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Out of Your League

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Togot gets his wish, in the worst way

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-Togot was now fifteen years old and had gained some level of respect among the Furies. He trained his body with obsessive determination and had to visit WhiteEye almost daily. He could now hold his own with any werewolf, as long as they were in human form and even some that weren't. He was being sent along with the hunting parties on a regular basis and was proving his worth as a warrior.
-He still wasn't allowed to go off on his own however because he was human, but when he hunted he always managed to get away from the pack and would attack the largest, meanest creature he could find on his own. He was always pushing himself to his limits and beyond, driven by one purpose, revenge.
-Parmock crouched silently in a tree while she watched Togot practice his skills. She had always found him intriguing, the defiant look in his eyes, how he was so willing to stand up to anything no matter how big or strong. He wasn't anything like what she had been told human men were supposed to be like.
-Togot for his part had been aware of her the moment she got in the tree. After the arrow incident he had learned to be more aware of his surroundings. It was a nice feeling to have some one watching over him.
-Togot pummeled the old tree until his arms felt like weights. His breaths were labored and heavy as if he were about to pass out and he could hardly stand. He dried himself off with the rag he brought with him and drank from his flask before looking over his shoulder towards his audience.
-"What's going on, Parmock?" he asked.
-Parmock flipped out of the tree and landed kneeling behind him.
-"MourningKill has a job for us," she answered with a sly smile. She knew that Togot would like the sound of that, he was always eager to test himself.
-Togot smiled the same determined smile he always got at the thought of a challenge. He walked with Parmock back to the compound and up to MourningKill's throne where the queen sat waiting for them.
-She looked down at the once small boy she had saved, now growing to be such a strong warrior. She knew he was looking for a real battle, one that would put his life at risk and today he would get his wish. She gave Togot a warm smile before she spoke.
-"Togot, Parmock, there is something dangerous within our territory and I want the two of you to take care of it. Togot, I believe you are now strong enough to handle such a task on your own, however Parmock will fallow you as your support. Please be careful."
-Togot was pleased; finally he would get a chance fight a real enemy and prove himself. He didn't mind Parmock coming with him; he knew he could count on her if things got out of hand. He nodded in acceptance of his task and went to his home to prepare.
-Togot put on his thick leather armor, anything metal would slow him down and this stuff was just as tough. He grabbed some spider string; it was magically endowed with strength and wouldn't break no matter how much strain it was under. He took several feet and tucked it under his right gauntlet; it had proven itself useful to him in the past.
-He placed his barbed hook-knife under his left gauntlet and a short sword across his lower back. For his main weapon he chose a broadsword, the weapon had good reach and power and it was his tool of choice.
-When he was ready he headed for the main gate to find Parmock already waiting for him. She was wearing her leather vest and skirt, werewolves rarely bothered with armor. Togot could see that she had her blade staff retracted and placed in her hip holster. He still hadn't figured out how that thing worked but she was very adept at using it. The gate opened and the two of them set out to hunt down their prey.
-Togot and Parmock moved swiftly through the forest in search of the disturbance. They hadn't gone far when Parmock detected a scent that didn't belong there. The two of them fallowed it and came upon a horrific sight.
-Lying before them were the bones of humans, werewolves and several creatures Togot could not even identify. Togot looked at Parmock and saw fear in her eyes, they had stumbled into something more dangerous than they realized. He was about to ask Parmock what they were up against when his question was answered before it was asked.
-The bones in front of them erupted into the air and a horrible monster emerged from the ground. Togot stood awestruck at the hideous mass that he now faced. The creature seemed to have a central, spherical body with numerous tentacle like appendages protruding from it. At the end of these appendages were an armament of blade and club like weapons.
-Togot had never seen anything so repulsive in his life. The thing didn't seem to have any eyes but somehow it noticed the two intruders and opened a grotesque circular mouth lined with four triangular teeth and let out a shrieking cry.
-Togot cursed himself for waiting as long as he had and drew his sword but Parmock stepped between him and the creature. She drew and extended her blade staff and took a defensive stance. Togot realized she meant to protect him from this thing and that meant she thought it was too dangerous for him to take on.
-"Togot, get back to the compound and bring the others, I'll hold it off," Parmock order.
-Before Togot could refuse the thing lashed out with several tentacles at once. Parmock was able to leap out of the way but Togot wasn't as fast. The tentacles ripped the ground apart all around his feet and he was knocked to the ground.
-Parmock saw that the thing wasn't going to just let him go and she knew she couldn't take it alone. She let out a deep, loud howl, a werewolf call for help. Now all she could do was try and keep Togot and her self alive until backup arrived.
-She rushed at the creature and attacked with her blade staff, she had to keep its attention off of Togot. There was no way he could survive against this thing. It was her job to protect him and she would do so with her life.
-Togot got to his feet and saw Parmock fighting the creature, he had never seen her move so fast before. She spun her staff, cutting the tentacles and dodging around them as if she were dancing. At times Togot lost sight of her altogether only to see her reaper somewhere else entirely.
-Togot thought that she had everything under control until the thing threw a massive attack at her. She was barely able to avoid it and Togot realized that this thing was learning to anticipate her movements. It managed to grab hold of one of Parmock's legs while she was in midair and slammed her into the ground with enough force to make the stones crack.
-Togot knew that this thing was about to kill Parmock, she was down and out cold. Togot felt anger and rage build inside his body and he wanted more. Get up and fight damn you! He thought to himself. The creature hovered over Parmock's body and prepared for a final strike when the dam in Togot's mind burst.
-"DIE!" Togot roared as he charged the thing head on. He didn't care if he died; he just wanted to kill this vile monster before it hurt anyone else. The beast lashed out with its weapons and Togot deflected them all and charged straight for the center body.
-The creature started to pull its many arms back in, trying to ensnare its attacker but Togot was moving to fast. He slashed the central body with a downward strike and leapt into the air and out of the way of the trap.
-He looked down and saw the wound he had made, and something else. Togot could see something beating inside the cut he had made; it was the creature's heart! If Togot could just destroy that then this thing would fall dead at his feet.
-Togot pointed his blade down and let gravity bring him to his target but before he could reach it one of the tentacles whipped out and slammed into Togot's side. The blow sent him flying into a tree and he struck it with more force than he could handle and lost his grip on his weapon.
-Togot fell down the trunk and when his feet touched the ground he willed him self to stay standing. He had never been struck so hard before and it was taking all his focus to stop from collapsing. Togot had barely managed to raise his gaze back to his opponent when a tentacle with a semicircular blade on the end lashed out and struck his leg just above the knee, embedding itself into the tree that Togot was propped up against.
-Togot screamed out in agony and fell to the ground clutching at the stump that used to be his leg. He looked at the bleeding hump in disbelief, his left leg was gone. He propped himself up with his left hand and right leg and reached back with his free hand and grabbed the short sword on his back.
-"," Togot hissed and as the creature came down upon him Togot saw his opening and he took it. He threw the blade with all the strength he had left and watched as it hit its mark. The creature screamed out with its tentacles writhing in agony as they tried to remove the source of the pain from its heart. Eventually the creature stopped moving and lay silent on the ground.
-Togot smiled as he looked at Parmock, she was safe now and that thing would never hurt anyone ever again. He felt cold now, he was loosing a lot of blood, but it was ok. He had done his job and now he could rest. Togot's body went limp and he fell into darkness.
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