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A Favor

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The furies devise a plan to help Togot

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-Togot sat alone in his home. The shadow under the door was a constant reminder of the guard posted outside to keep an eye on him. Neither WhiteEye nor MourningKill were sure how to handle the situation. None of them had ever heard of anything like what he had become. He wasn't human and he wasn't really a werewolf, not a normal one anyway.
-Togot thought back to when he had asked Kaitlin to bite him and make him a werewolf. He realized now that he hadn't thought that request through. He wondered what his parents would think if they could see him now, would they be ashamed, horrified? He was a monster, when he changed he was a mindless and violent beast. He had nearly attacked Parmock but he couldn't remember any of it. Togot felt a slight breeze from the window behind him.
-"Are you sure you want to be here?" he asked. "I don't want to hurt you." Parmock leapt from the windowsill spun in the air and landed in a crouch in front of Togot. She looked up at him with an innocent smile.
-"You won't hurt me," she said softly. "All I want is to be by your side."
-Togot held his hand out in front of him and looked at his palm. It looked human, it felt human, but he knew it was something else. He knew that he was something else and that at any moment he could change again and there was no telling what he would do. Parmock brushed her cheek against his hand and smiled but the smile faded.
-"You're going to change again tomorrow night," she said. Togot looked at her with surprise, even he didn't know when he would change so how could she?
-"When we reach maturity we go through something similar to what you are experiencing now," she said. "We wake up somewhere else with torn clothes, not remembering a thing. It happens once a month, usually under the full moon. You're changing a month from the day of the blood transfusion, and that's tomorrow." She paused as Togot took in her words.
-"Before this time we cannot change our form," she continued. "But unlike you we grow up with the instincts and aggression so we can quickly learn to control it. However...MourningKill thinks there is a way to help you." Parmock stood up and walked to the window. She stood with her back to Togot, which told him she didn't like what she was about to say.
-"Before, when you changed you were unaware that it would happen. Now that you will be expecting it you might be able to retain your self awareness if your will is strong enough." She turned to see Togot considering what she had said.
-"What if my will isn't strong enough?" he asked. Parmock smiled at him. "It will be," she said. "But not to worry, Kaitlin insisted you be chained down just to be safe." Togot nodded and stood up. He walked over to Parmock and looked out the window, over the trees and the water.
-"Tell MourningKill I'll do it," he said. Parmock smiled again and leapt out the window to deliver the message. After she left Togot thought for a moment. He made up his mind and took the silver knife MourningKill had given him. He opened the door and his keeper turned to face him with her hand on her sword.
-"Take me to BlackFire," he said in a tone that would kill any thought of protest. The guard thought a moment and nodded. Her job was to keep an eye one him but MourningKill never said it had to be in his home.
-Togot stepped into BlackFire's den, his escort waited outside. Togot had been living with the Furies for years but he had never once entered BlackFire's den. Like him she lived slightly away from the others. The Furies were all she had yet like him she still kept her distance from the others.
-Togot looked around, BlackFire's den was dark, so dark he could hardly see anything. There were no windows, no decorations on the walls. Only the essentials, a table with one chair, a bed, and BlackFire sitting on a small square stone sharpening her sword. She sat with her back to him but he knew she was aware of his presence.
-"What the hell do you want?" She asked threateningly. Togot did not approach her, he was in her home and since he was here to ask a favor he had to play nice.
-"MourningKill thinks she has a way to make me...normal," he said. "They will have to chain me up when I change but I am concerned. I have seen what a werewolf can do and I don't think it will be enough, so I want you to attend." BlackFire put down her sword and turned to face him.
-"Hoping to kill me if you go berserk again?" she asked. Togot couldn't help but smile. Sarcasm was as close to humor as BlackFire got. Togot took out the blade he had brought with him. BlackFire slowly stood up, her muscled ready to react and defend herself. Togot reversed his grip and held the handle out presenting her the weapon.
-"I want you there because if I break loose, you won't hesitate."
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