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To Be or Not To Be

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Togot fights to regain his self control

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-Togot entered the archway he had been led to and found himself in a dark room. There were several Furies standing around a circular flat stone in the center of the room with four chains attached to it. He saw MourningKill, WhiteEye, Parmock, Kaitlin and even BlackFire.
-Togot stepped up onto the stone and got on his knees. Two other Furies chained him down, Togot felt humiliated but it had to be done. He lowered his head and closed his eyes, there was nothing to do now but wait.
-"Togot," MourningKill said. "When you feel yourself begin to change try to focus on something you want to protect. Concentrate on the things dear to you, if your will is strong you will retain your self awareness in your transformed state. After that I will tell you how to change back." Togot nodded without looking up, he knew he could do this.
-Over an hour passed and Togot was beginning to wonder if the Furies had made a mistake about the day he would change. The doubts were dropped however when he felt his abdomen tighten up so intensely he thought his lungs would pop out.
-Togot clenched his teeth and tried to do what MourningKill had said. He searched his thoughts for the things he cared about. He thought of his parents but they were dead, he couldn't protect them anymore. MourningKill had saved him so she didn't need his protection.
-Finally Togot's mind rested on the image of Parmock sitting in his window. Suddenly he felt calm, almost happy. The discomfort of his body changing faded away and he felt at peace. He could still feel his body changing but he didn't feel the rage he had the last time.
-Suddenly Togot was somewhere else; he didn't know where he was or how he got there. He was standing in an empty void; there were no walls, no sky, not even a breeze. Aside from the floor he was standing on Togot could see nothing of any substance other than him self.
-Then he heard something breathing behind him. He turned around and found himself looking at a werewolf. Togot had been with the Furies long enough to recognize most of them even in their transformed states. They were mainly black but they all had different patches of dark brown or red as well that made them identifiable.
-Togot didn't recognize this one and it didn't seem to know him. It was baring its teeth at him and growling. Togot got ready to defend himself and was regretting not having brought a weapon with him.
-Then the werewolf charged at him with a roar. It made a large swipe with its claws but Togot knew that a werewolf's only real weakness was that it over committed to its attacks with its speed and power. If he could dodge the attack the creature wouldn't be able to react in time before he could counter attack.
-The beast overshot him as a ducked down and dove forward. As soon as the werewolf stopped itself Togot swept his leg back and knocked the werewolf's feet out from under it. Togot rolled out of the way as the thing came falling down and he got back to his feet ready for round two.
-The beast got back up on all fours and roared at Togot. No matter how many times he saw it, an angry werewolf still intimidated him. Those huge teeth, sharp claws and that enraged looking in their eyes. An enraged look, that wasn't right. Werewolves retained their composure when transformed but this thing was acting like a wild animal.
-Togot finally realized what was going on, he hadn't been taken away to fight a werewolf. He was in his mind fighting himself. The creature before him was a part of his personality, the part that came out when he transformed. But how could he defeat something that was a part of him self?
-Togot didn't have any more time to think. His animal side had gotten impatient and charged for him on all fours with its mouth dripping in anticipation of biting into Togot's flesh.
-Togot realized that it couldn't hurt him any more than he could hurt it and that left only one option. As the creature leapt for him Togot lowered his guard and opened his arms. The enormous beast did not bite or claw him. Instead it jumped right into his chest. Togot's body changed into a blinding light and he and his animal side ceased to be.
-When Togot opened his eyes again he was back in the room with the Furies, chained down to a stone, but he was now different. Everything he saw reflected light, even the shadows, as if they had a shimmering glow. He could see everything even though he knew the room was dark. He could smell everything in the room as well and he knew what the smells were. He could hear the heartbeats of the Furies in the room and the ones outside.
-His mind was so clear now. He understood so much more. His body felt so strong but he no longer felt the urge to use that strength. He was calm and collected, in fact he felt tranquil. He slowly looked at MourningKill and the others and nodded to them.
-Before MourningKill could say a word Togot focused on his original form and his body obeyed him. This time the change didn't feel uncomfortable at all. The bones and muscles moved and shifted smoothly and quickly and soon he was in his human form again.
-Even in this form Togot still felt different. His senses were still sharpened, he still felt powerful. He looked at MourningKill and the others to see their surprised faced. He smiled at them and said. "I feel so much better now."
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