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Learn to Fly - 15

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Sequel to Fly Away, Dance on the Milky Way. Over a year has passed, and Gerard is reunited with his daughter Gia. She has a lot to hide, and Gerard finds that she has grown up and changed.

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A/N: Sorry for the long wait :)

Chapter 15: Fire

For two awkwardly silent minutes he could contain the boiling anger he had running in his veins. Dr. Jones had left the two of them alone for a moment so they could talk, but there was really no talking going on.

Gia watched in horror as her father paced around the room, thinking of the various ways he could behead his firstborn daughter. Of course, he’d have to do it so he won’t get caught, so he could cage up his youngest daughter and prevent her from doing the same as her older sister. It was like every single cell in his body was a consented supernova of pure rage.

“Alright,” Gerard finally said. His tone of voice wasn’t enraged, in fact it was rather calm. But Gia knew better than to take comfort in this. There would be hell to pay. “I’ve considered the situation, and to sum it up… You’re pregnant. Ergo, you had s-“

Gia rolled her eyes when he stumbled over the word sex and was unable to spit it out.

He apparently gave up on trying to say that one forbidden word and turned to her, glaring at her as if she had just insulted his mother or something. “Just explain one thing to me. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!”

“It’s not like I –” Gia started, but she was instantly interrupted by Gerard, who only wanted to scream at her and make her realize how stupid she was.

“NO! You WEREN’T thinking! I mean what the fuck, did you think you could just do whatever you wanted and not deal with the consequences? You got PREGNANT! After I specifically told you not to! What the fuck even is that?! Don’t you care at all that by letting a guy get into your pants, you might potentially ruin your whole life?! You don’t want to end up like your mom! She fucking tried to kill herself because she was so depressed about having fucked up her own life, and now you want to go and do the same? I thought you were smarter than that!”

He breathed heavily as he ended his rant. Well, it was quite obvious to Gia that he was nowhere near done screaming at her, but for the sake of his own mental health and blood pressure, Gerard contained the yells and screams that were begging to come out. Even though he had fallen silent for the moment, Gia knew better than to interrupt him. The anger could come out as something completely different from words. He could get physical and even though she was in a hospital, they would not be able to bring her back alive once he’s done with her.

“Who was it? Was it Thomas? Did he –“

“No!” Gia instantly protested, shocked that he would even suggest something like that. “I know you think I'm some sort of a freak now but I wouldn't have sex with my stepdad!”

“I mean, did he… without you, consenting?” He had a mix of disgust and curiosity over his face. He was clearly dreading the answer.

Gia nearly felt pity towards him. He’d rather consider the possibility that she was raped than believe that she would willingly do something stupid to ruin the rest of her life. He believed in her too much. “He didn’t touch me like that,” she answered. “He might not be a good man but he isn’t that rotten.”

“Then who was it?!” Gerard demanded to know.

Knowing very well that there was the possibility that he might sprint out of the room the second he knows who the culprit is, find him, and kill him in the most brutal way imaginable after hours of painful torture, she still thought it better to be honest for once. “I think it was Sean,” she answered.

“You THINK it was Sean?!” Gerard shouted, letting out some of that healthy fatherly rage. His eyes nearly flying out from shock of that word. She THOUGHT it was Sean?

Gia mentally slapped herself. Bad choice of words. “I mean, it is Sean. Can’t be anybody else.” She was almost completely certain that it was Sean, so she wasn’t lying. Lucas happened only a few days ago, and to her knowledge she had only been sleeping with Sean and Lucas in the past few months.

Wanting to keep at least some of the warm feelings he had for his daughter, Gerard decided to ignore the possibility that there may have been others. Hell, Sean was bad enough as it is! The only silver lining was that at least it wasn't Lucas... Wait, no. Any guy was bad, no matter who it is.

“Do you realize that you could have gotten stuck with having a child with Sean?” Gerard asked, and that’s when the realization hit her.

Oh god.

Gia could hardly stand being around Sean for more than a day, but to have a child with him and wake up to see his stupid face for the rest of her life? In order to get rid of the disturbing thoughts, she changed the subject.

“The doctor told me that a powerful hit on the fetus can easily kill it,” Gia said. “I think it might’ve been…”


Gia nodded. Before Gerard had beaten the crap out of Thomas after he had seen him manhandle Gia, Thomas had delivered a pretty strong blow on her stomach. It must’ve been the reason. She wasn’t sure if she was now glad that Thomas had done that, or if it was still a bad thing. Could it be that the miscarriage was actually a blessing in disguise?

Obviously thinking that someone was being murdered, a nurse ran in to the room. And she did not look happy. It was a miracle how no one had come in before to yell at them.

"I know you’re having a very touching family moment but we do have other patients in this hospital,” the nurse snapped at them. “And Mr. Way, we don't need you inflicting any more stress on your daughter. She is having an operation done soon. You keep this up and I will personally kick you out of this hospital.”

After the nurse had left, Gerard looked back at his clearly ashamed daughter.

His worst nightmare was that she would turn out like he and her mother had. What he hadn’t realized was that his imprisoning her, stripping her from all the freedom, he was actually just making matters worse. It was his fault that having sex and god knows what else, was a forbidden fruit for her, something that she grasped on to when given the chance.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a quiet voice, looking down in shame. She had never intended or expected something like this to happen. Consequences had seemed distant, she had known they were there, waiting for her, but this was the moment when she realized exactly how stupid she had acted.

Yet, to her shock, her father simply shook his head and said: “No, I’m sorry.”

She had no clue what he meant, he wasn’t the one who had acted like the consequences didn’t matter, he wasn’t the one who had nearly ruined his whole life in search of a small slice of pleasure and freedom. Surely he had nothing to apologize for, and therefore Gia didn’t know what to forgive him for.

He left her, leaving the room which had suddenly become unbearable to be in.
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