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Man or Monster

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Togot discovers what he has become and learns to deal with his new existence

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-Several days passed without incident and Togot had almost forgotten about the night he woke up in the woods. He was convinced that someone had just played a joke on him and since he hadn't been hurt he had decided to drop it.
-Life continued as normal and he went about his business as he always did. MourningKill had given him a silver dagger to honor his bravery in defending Parmock against a formidable enemy. BlackFire hadn't been too happy about it but even she didn't dare object. Togot had managed to kill a Corruptor, a demon creature that even werewolves had trouble with.
-The ring scar around Togot's leg was a constant reminder of what had happened to him and many of the Furies now looked at him with uncertainty. A human didn't simply grow a leg back and WhiteEye hadn't done it. Now Togot's presence made them uneasy.
-It hurt Togot that after working so hard to gain their trust and respect he would have to start all over again. At least Parmock stayed by his side and Kaitlin was too proud to show any sign of apprehension around him. MourningKill and WhiteEye both seemed concerned for his well being but neither of them were afraid of him.
-There was nothing Togot could do but grin and bare it. He had earned their trust once he would just have to show them that he was still himself. He carried out his normal duties and things slowly started to return to normal. Soon nearly a month had passed without incident and everyone was forgetting about it.
-One month after the incident to the day Togot was sitting alone in his home sharpening his sword. It was dark and Parmock was probably on her way to perch in his window like she did every night. She would sit there and watch him with those eyes of hers until he fell asleep. It was something that he now looked forward to; it reminded him of when his mother tucked him in as a child.
-Togot was about to go to bed when he suddenly felt sick to his stomach. A wave of nausea hit him so hard that he had to grab the edge of his bed to stay standing. His vision blurred and the room was spinning. Togot could fee sweat pouring down his face and his entire body was in pain. He was breathing too hard to call out for help and his body felt so weak he could no longer stand. He dropped down to his hands and knees and tried to mentally suppress whatever was happening to him.
-Togot watched his hands as his fingers seemed to grow longer and his nails turned into sharp claws. Togot hoped he was simply seeing things but he could feel it to. He could feel his insides changing, his muscles moving around under his skin. He could feel his teeth growing and his bones popping and rearranging themselves. His skin itched terribly as his hair grew longer all over his body.
-It wasn't much more painful than a person stretching their muscles or popping their bones but feeling it over your entire body was overwhelming. Togot felt his very face changing, his face grew longer and his ears changed as well. Even the room looked different now, before it had been dark but now everything was shimmering. It was as if everything in Togot's room was emitting its own light.
-It wasn't just his body that was changing, Togot's thoughts were now aggressive, he felt angry, and hungry! He was starving, he needed to eat something. He wanted meat, and blood. He wanted to rip something apart and devour it. Then he remembered Parmock, she was on her way up.
-Would he hurt her? Would he try and devour his dear friend in a state of savage rage? No! He had to get away; he had to keep her out of his reach. It was the only way to protect her from him self. Togot knew he had to leave the compound while there was still enough of the real him left to want to leave.
-Togot plowed through his door and jumped down from the top of the hill. Normally the fall would have killed him but he felt invincible, and it scared him. Togot hit the ground and took off running the moment he touched the dirt. He charged straight for the large wall trying not to look at any of the nearby Furies. He didn't want to be distracted from his goal, he didn't want to be tempted to stop and attack them.
-When he was almost to the gate Togot leapt into the air and sailed right over the top. He couldn't believe how light he felt. He raced through the trees feeling free and powerful. He no longer feared hurting anyone, his only thought was of finding food.
-Togot could hear everything now, he could hear the bugs under the dirt and in the wood scratching and chewing. He could hear the wing beats of birds and the breathing and heartbeats of rabbits and squirrels. He could smell everything around him. The chemical scent markers of every animal in the forest jumped out at him. He could detect the territorial signs of the Furies that only other werewolves could detect. The world seemed so much more real to him now.
-He caught the scent of something that his brain told him was food. Togot fallowed the scent to a clearing and found what he was looking for. A large deer was grazing on the grass unaware of his presence. Togot's body tensed up and he leapt out at the animal.
-The beast tried to run away but Togot was faster. He easily caught up to the animal and brought it down. It struggled violently until Togot grabbed hold of its antlers and snapped its massive neck like a twig. Then it was silent and Togot began to eat his fill.
-He was about half way finished with his meal when his nose detected something that hadn't been there before. There were strange but familiar scents in the air, and they were close. Togot knew that they must have approached from downwind to avoid detection but now he knew they were there.
-He flexed his claws and let out a deep growl as a warning to stay away. Several Furies came out of their cover. They were all in their werewolf forms except one. She seemed familiar to Togot but he couldn't place her. She stepped towards him slowly and made no sudden moves.
-The others started to move in on him but the human one told them to stay back. The words were familiar but he could no longer understand their meaning. She stood before him and seemed so small. Her blond hair and blue eyes roused a memory deep in Togot's mind but he could not bring it to the surface. He wasn't sure what to do, he wasn't as hungry now but it was still his kill and she might try to steal it.
-Parmock stood before the savage form that was now Togot. He towered over her with claws and teeth ready to rip apart anything he felt was a threat. She knew that he had to be in there somewhere, buried under unfamiliar instinct and rage, but still there.
-She knew that if Togot felt cornered he would lash out; she had to appear vulnerable and unthreatening to calm him down. Parmock couldn't help feeling guilty; once again she was causing him trouble. Her attempt to save his life had stolen his humanity.
-She looked him in the eyes and saw confusion and rage. He bared his teeth at her and she knew he was about to attack. She lowered her head and smiled.
-"I trust you," she said.
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