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Rite of Passage

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MourningKill presents Togot with a task that worries Parmock

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-Togot sat on his bed looking into his palm with eyes that were wide with excitement. The rush of power he felt was exhilarating, he felt invincible. His body felt as light as a feather, everything around him seemed to move so slowly. Was this how Parmock and the others felt all the time?
-Togot was aware of something else as well. Ever since he emerged from the chamber, ever since he had changed, he had felt pain. At first he had thought his body was just sore from being put through so much but now he realized it was more than that. Every muscle in his body hurt, and the pain wasn't going away.
-No matter, it was a small price to pay for this kind of power. But Togot still didn't know the limits of his new body. Not knowing your own limits could be dangerous but there was no real way to test him self. Togot was so focused on how he felt he didn't notice Parmock behind him in his window.
-"MourningKill wants to see you," she said. There was something ominous in her tone. Togot looked over his shoulder wondering what could be wrong but Parmock's expression gave him no clues. It only told him she was worried about something
-"Lead the way," he said. Parmock slipped out his window and Togot got up to go out the door when he stopped. He looked at the window and a smile formed on his face. Togot ran and leapt out the window without a moment's hesitation.
-Togot fell down the side of the cliff, kicking off the occasional rock to slow his momentum until he hit the ground. The muscles in his legs flexed to cushion the impact but he was fine. He slowly stood up and looked himself over to make sure but his body hadn't been hurt at all from the fall.
-"I had a feeling you might try something like that," Parmock said. Togot looked over to see her perched on a rock behind him. He was pleased to see her with her usual mischievous smile again. She took off running and he followed close behind.
-For the first time, Togot was able to keep up with her. Parmock was still faster than he was, she was faster than any Fury, but she wasn't leaving him in the dust like she used to. They ran around the dens and through the trees in the compound like children playing a game of tag. Togot easily leapt right over the small dwellings and no matter how hard he ran he didn't feel tired.
-Finally they arrived at MourningKill's den and the concerned look reappeared on Parmock's face. Togot knew that it took a lot to worry Parmock and if she was worried he was worried.
-Parmock opened the door for Togot but she didn't follow him in. Inside Togot found MourningKill, Kaitlin, BlackFire and WhiteEye waiting for him. Kaitlin and BlackFire both had upset looks on their face, though for BlackFire that was hardly unusual.
-MourningKill glanced over at the others before she spoke. That told Togot that they had been arguing, probably about him.
-"Togot," MourningKill said. "It has been decided that you shall take the trial like any other werewolf." Blackfire looked away in disgusted, it was obvious she didn't approve and from the look on Kaitlin's face neither did she. Togot wasn't sure if Kaitlin's misgivings were out of concern for his well being or because he was a man.
-"WhiteEye believes that your body can handle the strain," MourningKill continued. "Despite Kaitlin and BlackFire's misgivings you have reached the proper age and, even though you haven't been a werewolf very long, much of the trial depends of strategy rather than savagery. Even though you are a man, you have proven yourself many times and I believe you have earned the right to participate. You will meet the other members of your pack tomorrow; you have until then to prepare. Do you have any questions?"
-Togot shook his head was dismissed. He stepped out and found Parmock waiting for him. She looked as if Togot had just been given a death sentence. If anything he was pleased, this would give him the chance he had wanted, a chance to really test himself.
-"Why does this worry you?" he asked. He knew there had to be a reason. Parmock was usually carefree even when she shouldn't be.
-"Togot...werewolves die during these trials," Parmock said. "And you don't exactly have the best of luck when it comes to danger." She looked up at him and managed a weak smile but the concern didn't leave her eyes.
-Togot stared at her for a moment and then laughed out loud. He couldn't argue that, but on the other hand he had survived all those dangers while he was human. It wouldn't be a problem now that he was a werewolf.
-"Don't worry," Togot said. "You're not getting rid of me just yet."
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