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Dark, dark memories

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It's not all it's cut up to be......

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He pulled away after a moment, leaving my lips tingling. “Well,” I sighed once my brain was reattached to my mouth.

“Yeah.” he murmured, pulling me into a hug. “Remember when you found me yesterday and I laughed when you told me your name?” I nodded into his chest. “It's because I knew you were my destiny.”

“What do you mean?” I looked up into his blue eyes. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“That, even though I fell, God had a hand in putting me here. He put me here for you. And, all knowing that he is, he probably knew I was going to fall and put you here for me, as well. Does that make sense?” he laughed softly, looking at me for an answer.

“Not even a little. But, I don't care.” I tightened my arms around his back slightly. He put his hands on my waist.

We stood there for who knows how long. Somewhere far off, a wolf howled. I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds clearing a bit, letting the yellowish light of the full moon out.

I waited until it was done howling to say something. “It's bad luck to talk when a wolf howls. And when a grandfather clock chimes on the hour.” I told him softly.

“Really? How do you know all this?” I shrugged.

“Just stuff I kinda pick up as I go. My head's pretty much a steal trap with a sponge brain. How do ya think I was a tattoo artist at thirteen? And better than Steve?” I laughed and opened the doors.

We grabbed all his bags and shut the doors, locking them. I headed to the back door of the shop and turned around, kicking it with the heel of my boot.

A second later, Morgan opened it. “Hey Destiny. Hey Angel.” he said harshly. The bags fell out of Andy's arms.

“Shh!” I pushed him in and sat the bags on the floor. “It's okay,” I told Andy as I helped him pick up the bags he'd dropped.

“Did Steve tell him?” he asked quietly. I nodded and pulled him inside, shutting the door.

“Yeah, probably. We're family, though. They won't tell anybody. I'd kill them and they know it.” he stared at me as I gathered up the rest of the bags.

Steve and Morgan were shutting the shop down for the day. “So, I've been thinking.” Steve looked at me.

“Yeah?” I stopped on my way to the stairs.

“He can stay with me in the spare room. If......” he looked at Morgan, who nodded.

“If?” I set the bags down and walked over to them.

“If you come back.” they said together. I gaped at Steve, who just smiled back.

I sighed, “Fine. When do you want me to start?” I crossed my arms over my chest. They blinked at me.

“Wow, you gave in fast. No questions or anything!” Steve threw his arm around my shoulders. “See, if he's gonna stay here, I can't spend all my time keeping him out of trouble, you know? And after all, he's your angel, not mine.”

“So this is the lost puppy thing? You keep him so mom doesn't get mad as long as I come over and take care of him?” I looked at him, my eyes hard.

He laughed. “Pretty much. But this time it's a fallen angel, and if you were to take him home, I'm pretty sure mom would murder you with a cucumber.” I looked at Andy, my eyes dropping their stony cut.

“Fine. As long as he's safe, I'll come back.” I sighed. “Mom's gonna kill me.” he patted my shoulder.

“No she won't. If I tell mom I really need you back, she won't mind. We're family, after all.” I looked at him and over to Morgan, who was looking at Andy with questioning eyes.

“Okay. Well, we're gonna take his stuff up to his room.” I shook off his arm and walked back to Andy, picking up the bags I'd sat down. “Come on, Andy.”

“Leave the door open, you two!” Steve yelled after us. I rolled my eyes as we came to the top of the stairs and turned into the short hall.

“That's Steve's room.” I nodded to the black door. “That's the bathroom.” I pointed across the living room. “And this is your room.” I opened the door into Steve's guest room.

I used to stay here in the Summer when I had work the next day, so it was all made up, the bed made with pillows, hangers in the closet and a laundry basket in the corner next to the dresser with the mirror on the wall over it. The smell of apples drifted faintly in the air as I sat the bags on the bed.

“I've always loved this room.” I said, looking around at the black walls with the neon green vines climbing the walls. When Steve had first moved in, all the rooms had been white.

It took us four months to get the whole thing painted, the red carpet laid out and the shop ready downstairs. This was my favorite room.

We dumped the bag out onto the black duvet and started to hang up his clothes. Do to me being a sixteen year old girl, my mom had given me a credit card. It was mostly an apology for her high-paying job keeping her away most of my life.

Which worked with me. We started putting his book bag together, opening paper and putting it into a binder. Mechanical pencils, sharpies, highlighters, erasers, and other little things littered the floor as we tried to get it all in his bag. “Thank you.” he said as we opened a pack of pens and put three into a pocket.

“Hmm? For what?” I looked up at him. He was playing with a pen, his eyes on mine.

“For everything. Helping me with all this human stuff.” he waved around the room. I smiled and leaned forward, kissing him quickly.

“It's nothing.” I smiled wider. “And I'm shocked you can even be kissing me with your lip all sore.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Ah, it doesn't really hurt anymore.” he smiled at me. “I have to thank Steve for doing this for me, too.” he started to get up. I grabbed his hand.

“Don't.” I smiled at him as he sat back. “His head's already big enough.” we laughed quietly. “I wish we'd done this on a better day, though.” he sighed.

“What do you mean?” he looked at me, his eyes glistening with tears. “Oh, Stella.” my eyes stung again. “We knew this was going to happen for about three years now. She had a hole in her heart when she was born. And the medicine they gave her after the surgery affected her motor skills every now and then. She'd stop breathing, or have seizures, or her legs would stop working......”

I frowned at the memory. “So we've been ready for this day for a while. She even wrote up a will.” tears dripped slowly off of my eyelashes and landed on my jeans. “Sorry.” I wiped at them and got back to work.

“Hey,” his hand lifted my face up. I looked into his eyes and felt myself breaking down. He pulled me into his arms again and rested his head on top of mine.

I refused to cry. So, I just held him tight and tried to control my breathing. “The funeral is going to suck though. If you come, you'll have to be my guest. Cause if Steve tries to introduce you as his brother to his family.....well, you see how stupid that would be.”

Now that I was back, I could talk about this easily. “But then my mom would want to talk to you. If she can even come.” I shook my head and pulled out of his arms, standing on my numb legs awkwardly.

He stood next to me, his face worried. “Des, I can feel it. You're hurt.” he murmured quietly. I shook my head.

“I'm fine, Andy. Not a scratch on me.” I held my arms out, rolling up my sleeves so he could see my skin. He pushed me to sit on the bed.

“Not hurt like that. Your heart is hurt.” I stared at him, shocked into silence. “Come here.” he pulled me with him as he laid back. “Trust me.” he whispered to me.

I nodded, though it wasn't a question. His arms tightened around my waist a little.

My head felt light. I felt my hands grab onto his shirt as I tried to keep breathing. “Andy?” I asked, a little scared.

“Shh....” he breathed, his voice soft. The room started to spin around us. Or that's what it felt like. I was gasping for air now. “Relax. Close your eyes.” his voice drifted to my ringing ears.

I closed my eyes, trying to relax. “There.” he whispered. “Open your eyes, Des.” his voice was right in my ear.

Still dizzy, I opened my eyes slowly. We were outside my house. In the middle of the yard at night.

A swing set was in between two trees, two bikes leaning on it. “Wait, I remember this........” my hand tightened on Andy's as we stood in the grass, watching. “I don't want to be here.” I said quickly.

“Sorry. It's a power most of the army has. We can take a human into their memories, but only in an outside plane. You can't choose what you want to see and you can't stop what you do.” he murmured softly, putting his arms around my waist and standing behind me.

I bit my lip as the two girls ran out of the house through the front door. It was me and Jasmine. We had a big bowl with handles, one hand on each side.

The bowl! I haven't seen that since her funeral. We sat under a huge oak tree and started pulling things out of it.

Our grandmother had taught us about the magic nature had to offer us. And, being young and excited, we went out every crescent moon to do spells while our mom was asleep.

That was back when Asshole was still with us. We waved at the cloudy sky. The clouds were blown away by a strong gust of wind.

Andy's arms tightened around me. “What were you doing?” he asked softly.

“Shh....” I murmured, putting a hand over his mouth. Jasmine had stood, a thick branch in her hand.

“Where are the matches?” I asked from the ground, digging in the stone bowl. “I can't find them.”

“I have them,” she took them out of her pocket. She tossed me the book of matches and started breaking the branch over her knee. “Here.” she handed me the small broken pieces.

I put them in the bowl and stood, wiping the knees of my jeans off. Another gust of wind blew more clouds in front of the moon, leaving us in the dark.

A small flicker of flame sparked, lighting up our faces. We smiled as I tossed it into the bowl. The dry wood from the branch caught quickly and burned in the bowl. “Really, what are you doing?” he asked as we watched ten year old me pick up a small bowl and throw something into the fire, turning it blue.

That was salt, then. Jasmine threw in a cinnamon stick, turning the fire a purple. Being careful, we moved it further into the grass before the last thing. We both took a handful of sage and lavender and dropped it into the fire, causing it to shoot up into the air, higher than both our heads.

Andy gasped. “You were doing a spell?!” he shouted, scared. I nodded and looked at him.

“I'm half Sioux. We did spells all the time.” I looked back to the fire. It was lowering a little.

Jasmine and I raised our arms, ready to do the dumbest thing ever. “We call to the power of Mother Nature! Send to us our soul's true beings!” I bit my lip as the fire turned a lighter purple then faded back to red.

A moment later, a fox trotted out of the woods and up to me. It looked right at me and sat at my feet. I gasped and fell to my knees, petting it. “I'm a fox, Jas!” I pet the fox carefully.

“That's great. I wonder where mine is?” she looked around. Her eyes widened as they fell on us. Time seemed to freeze as I looked into her green eyes. They matched mine, in color and shape. Her black hair blew in the wind as she stared at us.

“Can she see us?” I asked Andy quickly.

“No. she shouldn't be able to.” I gasped as something touched my leg. A huge black bear went over to Jasmine.

She stared at it, her eyes even bigger now. My fox got up and moved to stand in front of her, taking a protective stance. The bear stood and swiped at the fox.

“No!” Jasmine yelled, her voice echoing mine as I threw my arm out to stop the bear. My hand flew to my arm as I remembered the pain as the claws ripped my skin away.

Jasmine raised her hands at the bear as she placed herself between it and me. It swiped at her, getting her in her stomach. “Jas!” I sobbed, trying to get up with one arm.

As the bear stood again, my fox darted out and bit down on it's throat. I crawled over to Jas as the two of them fought. “Jas!” I cried as our blood mixed in the grass and dirt.

Her stomach and midsection was completely ripped open, bleeding freely. I touched her face, looking down at my own arm.

I could see the pinkish white of my blood covered bone. The door flew open as the bear fell to the ground.

With a hasty toss, I threw dirt into the bowl, snuffing the fire out. My fox moved to lay beside Jas, their heads touching.

Asshole was holding a gun, aiming it at my fox. “No!” I raised my good hand, moving in front of my fox. “It killed the bear!” I pointed to the bear on the ground. “Shoot the bear to be sure it's dead!”

He shifted the shotgun at the bear and unloaded six rounds into it, sending fur and blood raining. Mom came running out, landing on her knees by us.

“What happened?” she looked at me, her hands shaking as she called an ambulance. “Hello? My daughters have been attacked by a bear! Send an ambulance to 593 Rookford drive!” she hung up and moved her arms to Jasmine's stomach. “Oh, God!”

Jasmine looked at me. “Not a bear.” she said softly to me. “A deer.” she smiled as the deer came slowly into the yard and over to us.

It nuzzled at her head softly. She lifted her hand to pet it, leaving blood on it's light brown fur. Tears fell from my eyes rapidly as her hand fell and her eyes closed. “I love you, Destiny.” she whispered.

“I love you, too.” it came from both my mouths. She smiled at me and sighed. Then, she didn't move again.

I looked at Andy as the flashing lights came. “Take me back.” tears were dripping from my eyes again. He nodded and hugged me to him.

Slowly, I got dizzy and lightheaded again. I forced myself to relax through it. “We're back.” I opened my eyes and looked around.

We were back on the bed in the vine room. I buried my face in his chest and cried. Not even noticing Morgan and Stevie at the door.

“Hey! What'd you do to her?” they ran in and started to pull me away from him. I clung and turned to scream at them.

“He didn't do anything!! What just cause I'm bi doesn't mean I can't fuckin cry?!” they let go of me quickly and backed up. I glared a second longer then returned my face to Andy's chest.

His hands rubbed my back, trying to comfort me. God, how did I get you? You're too nice, too perfect for me.

I'm a broken little piece of shit and you're a angel sent to Earth. Literally. “You're perfect.” he growled in my ear. I looked up at him, my tears stopping slightly.

He kissed me shortly and kept whispering in my ear. “You're so perfect. I'm the one who doesn't deserve you. You're so strong, so brave.....”

After a while, I was finally all cried out. I lay in his arms a little longer. My phone went off in my pocket, making us both jump.

I pulled it out and unlocked it. WHERE ARE YOU? It was from mom.






I locked my phone again and sighed. “What's wrong?” Andy asked quietly. I looked at the time. It was only eleven.

“Nothing.” I sat up, pushing my hair back. “Come with me.” I stood, waiting for him. We went to the living room. Morgan were on the couch, a laptop between them and both had their phone out. “Steve.” I said strongly.

He looked up. “Yeah?” he saw my set face.

“I want you to ink me. Now.” His eyes bugged. Andy was gaping at me. Morgan was just staring.

I know, this one is dark. And I know what you're thinking. Wow, how'd you come up with this, Lala? Well, it's not like I've ever been mauled by a bear, but I have seen someone get mauled by one.

Its actually pretty cool, if they don't die, that is. You're also probably wondering about why I detail the gore as much as I do.

Well, my dears, that's simple. I enjoy things like blood and reading about flesh getting shredded on the bone and disembowelments via bear paw. So, if ya don't like it, too bad!

Hugs and Blenders,
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