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Togot earns his title

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-Shiri rushed up to Togot and Parmock who were tending to Nia. Parmock stood up to watch their backs as Togot retrieved his dagger and sheathed it. Parmock lightly touched him on the shoulder and he fallowed her gaze down the hill and saw what she saw.

-There was someone standing in a clearing at the bottom of the hill. Togot gave a hand signal and Parmock knelt down as Mera came up to them. Togot tried to focus on the figure standing alone and was surprised when the image seemed to get bigger.

-For a moment Togot thought he was moving towards the clearing but his new eyes had zoomed in. It was something he hadn't known he could do. The figure was standing with her back to them so he couldn't see her face. He picked up a small stone and threw it to his left. The stone flew further than he intended but it got the desired effect. The sound made the figure turn her head slowly to look and Togot saw who he was up against.

-Kaitlin's stone jaw and no nonsense expression were unmistakable. He had wondered why it had been MourningKill and not Kaitlin that had seen them off and now he knew. He had been expecting BlackFire, he wouldn't have felt any hesitation in fighting her, but he respected Kaitlin.

-"Ok," Mera said with an edge in her voice, "her back is to us. I say we rush her from all sides and overwhelm her with force." Nia and Shiri nodded in agreement but Togot shook his head.

-"That's exactly what she wants," he wisped. Mera gave him an evil glair while Nia and Shiri looked at each other, unsure of whose side to take. Parmock kept her eyes on Kaitlin while the others resolved the plan.

-"What makes you say that?" Mera asked, irritation showing in her voice. Togot locked eyes with Mira for a long while and then looked back at Kaitlin.

-"Because she is leaving herself wide open," he answered, "the only reason for her to be out in the open like that is to invite an attack. We have no idea what she has waiting for us; blindly attacking all at once would be foolish."

-Mera didn't want to listen but she had been wrong once before. She couldn't just dismiss him this time; she would have to convince the others that she was right. "So what would you suggest then?" She asked.

-Togot thought a moment before he answered. "There's no need to put everyone at risk when we don't know what we are up against. One person attacks her while the others watch and learn so they will be better prepared. That way she won't have any surprises and with any luck the first to go it might wear her down enough to give the others an advantage."

-"And who do you suggest we send?" Mera asked angrily, "Nia, Shari? Would you send your little Parmock to be slaughtered? You just want to send someone to fight in your place because your to cowardly to go yourself!" Mera looked away from Togot in disgust and addressed the others.

-"Nia, you go around the left and get near that tree stump," Mera said indicating the spot near the clearing, "Shari, you take the right near the two large trees. Parmock and I shall rush at her from the front and when she is distracted you two come in and we will surround her. And as for you Togot..." Mera turned to address him but found he was no longer there.

-"Where did he go?" Mera asked with a puzzled look. She hadn't heard or seen him move and yet he was nowhere to be seen.

-"Down there," Parmock said calmly. Mera looked at Parmock and saw her looking towards the field. When Mera looked as well she saw Togot calmly walking towards Kaitlin. He wasn't making any attempt to hide his approach and his weapon was not drawn.

-"He wasn't suggesting sending someone else," Parmock explained, "he was volunteering himself for the job. He would never send anyone to fight in his place." Nia and Shiri became uneasy; would Togot really take Kaitlin on alone while they watched?

-"Aren't you going to help him?" Mera taunted. Parmock slowly shook her head.

-"He wouldn't want me to," she answered. Togot wanted to see what he was made of, and she wouldn't get in the way of anything he planed on doing, nor would she let the others.

-Togot walked up to within five feet of Kaitlin, it was a respectable distance that didn't make him appear timid. She stood with her back to him but he had no doubt that she knew he was there; he hadn't bothered to mask his approach because he wanted her to be aware of him. He doubted that he could have taken her by surprise anyway. All he wanted was an honest, one on one fight with her, no tricks.

-"You're either very brave or very foolish to approach me alone, boy," Kaitlin said calmly. She slowly turned to face him with a confident smile on her face, the first one Togot had seen her wear. She looked him over with a keen eye, "do you really think you're any match for me?"

-"Only one way to find out," Togot said as he slowly drew his sword, "and just for the record, I hate it when you call me boy."

-Kaitlin gave an amused grin as she drew her own weapon, "if you want me to call you by your name, you'll have to earn it."

-"Works for me!" he said as he rushed at her hopping to take her by surprise. He threw his sword at her face as he moved and she was forced to dodge the attack and that left her open. He threw all his weight forward and drove his fist into her stomach.

-His fist hit its mark and Kaitlin was pushed back from the impact. She was stunned enough to drop her sword but she quickly counterattacked. She grabbed a hold of his outstretched arm and swung him around several times before releasing him.

-Togot flew through the air and slammed into a tree, dislocating his left shoulder. He dropped to the ground with a groan, and stayed there. Kaitlin cautiously walked toward him, she didn't want to take it easy on him but she wasn't sure how sturdy his body really was.

-"Is that the best you can do?" Kaitlin asked as she stood over Togot's motionless body. Togot did not answer, or move and Kaitlin came closer fearing that she might have overestimated the boy. Togot suddenly rose from the ground and brought his right fist up under Kaitlin's jaw.

-The rising uppercut knocked Kaitlin flat on her back and Togot ran toward her, grabbing a hold of is left arm and popping it back into place as he moved. He leapt into the air and came down towards Kaitlin with his fist ready to find her face again. Kaitlin swung her left leg up and drove it into Togot's cheek.

-Togot spun awkwardly through the air and hit the ground hard. Kaitlin stood up and spit a tooth into her hand. She knew that she would grow a new one in less than a day but it was still irritating.

-Despite the beating he was taking Togot was rather pleased with himself, he had managed to land two solid blows on Kaitlin and although he was clearly outmatched if he could keep it up then the others would have a definite advantage when their turn came. He heard Kaitlin approaching and he forced himself to get up, despite the pain.

-"For a moment I thought I had killed you," Kaitlin said as she circled him.

-"Sorry to disappoint," Togot said, "but it will take more than that."

-"On the contrary, it would be sad to think that you train so hard and still get beaten so easily. But now that I know you can take it..."

-Parmock and the others watched from the tree line as Kaitlin knocked Togot around. He managed to land a few more blows of his own but he was hopelessly outmatched. Parmock forced herself to watch with a hard expression and even Mera had a solemn expression.

-Togot picked himself up from the ground yet again to face Kaitlin. She was impressed, no matter what she did to the kid he kept getting up. She looked into his eyes and realized the only way she was going to finish the fight would be to knock him out.

-She moved in and threw a straight punch at Togot's head. She thought he was too tired to dodge but he spun out of her fist's path just in time and chopped her across the back of the neck with his right hand.

-Togot grabbed her shoulder and spun her around as she stumbled. He used his weight to bring her down on the rock he had been standing in front, he raised himself up and then drove his forehead down to meet hers with all the strength he had left.

-Togot heard the stone crack and the world began to spin around him. He raised himself up as best he could and tried to walk away. He made it two steps before he collapsed and the last thing he saw before losing consciousness was Parmock and the others rushing towards him from the tree line. He had done all he could, it was up to them now.

-When Togot opened his eyes again he was staring at a very familiar ceiling. He groaned as he reached up to rub the swollen bulge on his forehead. "I'm getting tired of waking up here," he said weakly.

-"And I'm getting tired of patching you up," WhiteEye said as she walked up beside him. "you know, I thought that after becoming like us you would learn better but you just can't seem to keep yourself in one piece can you kid?"

-Togot let out a pained chuckle, his head was throbbing and the rest of him didn't feel too good either. "I thought these werewolf bodies could heal quickly," he said. WhiteEye laughed.

-"They do, you've only been out for two hours. If you were still human you would be dead...again. If that's how you fight a fellow Fury I hate to think of what you'll do to an enemy."

-Togot took his hand away from his head as he remembered the trial. "Did it work?" he asked, "did they win?" WhiteEye gave him a confused look and shook her head with disbelief when she realized what he was referring to.

-"You idiot, the trial isn't something you can win or lose, pass or fail. It's meant to teach you team work and to that effect you failed miserably since you were the only one that fought."

-Togot shot her a confused look, "what do you mean I'm the only one that fought?" He asked.

-"Togot, you knocked Kaitlin out cold."

-He looked at the opposite bed and saw Kaitlin lying unconscious. He stared at her with amazement written all over his face. He never imagined he would actually beat her, though it had been more of a draw. Togot forced his head to clear and he sat up.

-"Not so fast," WhiteEye said as she placed a hand on his chest and forced him back down, "you need more rest and I'm not taking no for an answer. I'll wake you when they need you." She blew some dust into Togot's face before he could object. Togot felt woozy and passed out, WhiteEye always got her way.

-He woke up several hours later, it was dark outside and Kaitlin's bed was empty. He slowly got out of bed and stood on unsteady feet. He left WhiteEye's hut and saw a large fire towards the center of the compound. He made his way to it and found all of the Furies standing around it wearing robes.

-Togot's pack mates stood in the center and Parmock invited Togot to join them. MourningKill stood with Kaitlin by her side, both of them regarded him for a long moment before MourningKill spoke.

-"You five left this place as pups, you were forced to confront a strong enemy and you prevailed. Despite your somewhat unorthodox methods there is no arguing with success. Although all of you did well, one of you stood out from the rest. Togot, despite the fact that you were sent out with others specifically to learn about teamwork you still put yourself in harms way rather than risk the others. It is a trait that has defined you since you came to be with us. You continually stand alone, never asking for help. For that reason we give you the name, LoneWolf. May your future deeds make this name worthy of remembrance."
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