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Hunter or The Hunted

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Togot meets his pack but there are complications

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-The next day Togot came to where MourningKill was waiting with several other Furies about his age, in appearance anyway. There were three other Furies waiting, none of them looked happy to see him but one was glairing at him.
-Togot knew Mera, she was practically BlackFire's little sister. It wouldn't be easy having her in his pack. It was unlikely she would listen to his advice or work with him. He only hoped she didn't let it interfere with their trial.
-Togot didn't know the other two very well, Nia was very scrawny looking with long dark hair. She never spoke very much, at least not to him, but he did know she was good with a bow. Shiri was a tall muscular girl with short blond hair. She wasn't very bright and usually went along with what others said.
-Togot knew that none of them liked him, Blackfire and most of the older Furies were constantly telling the younger ones to stay away from him while they filled their heads with stories about how evil men were. The fact that he was now something of a freak werewolf didn't help matters any.
-Togot nodded to MourningKill and looked the other three in the eyes. Nia and Shiri looked away but Mera glared back at him. It was clear that the two of them would be butting heads the whole time, it would probably be better for him to go off on his own once the trial started. He worked better alone anyway and he didn't want to rely on people he couldn't trust.
-"I'm ready when you are," Togot said. He had a long sword sheathed diagonally across his back with a short sword horizontally across his back just above his belt line. His serrated dagger was tucked up his sleeve and a hunting knife on his right hip. Parmock had said the trial would be deadly and he wasn't taking any chances.
-"We're waiting for someone," MourningKill said, "These packs always consist of five members. As soon as she gets here you can be on your way." She looked past Togot and he turned wondering who the last member was.
-He was surprised, and a little relieved, to see Parmock walking up to them. She shot him a smile and stood by his side as she looked at the others. She wasn't smiling at them and her stare made it clear whose side she was on. She then looked to MourningKill and gave a warm smile.
-"Sorry I'm late," she said cheerfully. Togot looked at her and smiled, he was glad to have at least one person in his pack he could rely on. Parmock's long hair was braded into a long ponytail and her blade staff was in its holster on her left thigh. She had a determined look in her eyes and Togot was looking forward to fighting along side her.
-"Alright," MourningKill said getting their attention. "Normally we would send you to test yourselves against a rival pack. However, none of our neighbors have enough young to pit against you so instead you will be fighting a fellow Fury."
-Togot didn't like the thought of fighting against an ally, and judging by the looks on the other's faces they didn't either. He couldn't help but wonder if he would be fighting BlackFire.
-"She is waiting for you in the forest," MourningKill continued. "Remember that she will be hunting you as you hunt her, and remember that she may kill you if you let your guard down. You have her outnumbered but she is an experienced veteran, don't underestimate her." She stepped aside and the gates opened. Togot didn't hesitate and Parmock was right behind him but Mera refused to be behind him.
-She picked up her pace to stay in front and Nia and Shiri followed close behind. Mera shot a defiant glance over her shoulder to Togot, already she was giving him problems. The glair that Parmock gave her was deadly and it made Mera turn away almost instantly. Togot was thankful to have her by his side for this.
-They hadn't gone far when they picked up a scent, Togot was the only one who couldn't recognize whose it was but he did smell it. They were down wind which was good and the smell seemed to be coming from the top of a hill. Mera looked around but didn't see anyone. "Nia, go check it out," she whispered sternly.
-Nia was obviously reluctant but she wasn't about to argue with her. She started to walk slowly up the hill but Togot objected. "Wait it's a trap," he said trying to keep his voice low. Mera shot him an angry look. "How would you know?" She spat, "you've only been a werewolf a day."
-Togot had no answer, he just knew that something didn't feel right. A veteran wouldn't be tracked down this easily. Nia was looking back and forth between Mera and Togot unsure what to do. Mera shot a furious look at the smaller girl, "go!" she commanded.
-Nia continued onward even slower than before. She walked up to a large tree that was at the top of the hill and noticed a piece of clothe nailed to it. She reached up to grab it when Togot yelled out, "don't touch it!" But it was too late.
-Nia turned and looked back with a plea for help written all over her face as the ground she stood on disappeared and she began to drop out of sight. Moving with a speed even he dint know he had Togot reached into the underside of his sleeve and hurled his dagger. The blade caught Nia's shirt at the left shoulder and pinned her to the tree preventing her fall.
-Togot breathed a sigh of relief for hitting his mark and he quickly went up to help Nia with Parmock right behind him. He took her by the arm and he and Parmock lifted her out of the hole. The three of them looked down into the pit. At the bottom there were a number of large spikes, anyone falling in would probably be killed or at the very least seriously injured. Either way there would have been one less enemy for their quarry to worry about.
-Nia looked at Togot with wide eyes and said, "thank you." Togot nodded to her and they looked back at Mera. Her mistake had favored Togot, though he would have preferred if it hadn't happened in the first place.
-"I told you it was a trap," Togot said. He only hoped that next time she would listen to him. Whoever they were up against was playing for keeps.
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