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A Beautiful Friendship

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The bond between Togot and Parmock grows stronger. The two go on a hunting trip and Togot is forced to visit WhiteEye yet again

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Parmock stared at Togot in stunned silence. Her mind unable to process what he had just told her. She had just revealed something that had been eating at her for weeks and he had known the whole time.
" knew?"
"Oh coarse I did." Togot smiled with amusement at the confused look on her face. It felt good to get the better of a werewolf.
"But how? When?"
"The moment I saw you after I was shot. There was no one else around and I can always tell when you are near me. I knew you were there the whole time."
"You must hate me, Togot I'm so sorry. I was being stupid and wanted to show off by shooting your water flask but the moment I let my arrow fly you stepped in the way. Please forgive me." Parmock lowered her head and looked as if she would cry. Togot realized she had been holding this in for awhile now.
"Don't worry about it I'm not angry with you. If you had wanted to hurt me you wouldn't have brought me to WhiteEye. And if you hated me you wouldn't have stayed by my side, I really appreciate it." Togot gave Parmock a warm smile and her eyes lit up with joy and relief.
Parmock jumped up and hugged Togot so hard that she lifted him off his feet. It was easy for Togot to forget how strong she was.
"Parmock, too tight, my ribs!" Togot gasped.
"Oh, sorry!" Parmock dropped Togot and they both laughed. The two of them would be inseparable from that day forward.
Two years pass by as Togot recovered with Parmock right by his side. In that time the two of them spared together in the field and MourningKill gave Togot more responsibilities. One day Togot was sent out on a hunting trip with Parmock.
As he walked to the gate he saw Parmock waiting for him holding a short metal rod of some kind. When she noticed him looking at it she smiled and held it out to him.
"What is it?" Togot looked it over but couldn't discern its use. Parmock took it back and pressed a switch that caused it to extend in both directions to a length of about five feet. Smiling she pushed another switch that caused two one foot long blades to come out of both ends.
"Like it? My mother passed it down to me." Parmock twirled the bladed staff and then retracted the blades and returned it to its small form. She placed it in some kind of holster on her hip and tossed Togot a short sword and sheath. Togot examined the blade and looped it around his shoulder so the blade rested across his back. He knew it was meant for his protection more than hunting.
Shortly after leaving, Parmock and Togot found a small heard grazing in a field. Parmock nodded to the opposite end of the clearing at a large fallen log and Togot knew that was where she would be waiting. Togot nodded and Parmock slipped away silently.
It was a simple plan, Togot would run out of hiding and scare the deer towards Parmock while she was waiting in ambush and she would leap out as a werewolf and catch one. They had done it many times before and Togot had gotten used to the sight of Parmock in the form of a ravenous beast ripping a deer's throat out.
Togot waited patiently for Parmock's signal. Just one wave of her hand and he would leap into action. He remembered the first time they had done this and Togot had seen her in her werewolf form. It was a terrifying sight to behold.
Suddenly Togot heard a scream of pain in Parmock's direction. He instantly leapt out and ran towards the scream so fast that he passed several of the deer as they attempted to flee.
As he rushed towards to fallen log he saw the head of a creature that he almost mistook for a werewolf. But its ears were too rounded and it's muzzle too short. Togot didn't know what it was and he didn't care, it was a threat.
Togot leapt over the log and towards the beast that he could now see was standing on two legs about eight feet tall. He attempted to clothesline the creature across the neck with his right arm but he might as well have struck a tree. The impact did more harm to Togot than the animal as he was put into a spin and tumbled to the ground.
Togot got back to his feet and saw Parmock with her ankle trapped at the base of the log. She appeared more surprised to see him than frightened of the large beast.
The creature turned its attention towards the boy and came down on all fours. Now Togot recognized the animal, it was some kind of enormous bear. Togot didn't know how this thing could best a werewolf and he didn't care, it had attacked Parmock and that made it his enemy.
Togot rushed towards the animal and threw a right hook as hard as he could. He struck the animal in the mouth with enough force to knock out one of its fangs and send it flying until it embedded itself into a nearby tree.
Despite all of Togot's training the attack still hurt his hand but it only appeared to anger the bear. It took one mighty swipe of its paw and sent Togot flying into a tree. Togot reached his right arm up and gripped his sword but as he unsheathed it and bear was upon him.
The animal bit down on his right shoulder. Togot tried to keep his grip on the blade but as the bear put pressure down he heard his bones crack and his fingers lost their strength. The sword dropped from his hand. The beast started to shake Togot back nd forth trying to tear out a chunk of his flesh. Togot tried to hold on with his left hand but the animal was too strong.
Togot reached down with his left hand, his fingers searching for the handle of his only hope. His finger tip touched the pummel but it was just out of reach. Togot reached inside himself and searched for the rage but he couldn't find it. There was only desperation, no anger to feed on. He summed up what human strength he had left and pushed the bear with everything he had. It wasn't much but it was just enough to let him grab the sword.
Togot placed the tip of the blade at an angle to the bear's throat and shoved it in. The sharp metal went through the animals flesh, nicked the bone and came out the side. When the animal tried to pull away from the pain Togot pulled down and the blade sliced through the animals wind pipe.
The creature made a strange pitiful sound and fell in a heap on the ground. Togot slowly got to his feet, he felt so weak that his legs were shaking, or perhaps that was the adrenalin. He dropped the blade and tenderly took hold of his crushed shoulder. His right arm hung limply at his side.
He walked over to Parmock who stared at him in stunned silence. He examined her ankle wedged between two branches. He summoned up what little strength he had left and loosened them enough for her to free herself. Her ankle was broken but she could still walk, the two carried each other back to the compound.
When they returned Parmock called for some one to come and take Togot to WhiteEye. Kaitlin carried the boy to the healer and set him on the bed. WhiteEye did not seem pleased to see him.
"Boy, I realize I'm an old witch and I do appreciate the company. But you have spent more time in my care since you came here than the rest of the Furies combined!"
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