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And with that, she died

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The door shook harder until the whole building was trembling.

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“Okay, let me get this straight. You're a fallen angel?” Steve looked up at Andy. The two of us nodded. “And you need a place to stay and a guardian?” another nod. “Why does it have to be me?” he looked at me now, his eyes pleading.

“Because you love me enough to do this.” I sat next to him. “Look, it'll be easy. I've already got him all the things he needs to be human again. All you gotta do is play big brother. Or daddy or whatever you wanna do. I think brother would be more believable. You're too young to have a sixteen year old.”

He laughed for a second. “Are there other fallen angels?” he asked of me. I shrugged.

“I don't know. Not with me, at least.” I looked at Andy, who sank to the floor, crossing his legs.

“Well, about three angels fall a year. If a baby is being born in the same location, the angel will be the baby's new soul. Then they lose all their memories and powers, if they had any. So I got lucky in more than one way by landing here. But, yes, there are more angels here like me.” he crossed his arms. “I wonder where they are.......” he looked at the red tiled floor.

“Okay, back to the point. Will you do it, Stevie?” I knew the look he was giving me. It was the same look he'd given me when my sister died. Strained yet hopeful.

“Sure.” he sighed. “But if I get any demons on my ass for this, he's gone.” his words struck a slight cord in me.

“Andy, you said you were part of the holy army, right?” he looked up at me and nodded. “Well, do any demon have any reason to come after you?”

“No. I haven't fought in anything. But if they do, I can take care of them. I just gotta practice a bit.” he frowned and glanced at the thick glass door.

As I watched, it started to shake. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Andy smirk. The door shook harder until the whole building was trembling.

“Andy?” the shaking stopped. “Was that you or a semi?” he looked at me and smiled.

“Me. If I wanted, the building would be rubble at the moment.” his brow furrowed. “I'm actually a lot weaker now. Is there away where around here where something can be destroyed and nobody would notice?”

I thought for a moment. “There's a lot of forest around here. If we go deep enough in, you could set off a bomb and nobody would hear it.” I said after a moment.

Andy laughed. “That's pretty much what it's like.” he looked out the door. “Something bad is about to happen.” he stood and pulled his wings into his back. The door to the shop opened, the bell going off quietly.

Steve's brother, Morgan, walked in. “Hey, Destiny. I didn't know you were here.” he pulled me into a quick hug. “Um, Steve, I gotta tell you something.” he looked at him.

“What?” Steve seemed to tense himself. He looked at Andy quickly. “Can you go outside, please?” he said softly. I stood and took Andy's hand.

“Come on. We'll be right out here.” I pulled him out into the cool, dark night and sat against the wall. “Do you know what Morgan's here for?” I whispered to him.

“No. I just know he has bad news.” his face was pale. “Very bad news.” I squeezed his hand. People passed us, gawking down at us.

“Keep walking.” I hissed to a group of girls as they stopped to stare on the sidewalk. They skittered away quickly.

“NO!!” I jumped at the sudden yell in the shop. Something crashed as I lurched to my feet, pulling Andy.

I almost tore the door off it's hinges with the speed I opened it. Steve stood, panting, in Morgan's extended arms. “What happened?” I shouted, looking at the broken sink. There was a chair about a foot away from the showering water. “Ah, hell!” I ran over and started to clog the pipe. “Andy, help!” water soaked me through.

We got the pipe to stop spurting water and looked at the brothers. “Morgan, think you can catch me up? Andy, stay here with Steve.” I pulled Morgan to the back of the shop and halfway up the stairs that led to Steve's apartment. “What happened?”

He sighed and wiped his hand over his forehead. “Stella died, Destiny.” he choked.

“What?” I said blankly. He nodded.

My eyes stung. Stella, their sister, was also one of my best friends. “How?” I said through clenched teeth. My hands were shaking with rage.

“She had a seizure and slipped into cardiac arrest.” he said, a sob breaking in his chest. I pulled him back into the shop. Steve was on the floor in Andy's arms, crying.

I walked stiffly over to them. Once there, I fell to me knees and hugged them both, my tears finally falling. Morgan's arms wound tightly around my shoulders and Steve's.

Andy was looking at me, confusion in his blue eyes. The door opened, the bell ringing softly. I looked up and stared at the shocked girl. “Is this a bad time?” she looked at us.

“No,” Steve murmured, getting out of our arms and standing. “How can I help you?” he wiped his eyes. I wiped mine and smiled.

“Well, I made an appointment with Steve yesterday.....” she looked at Andy and Morgan, who were raising unsteadily to their feet. “But I can come back tomorrow.”

“No, you're fine. Lisa, right?” she nodded. “I'm Steve.” he said strongly, holding his hand out to her.

I stood. “I can ink her if you want.” I said quietly. The girl looked at me closely. “Hi. I'm Destiny.“ I offered my hand.

Steve smiled as she took it. “Destiny here is my prize artist.” he pulled out my works book. “She did all of these.” he handed it to Lisa.

She flipped through it and sat down, looking at all the inks I've done in this shop. “Wow.” she breathed, flipping to my best work at the back of the book.

I looked over her shoulder and saw my favorite one. The dragon I put on this guy's back. After that, we actually became friends.

That took three, three hour appointments to finish that tattoo. The guy was pretty cool though. Didn't mind handing over about a thousand dollars for it, either.

He said it was the best tat he'd ever gotten. To prove a point, he came back to show me all of his other tattoos and he was right. The others paled in comparison to my dragon.

Lisa was gaping at it like it was gonna come off the page and kill her. “You like my work?” I asked softly, making her jump.

The book flew out of her hands. Andy caught it before it fell into the water. “Hey, you three clean that up while I take Steve's appointment.” I said to them.

I smiled at Lisa, who blushed. “This way. What did you want today?” I started setting up my old station.

“I actually have a sketch of what I want.” she opened her bag and pulled it out of her wallet. I looked over the little sketch.

It was well done, to say the least. The little pixie's wings were ripped up, the light dress dotted with blood. “And you want it where?”

“On my ankle and a bit bigger.” she said, more confident. I nodded.

“Okay. Watch the three stooges while I sketch it up for ya.” I sat her on the long cushioned table at me station and made quick work of sketching up the bigger pixie.

“How's this?” I asked as I held it up for her. She beamed.

“Perfect!” she looked like she was about to piss herself.

“Okay, role up your pant leg so I can put it on, silly.” I fell into my old position easily. “That good?” I asked as I held the mirror for her to see it. She nodded. “Okay. Let's get started then. Hey Steve, mind if I borrow your machine?” I looked at him. He nodded and pulled out his phone. “Callin a plumber?” he blushed and nodded again.

I rolled my eyes and sifted through his station. When I'd left, I'd given him my machine. I hadn't know he'd kept it. “Never mind. I found mine.”

The little cups of ink lined the desk of my station. Andy drifted over to watch me. “Hi, I'm Andy.” he smiled at Lisa.

She jumped as I started outlining the basic line of the sketch with the black inked needle head. “First tattoo, huh?” I asked, a small smile on my lips.

“How can you tell?” she asked shakily. I laughed quietly.

“I've done this enough to know when a girl get her first tattoo.” I said, deathly focused of the initial sketch that rested against her thigh. I wiped gently at her skin with the paper towel every few seconds.

Once the outlining was done, I started to shade in the tattered wings with a new white inked needle head. She watched my face closely. I wiped at the excess ink again with a clean towel.

Once the wings were nice and scary, I switched to a new needle head and dipped it into the lavender ink. Her eyes didn't move from my face until I was done, wiping the last of the ink from her skin and rubbing the balm over it gently.

“You're done.” I smiled at her as I took off the gloves and cleaned up my station. “See.” I held the mirror for her to see it.

She gasped and bent her leg in an awkward angle so she could see it with her own eyes. Andy gasped as he saw it, too. Steve patted my shoulder out of nowhere. “Told ya she was good.”

I smiled at him and wrapped up her ankle, pulling her pant leg gently back down for her. Short as she was, I helped her off the table, too. “Um, I was wondering........” she bit her lip and looked down.

“Yeah? Here, I'll take that.” she pulled out the money and handed it to Steve. He took it and went over to his counter.

“Would you like to go out with me?” she said quickly. I expected her to be looking at Andy. So, I was shocked to see her soft brown eyes on mine.

“Oh!” I squirmed around a bit. “I'm kinda taken already. Sorry.” Her face fell. In the mirror behind her, I saw Andy's face fall as well.

“Well, now I just feel stupid.” she muttered under her breath.

“Nah, you're fine!” I threw my arm around her shoulders and walked her to the door. “Tell ya what, we can hang out.” I pulled my phone out of my soaked pocket and we shared numbers.

Her face was bright red as I hugged her. “Later, Lisa!” I called after her as I shut the door. Morgan and Steve both had stupid grins of their faces. “What?”

“So, you have a girlfriend already?” Steve grabbed one of my hands.

“Or a boyfriend.” Morgan grabbed the other.

“And she didn't tell us?” they said together. Oh, shit! They pulled me closer to the stairs.

“Not exactly,” I dug my heels into the now clean tiles. “I don't really know.” I leaned away, shifting my center of gravity to make it harder for them to pull me.

“She doesn't know.” Morgan said tauntingly.

“Yet she turned down a date with a hot girl?” Steve said in the same tone, both of them pulling me harder.

“She must really like whoever she's with.” they shared a dark grin and released my hands. Before I could fall, I adjusted my center of gravity again and moved away from them.

They followed me, pressing me into the wall and caging me in. “Who do you like?”

“Yeah, who do you like?” they prodded me for an answer.

Cause I'm totally gonna tell them with him sitting right there? Yeah right! But, they're really not giving me a chance here.

“Andy.” I whispered. They pulled away and looked at him.

“Really?” Steve asked. I nodded. They broke into laughter.

“Shut up!” I shouted. “I'm gonna go get his stuff out of my car. Come on Andy,” we walked to where I'd parked my mom's second car she lets me use after school and weekends. I hated parking at the mall, so I'd parked on a city street.

“So, who do you like?” he asked as we slid into the front seats. Though I'm only sixteen, I already have my license and am a legal driver.

I drove back to the shop and parked around back. He was looking at me, still waiting for my answer. I shut the car off and got out. “You're not gonna tell me?” he asked sadly.

“Fine, I'll tell you.” I sighed. I took a deep breath and looked at him. “I like you.”

He stared at me, his red mouth falling open slightly. I shifted on my feet, glancing at the back door.

Warm hands found my shoulders. I looked up. His soft red lips met mine. My heart exploded inside my chest, my brain melting into a rainbow of joyful mental screaming.

And chapter three! Only took 2 hours to write, cause I'm just ninja like that. Finished Ouran Host club last night, as well. Not to mention some other stuff happened and we're lucky I'm even still alive to be writing for all of you!

But that's beside the point. R+R, my dears! For the love of ANDY SIXX, R+R!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and Chili,
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