders. "Fuck! Ah! Please, Gerard! Just... Don't stop!"

Gee was only too happy to obey. He was slamming into Frank with such force that it was a wonder the wall managed to stay up. His balls were tightened painfully. "Cum for me, babe," he comanded in a thick whisper. "Just. Let. Go."

Frank did, sending a spray of white fluid onto the shower wall that was soon washed away by water. Gerard released deep inside Frank, pumping his seed into his lover and feeling some of it drizzle onto his thighs.

After the flow of semen stopped, Gerard pulled out of Frank and nearly collapsed. Steam blocked their view of the bathroom, but Gee didn't care. He had eyes only for Frank, the beautiful man that was watching him through fever-bright eyes while he slumped against the wall.

Gee tried to think back to the day Frank had stumbled out of that motel. Surely that had been a different person? There was no way that pale kid in the too-tight jeans had turned into a sexy young man in a matter of months.

After a few deep breaths, Frank jerked forward and pressed his lips to Gee's. The heat and intensity of the kiss almost made Gerard want to carry Frank to the bedroom and make love to him over and over until they both couldn't take any more. They slid down to the floor together, Frank nearly in Gee's lap. Gerard felt a mumble against his mouth and realized that Frank was trying to speak.

"In about five minutes, I'll go to the bedroom. Go into the kitchen, get the can of whipped-cream, and meet me there."

Gerard decided right there that he was going to marry Frank one day.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::

AN: Well, there you go. Some fluffiness, smut, and whipped cream. God bless whipped cream. I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did.
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