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The Boy With The Headphones

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They've killed you, haven't they? Short FRERARD poem. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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The Boy With The Headphones

I see you staring,
Eyes like two huge harvest moons,
Glowing with curiosity,
Dilated to the soft tunes.
Or maybe not,
Perhaps they’re heavy and harsh,
The songs that fill you,
Flood you like a marsh.

I see you glancing,
Eyes like two lively lovers,
Dancing to your music,
Eyes like your little brother’s.
Or maybe not,
Yours are lost and ghosted,
Kept alive by the music,
That keeps your heart roasted.

I see you longing,
Eyes beseeching to belong,
Like two puzzled toddlers,
Trying to appear strong.
Or maybe not,
Maybe you actually are,
You must be,
To keep yourself this afar.

I see you trying,
Eyes aching with need to hide,
Like two setting suns,
Yet never full of pride.
Or maybe not,
Perhaps you are proud,
You should be,
For standing out in a crowd.

You see me gazing,
Eyes enchanted by your unique beauty,
Like two stunned rabbits,
But you just blush cutely.
Or maybe not,
Maybe you feel it too,
I don’t want to be unrequited,
Unrequited in my love for you.

You see me smiling,
Eyes alit from seeing your face,
Like two burning candles,
But never your face does a smile grace.
Or maybe not,
I hope you do smile,
If not at me,
Then at least once in a while.

We see each other thinking,
Eyes burning with fascination,
Like two blushing school-girls,
But full of nervous procrastination.
Or maybe not,
Maybe you just simply don’t like me,
Think that I’m not good enough,
Yet I’d still give you my heart for free.

Never have we spoken,
Just looked with starved eyes,
Thinking of how we are,
Could be if our lips were to rise.
Because you’re too shy,
And I’m too nervous,
To realise our dreams,
Our hearts forever ravenous.

But if I were to ask,
Would you reply,
Or would you carry on,
Or simply sigh?
You’d just keep drowning,
Drowning in the solid-gold comfort,
Comfort of the music you love,
Music forever dulling the riot.

Because I see your eyes,
Can see the hurt from what they do,
Like the black hearts of bullies,
How you believe their words to be true.
That’s why you won’t talk to me,
I understand that they’ve killed you,
How the headphones resurrect you,
And how I’ll never have you,
Because they’ve killed you,
And they've killed me too.

Bullies are killers too,
We're living proof,
Because they've killed you.

A/N: I got really bored and wrote this, sorry that it’s crap. It’s meant to be from Frank’s point of view about Gerard, set in high school even though it kinda has no actual point to it or plot. Anyway, thank you very much for reading and please review so I can improve! :)
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