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Well, This Is Awkward...

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Ray finally knows which one's the chick...

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AN: I'm awful. I really am. You should all hate me. I blame my boyfriend. As some of you may know, I'm one month pregnant, and that's been stressing me out so much that I forgot about this story. I'm SORRY! If you're looking for a good murder/Frerard fic, I suggest that you check out my new story. It's based on the album 'The Emptiness' by Alesana. I quite like it. Also, what's your favorite Blood on the Dance Floor song? Just curious. On with the crappy chapter.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::

Frank slept in the curve of his boyfriend's arm, breathing lightly onto Gerard's pale chest. Gee was sleeping quite heavily, which was strange; Gerard had always been a light sleeper.

'But then,' Frank thought, keeping his eyes closed and letting his mouth curl up in a grin. 'He was very busy last night.'

The two men had celebrated Gerard's freedom from his sling by using every available corner to, speaking lightly, fuck eachother senseless. They couldn't even blink without jumping at eachother like sex-crazed rabbits. 

'Is this what I've become?' Frank wondered. 'A pitiful creature that needs to have sex with his boyfriend at least four times per week?' Gerard snored and shifted, accidentally brushing a very sensitive part of Frank's anatomy.

'Hell yeah," Frank decided, his smile growing wider.

Frank opened his eyes a crack. They had ended the last 'show' on the couch late last night-or was it early morning?- and hadn't found the strength to go to the bedroom. Mid-afternoon light was pouring in from the windows, but the December sun held no warmth. Gerard had one arm flung across his eyes and was propped against the arm of the couch. Frank was nestled between the back of the couch and his boyfriend's body. Sighing contently, Frank closed his eyes.

He almost made it back to sleep.

With an almighty crash, the front door was flung open by a man. A scrawny, gangly, bushy-haired man.

Ray Toro bounced into the living room, took one look at the naked couple on the couch, and promptly fainted. Frank, whose eyes had opened wide at the sound of the door opening, was suddenly launched off the couch as Gerard jerked awake. The younger man landed in a heap on the floor, screaming like a school-girl.

"RAY TORO!" Frank yelled, picking himself up off the floor. "HOW GODDAMN HARD IS IT TO KNOCK ON THE FUCKING DOOR?!"

Gerard was blushing and trying to apologize to Frank for making him a human rocket-ship. In the midst of all this chaos two more men came rushing in, probably to see what all the screaming was about. Frank went silent and stared in horror and embarrassment at Bob and Mikey.


More screaming. More swearing. After a few frantic seconds, Frank and Gee ran into their bedroom and hastily put on their clothes. They avoided eye-contact, each one afraid of either laughing or crying. They returned to the living room to find Ray conscious and lying face-down on the floor. Bob and Mikey were apparently very interested in their shoes.

Gerard wanted to curl up and just die. His little brother- Oh, God. At least they hadn't seen the whipped cream...

Ray coughed. "Um... Wow?"

Gee blushed furiously and tried to blend in with the wall behind him. Frank was trembling and looking like he would throw up on his feet. Holding his breath, Gee stretched an arm and grasped his boyfriend's hand. He squeezed it reassuringly.

"So..." Ray finally looked up, his gaze locking onto Frank's hair. "Frank's the girl?"

"RAY!" Bob yelled, shocked. Everyone turned a deeper shade of scarlet.

"What? It's not like you didn't want to know either-"

Bob scowled at Ray, making him shut up immediately.

"And just so you know," Frank muttered. "We take turns 'being the girl'."

Gee bit his lip to keep from laughing, almost missing Ray's look of shock. Mikey turned red, then white, and finally green. "Ewwwww...."

Bob, no doubt pitying the younger Way, cleared his throat. "We, uh, you know... Band... Perform..."

Gee frowned. "I'm sorry?"

"What I mean is..." Bob glanced about, finally settling his gaze on Frank's toes. "We got a gig for the band."

Frank smiled widely, sending Gee's heart into a frenzy. "Great! When?"

Mikey shuffled his feet and coughed. "Next Friday, if... if you're not..."

"Busy," finished Ray, raising his eyebrows. 

Gerard, who was finally feeling the color leave his face, blushed again. "We won't be," he said firmly. "I promise."

"Good..." Mikey said, swinging his arms back and forth. "So... Nice... seeing you."

Frank nodded, hiding his face behind his hair. "Yeah... Bye..."

Ray did a double-take at Frank, and Gee felt suspicion and a twinge of jealousy. Why was he staring at his boyfriend like that? Sure Frank was cute when he was embarrassed, but-

"Uh, Frank? There's... something white in your hair."

Gee's eyes widened. His head snapped to Frank's hair, where a glob of something thick and white was smeared into the dark locks. To everyone's horror, Frank touched a finger to the glob, brought it to his mouth, and licked it. He grinned sheepishly. "Whipped cream."

Without another word, the three guests turned heel and left.
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