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Strength of Will

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Parmock brings Togot back to his senses

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-Kaitlin watched as Parmock approached what used to be Togot. She didn't know what the girl was doing, in his present state Togot wouldn't recognize friend from foe. He would simply lash out at any perceived threat and in her human form Parmock would be no match for him.
-Kaitlin looked at Togot, his eyes were wild and confused. She couldn't even imagine what it must be like for him. Werewolves felt the instincts and aggression that were now flooding his mind from the day that they're born and learn early on how to control it. Togot had been human and turned into one of them, this was all new and too overwhelming for him to handle.
-She knew that Parmock cared for him but getting herself killed wasn't going to help matters. When a werewolf went berserk its pack mates would usually fallow close by to keep it out of trouble and let it tire itself out. That hadn't worked with Togot, there scents were new to him and he considered them threats. Now they would have to go to plan B, beat him into submission.
-Kaitlin knew how tough Togot had been as a human, she wasn't looking forward to fighting him as a werewolf so she had listened when Parmock had promised she could calm him down. Now Parmock was standing before him unarmed, in human form and about to be ripped apart.
-She held her breath as Togot lifted his arm and swung at Parmock's head. Parmock made no attempt to block or avoid the attack and with Togot's new strength this would take her head off. Kaitlin felt the others tense up as they watched but Togot stopped an inch away from Parmock's face.
-Togot's hand trembled as his mind tried desperately to stop his body from killing the girl in front of him. He didn't fully understand why, but he knew that she was important to him. His mind was filled with violent thoughts of killing anything in his path but he knew he had to stop himself.
-Parmock looked up into Togot's terrified eyes. She knew he wasn't afraid of being hurt or killed, he was afraid of becoming a monster and hurting those he cared about. She knew he wouldn't hurt her even in his present state. She smiled up at him.
-"It's alright," she said as she raised her hand up and touched his cheek. The tension left his eyes and his body relaxed. He lowered his hand and let out a sigh. He felt calm now, relaxed. The instinct and rage drained from his mind and he felt his body changing again.
-Togot's body felt like it was caving in. The world appeared to be getting bigger as he shrunk down. He became blind and deaf to all the extra sensations once again. He felt so weak now, his muscles hurt and his bones felt brittle. He never realized how weak he had really been all those years.
-His knees buckled and he fell but Parmock caught him. She set him on the ground and he laid there naked. His clothes had been ripped apart when he had changed. Unlike normal werewolves Togot didn't know how to use magic to transform his clothes into a spectral form when shape shifting.
-Parmock saw all the scars that Togot always tried to keep hidden; the claw marks from BlackFire on his chest, the arrow mark she herself had given him on his back, the teeth marks from the bear on his shoulder and the new scar that wrapped around his leg.
-Kaitlin and the others shifted back to their human forms. She handed Parmock a blanket to wrap him in and they carried there companion home.
-Togot opened his eyes and saw a very familiar ceiling. He was in WhiteEye's care yet again. He tried to sit up but his entire body ached, it felt like his muscles had been ripped apart. He groaned from the pain and WhiteEye approached his bed.
-"Boy, you are becoming a real pain in this old woman's hind end," she said. Togot could see Parmock perched on a chair smiling with relief. MourningKill was probably just outside as well but Togot couldn't figure out what was going on.
-"How'd I get here?" Togot asked groggily. Parmock shot him a confused look.
-"You don't remember?" she asked. Togot closed his eyes and tried to think. His memory was a blur, just vague emotions, nothing specific.
-"Last thing I remember was sitting in my room getting ready for bed," he said. Parmock and WhiteEye looked at each other, neither one wanting to tell him but he had to know.
-"Togot, you changed last night," WhiteEye said. "Your blood transfusion with Parmock has had the unforeseen side effect of turning you into a werewolf."
-At first Togot thought it was a joke, he didn't feel any different aside from the pain. He certainly didn't feel like a werewolf. He knew that werewolves retained enhanced senses even in their human form but Togot's were the same as always.
-"I feel human enough," he said. WhiteEye took a seat next to his bed. She wasn't sure what to tell him since she didn't know what was happening to him. She had never encountered anything like this before.
-"You're body is probably still changing," she said. "And besides you're not a normal werewolf so we don't know what the end result will be. So far you haven't shown much self control in your transformed state and the fact that you don't even remember it isn't very encouraging."
-"Did I hurt anyone," Togot asked.
-"No," WhiteEye said. "Though you did see fit to have a full grown buck as a late night snack."
-Togot nodded and was relieved, if he had hurt someone he cared about he would never forgive himself. Parmock put an assuring hand on his shoulder.
-"Don't worry," she said. "We'll help you through this; you're too tough to let this beat you." Togot smiled and WhiteEye and Parmock headed for the door to let him rest. Togot was about to close his eyes when he realized something.
-"By the way," he said. "Where are my clothes?"
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