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No Longer Human, Not yet a Beast.

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Togot's life is saved but at a price

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-Togot regained consciousness but he didn't open his eyes. He hurt too much to be in heaven but not enough to be in hell. He focused his concentration on what he could hear and smell, medicine and fur, he was in WhiteEye's care again. He tried to remember what had happed but when he did he wished he hadn't.
-He opened his eyes and looked down at his leg, and found it was still missing. He had hopped that WhiteEye would use her magic to regenerate it but it seemed that was beyond her power. Togot was a little depressed, but it was a small price to pay for Parmock's life.
-"It's about time you woke up."
-Togot looked at WhiteEye standing over him. She had blood on her hands, probably his. He could tell by the look on her face that the news wasn't going to be good.
-"How long was I out?" he asked weakly, still groggy form whatever medicine she had given him.
-"Four days," she said. "We had to use a...unorthodox method to save your life since you lost so much blood."
-WhiteEye looked to the bed across from Togot and he fallowed her gaze to see Parmock lying beside him. She had a strange tube in her arm and when Togot let his eyes fallow it he saw that it was connected to his own arm.
-"Is she ok?" he asked.
-"She's fine," WhiteEye said. "We had to give you some of her blood to replace yours. It was against my better judgment but Parmock refused to let you die after you saved her life."
-"Why was that against your better judgment?" he asked, not sure he really wanted to know the answer.
-"Because I have no idea what the side affects might be from mixing human and werewolf blood. It might have helped you re-grow your leg or it might have melted you into goop. So far you seem alright." WhiteEye said while placing her hand on his forehead.
-Togot felt ok, aside from missing his leg and the irritated itching of the stub. Mostly he was thankful that Parmock was alright. He still wasn't sure what the hell that thing had been, or how he had gotten back to the compound but those questions could wait for latter.
-WhiteEye took the tube out of Togot's arm and handed him one of her potions to drink. Shortly after gulping it down he felt very drowsy and feel asleep. Apparently she felt he still needed some rest.
-When Togot woke up again he felt a little stronger than he had before. He pulled off the blanket and looked at the stub that had once been his leg. Togot could have sworn that it had been severed just above the knee but he was only missing the lower half of his shin.
-Still a missing limb was a missing limb and he was now a cripple, again. This was the second time that he had been presented with a disability but no amount of hard work would make his leg grow back.
-He looked over at Parmock's bed and found her sitting up and looking at his stump with sad eyes. He realized she probably blamed herself for his injury. Once again he had gotten hurt protecting her when it had been her job to protect him.
-"Does it hurt?" she asked. Togot shook his head and smiled trying to cheer her up.
-"Small price, don't worry about it," he said. "Thanks for saving my life by the way."
-"Least I could do," she said with a weak smile.
-The two of them continued to keep each other company for the rest of the day. She told him that that thing had been a chaos demon created by negative energy. She also told him that right before the battle she had called for help, when they reinforcements had gotten there they took him back to the compound.
-Apparently all the Furies were talking about the human who killed a demon; even BlackFire was impressed although she would never admit it. He had gained a lot of respect at long last, it was a shame he was now a cripple.
-When night fell WhiteEye insisted that Parmock leave Togot to rest on his own. Parmock had tried to object but one thing that Togot had learned was that no one, not even MourningKill, could win an argument with WhiteEye. Togot got to sleep without the aid of a potion and drifted off to sleep.
-Togot dreamt his was an animal running through the woods. He was driven by a singular purpose, hunger. His mind was a blur of impulse and pure instinct. Every sound and smell was so enhanced that it was overwhelming. He could hear every single leaf rustling in the wind; smell the bark on the trees and feel the cool night air on his fur. He ran as fast as the wind and knew that nothing could ever catch him. He felt so free, so powerful.
-The next morning Togot awoke out of bed. When he sat up and looked around he realized he wasn't even in the compound anymore. His clothes were badly torn and he had scratches all over his body.
-"Damn it BlackFire," he muttered. She had done this to him before although he never could figure out how she accomplished it without waking him. Despite their differences however she had never pulled one of these stunts while he was wounded and to do it after getting his leg cut off was just plain mean, even for BlackFire.
-Togot looked around for a branch to use as a crutch, he wasn't about to crawl back to the compound and he didn't like the thought of having to be rescued and carried. Instead of finding a stick he found the bloody remains of a deer. The beast had been ripped apart and partially eaten.
-Togot knew right away this was the handy work a werewolf. He had seen the furies hunt in their half beast forms enough times to know what kind of damage they could do. But this didn't make any sense. Blackfire had never left a carcass with him before.
-Then suddenly Togot realized he could feel his toes scraping on the leaves, all ten of them. He looked down at his left leg and found his entire leg had been restored, but how? WhiteEye had told him it was beyond her power to regenerate a human limb, Although she did enjoy teasing him from time to time he knew she wouldn't have joked about that.
-Togot pulled up his pant leg and saw a scar going all the way around his leg just above the knee were his leg had been severed. Somehow it had grown back, and then Togot remembered what WhiteEye had said. Mixing werewolf and human blood had had some consequences indeed, and so far he liked them.
-When Togot got back to the compound the other furies didn't take the news as joyously as he had thought. Instead they seemed worried about something and Togot didn't understand what until he talked to BlackFire about ditching him in the woods when he was crippled.
-She nearly bit his head off for the accusation, but that didn't make sense. In the past she had simply given him a mean smile and told him he should sleep lightly or something cryptic like that. She had never been offended by it; it was her idea of fun. Togot no longer had any doubt that she hadn't had anything to do with it, so how had he gotten out there?
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