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Where Do Baby Werewolves Come From?

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Togot learns more about the Furies and their way of life.

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Despite having his right shoulder shattered Togot was back to normal in two hours, thanks to WhiteEye's magic healing spells. When he had asked her why she hadn't used one on him when he had been shot she told that at the time she didn't know any spells for healing humans. The Furies had little contact with them and most Furies could heal themselves quickly so WhiteEye had never needed to use spells before. She had acquired them after realizing that he had a habit of getting himself hurt.
After WhiteEye gave him a clean bill of health and shoed him out the doer he decided to try and smooth things over with MourningKill. She had been furious with Parmock for what had happened since it had been Parmock's job to protect him, not the other way around. Parmock been confined to her hut until further notice as punishment but he hoped he could change MourningKill's mind.
As he stepped out the door he saw Kaitlin waiting for him. She was leaning against the wall with her head down and eyes closed. At first Togot thought she was sleeping but then her eyes opened and focused on him with the same stern, disapproving look she always gave him.
"Walk with me." She said bluntly and turned and started heading towards the gate.
Without saying a word Togot fallowed her out of the compound and into the forest. It didn't take him long to figure out where they were headed. He didn't know why she was bringing him here but he had learned that Kaitlin had a "speak when spoken to" policy, at least when it came to him. Soon they stood over the corpse of the bear he had killed.
"It's your kill, you eat first." Kaitlin held out a jagged knife and offered it to him. From the stress in her voice Togot could tell she was forcing herself to do this.
"Um...Kaitlin humans aren't supposed to eat raw meant."
Togot hoped that he hadn't offended her. He knew she had made a peace offering but he also knew he would get very sick if he did what she asked. Luckily for him she seemed amused.
"Yes I know, just take what you want and eat it latter. You may not be a werewolf but you did help out Parmock and kill this beast on your own so MourningKill felt you deserved the honor of eating first."
Togot placed his hand on the knife but he hesitated. MourningKill felt I deserved the honor? Togot looked Kaitlin in the eye.
"Do you think I deserve this...honor?"
Kaitlin arched an eyebrow but Togot did not waver. She broke eye contact and thought his question over. Finally she returned his gaze with that steel glair of hers.
"I don't mean to diminish your accomplishment, for a mere human to kill such a beast is impressive, but you are not one of us. And you never will be."
Kaitlin gave him the knife, stepped past him and waited for him to finish. Togot looked at the knife in his hand and made a decision.
"Bite me." His heart beat quickened, his hair stood up on end. He didn't want to lose his humanity but he had seen first hand how powerful werewolves were. And he didn't like being an outcast, he was committed, whatever happened, happened.
"What?" Kaitlin asked surprised.
"Bite me and make me a werewolf like you." Togot pleaded. At first Kaitlin only stared at him but then she smiled.
"Is that how you humans think it works?" She asked almost laughing. Togot didn't understand what was so funny. Every legend he had ever heard about werewolves said if one bit you than you became one yourself. Kaitlin decided to explain.
"Werewolves are born, not created from a bite. That idiotic legend probably got started because some human watched a werewolf bite another werewolf who was in human form. Honestly do you think a normal human would survive being attacked by one of us? We mate either with wolves, humans or each other. The resulting offspring have different characteristics depending on their parentage. For example Parmock's mother was a wolf, that's why she acts so...inhuman."
That was news to Togot. He knew she was different than the others but he didn't know neither of her parents were human. But it certainly did explain a lot. But there was something that didn't make sense.
"But why bother mating with humans and wolves if you can make children with each other?"
"Purebreds are very...volatile. Downright uncontrollable at times and will even attack their own pack mates, especially during a full moon as MourningKill learned." Kaitlin saw the quizzical look on Togot's face and decided she might as well tell him the whole story.
"As I told you once before when we are young we go through a trial in a small pack of our peers. Well MourningKill's pack had a purebred in it and during the trial she went berserk and turned on her pack mates. MourningKill was forced to kill her for the good of the pack...I can still remember her kneeling over Krea's body and crying."
"Ohh, mourn as in greave. I thought she was an early bird or something."
Kaitlin stared at Togot blankly for a moment and then laughed out loud. It was the first time he had ever heard her laugh. Togot smiled, it was nice to be getting along with her at long last. Now he just needed to work on BlackFire. He gripped the knife and went to work on his kill.
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