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Bleedin' Black

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He handed me the mirror again. I looked at it now. Tears stung my eyes.......PS-Shirtless scene!

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Steve stood slowly, his eyes nearly popping out of his head. “Why?” I stood strong.

“Because of everything that's happened as of late. That, and I can if I want to.” I held my stance. “Just agree before I wuss out of it, Stevie.” my voice shook slightly.

“O-okay. Like, right now? In here?” I nodded. “Okay. Morgan, go get my stuff from down stairs, then.” Morgan headed down the stairs slowly. “Where and what?”

“Paper. I need paper and a pencil.” he crossed the room to the desk he used to hold random shit like keys and whatever.

“Here.” he pulled out a sketch book and a black #2 pencil. He handed it to me as I walked over to him.

I put the pencil to the paper and came out with the image that was slamming around in my head. Steve watched over my shoulder as I sketched fiercely at the paper.

When I was done, I handed it to him. “I want it all in black and white with shading over my shoulders for now. If I want, we'll add to it later on.” I started to take my shirt off.

“Whoa!” Steve threw his hands to my hands, stopping me. “Nonono NO!” he shook his head.

“What? It's not like I care. You've all seen me in a bikini. Well, Andy hasn't yet.” I looked over at him. His face was bright red.

“I don't care, young lady. You're not taking your shirt off in front of him!” I sighed and shook his hands off of mine.

I tugged my shirt over my head, shaking out my hair. Steve sighed and crossed his arms. “You're so difficult.” I smiled at him and sat in the computer chair backwards by the stairs.

“And now she's shirtless!” Morgan smiled at me as he came to the top, a black box in his arms. He set it on the couch and rolled me over to it.

“Who on which, now?” Steve meant which headstones on which shoulder.

“Jas on the left and Stella on the right.” I said, tensing my left arm, making the scar turn a darker red.

“Okay. And if Mom tries to kill me, I'm gonna kill you.” he murmured as he cleaned off my shoulders with the disinfectant.

I pulled out my phone and texted Mom quickly.








“She doesn't care.” I told Steve, holding as still as I could as he placed the two on my back. He gave me a hand mirror and held one so I could see it. “Perfect.” I smiled at him.

“You're pretty fuckin crazy, ya know? This is the latest I've done a tattoo in years! Since I was partying and everyone wanted freebies.” he shook his head. “Ready?”

I nodded as he started up his machine. The familiar buzz made me smile as it dug into my flesh. I tried to not moan as he moved it around, the pain making me feel just....well, amazing.

Pain was a turn-on for me, so sue me! I bit my lip as he moved to unbroken flesh and dug into it, dabbing the black stained blood with a towel.

It was even worse when he put his hand on my back, hitting one of my tickle spots. “M-move your hand before I laugh!” he moved it quickly, hearing the tremble in my voice as I held back a laugh.

“Tickle spot?” I nodded quickly, making him laugh. His fingers pulled the back of my bra down slightly where it had risen a bit.

I turned my head and looked at Andy, who was watching me with rapt eyes. If he could feel my pain before, could he feel what the pain was doing to me now? God, how embarrassing!

Morgan was moving around in the small kitchen, making food. I smelled ramen in the air as he opened about four of five little bags of it and threw them into a big pot.

“Hey, is that chicken flav-MMM!” I clenched my teeth as Steve started shading. The crawling ache was so good!

“Sorry.” Steve murmured behind me. “Want me to stop?” I shook my head and he continued shading Stella's stone.

I looked at Andy again as I bit my cheek. His whole face was red as his icy eyes met mine. A coy smile crossed my lips and I relaxed against the chair. Steve laughed again behind me and moved to my other shoulder, working on Jas's stone now.

“Wow, you're going pretty fast. You're not jacking me up, are you?” I turned my head carefully to look at him over my shoulder.

“Course not! After all the time's you've watched me work, you still worry about me doing a shit job?” he scoffed, making me giggle.

“True, so true.” I smiled at him quickly before my neck started to get sore. “Oh, I'm staying the night, by the way.” I said softly.

“And where are you gonna be sleeping?” Steve's voice was hard.

“With Andy in his room. Duh.” I stated.

“Oh hell no!” Morgan and Steve shouted at the same time.

“That's what you said about me taking my shirt off, and look where it is now. Over on the table.” I smiled in triumph as they seemed to drop it. “Besides, it's not like we're gonna do anything. He just got his junk back yesterday and I don't wanna end up on Sixteen and Pregnant.”

If I thought his face was red before, he just went from tomato to cherry red. I laughed softly and took his hand. “Whoa, wait. You didn't have your junk?” Morgan came to sit on the couch. “Oh, the ramen is ready. So, you didn't have anything?” I squeezed Andy's hand as Steve wiped at my whole back a little roughly, rubbing the balm over my shoulders.

“Jez, could you have rubbed any harder?” he handed me the mirror again. I looked at it now. Tears stung my eyes.

The two headstones were perfect. They looked real. Well, at least Jas's did. I haven't seen Stella's yet.

Mostly because it hasn't been made yet. The twin headstones sat perfectly on my pale back right on my shoulder blades. “T-tape me up so I can hung you.” I choked.

He wrapped my back in the white gaze and plastic. I stood quickly and turned, hugging him tightly.

His arms moved to my waist so he wouldn't hurt me. I pulled away and headed to the kitchen.

“You're not gonna put your shirt back on?” Steve asked, cleaning up. I looked at him as I scooped noodles into two bowls, grabbing a fork and chopsticks.

“Nah.” I shook my head. “Not yet, at least.” I shrugged, flinching at the small pain in my arms.

I carried the bowls carefully over to the couch and sat next to Andy. Morgan was still asking him about “Morgan, go get food.” I handed Andy the bowl with the fork. “Careful. It's still hot.”

He watched as I picked up some with my chopsticks and blew on it. I artfully stuck it into my mouth and, much like Naruto, pulled it into my mouth without spilling any on my boobs. “Wow.” he picked some up with his fork and blew on it.

“I'll teach you how to use chopsticks soon. After you master basic utensils. You seem to be doing fine with the fork.” I pointed at it with my chopsticks. I took another bite.

It was cool enough so I didn't have to blow on it by now. Morgan plopped back nest to him, a bowl and chopsticks in his hands. “Oh, this should be good.” I stared at him as he tried to pick up noodles.

They slipped between the wooden sticks and back into the bowl. I laughed. Andy stared at me.

I picked some up and moved the sticks to his red mouth. “Open.” I put the sticks between his lips as he took the noodles off. I slipped them out as he chewed slowly.

“Oh wow that was weird!” he laughed and took another bite of his.

“Well, we all love Chinese food in this room. That's a little hint for your first date. Take her to a sushi bar.” Morgan stage whispered to Andy.

I threw a noodle at him, getting it in his hair. He got it out and threw it back. It flew right into my boobs and slid into my bra. “Oh great.” I set my bowl down and started digging around in my bra to get it.

When I finally got it, I threw it back at him, going for his bowl. “EW!” he moved it out of the way.

“Okay, okay! That's enough, you two!” Steve laughed as he came back up the stairs. Morgan picked the noodle up out of his crotch and threw it on the table. “Oh, because it totally goes there.” Steve sighed.

We were back in the family mode. Morgan and I were the younger siblings and Steve was our big brother who tried to keep the sanity. The only difference was instead of Steve's crazy druggie friend, Superman, Andy was sitting beside me.

That, and now Stella was on my back, not on the back of the couch behind me anymore. I sighed and picked my bowl up, staring into it. A wolf howled far off and all of us held still.

The moon was high in the sky. We turned the lights off and headed out onto the small balcony with our food.

I barely reacted to the cold air on my bare skin. It felt nice. After the heat from the machine and the swelling from the broken skin, this was nice.

My eyes locked on the moon for a long moment before I tipped my bowl and downed the small noodles and broth. Steve took the bowl from my hands and walked inside.

I didn't notice Morgan had gone back in already. Andy's arms wound around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder lightly, carefully. “Andy, I got a tattoo, not a back surgery. I'm not a little glass doll.”

“Mmm.....I noticed.” he kissed my skin, raising goosebumps on the pale surface. “You cold?” he asked softly.

“No. That wasn't because of the cold.” I turned in his arms slightly to smile at him. He smiled back.

“I like chopsticks. They're different.” he kissed my nose. I laughed and poked his chest.

“Just be sure that if you eat a lot of ramen you have to work it off. That shit will make you fat.” I turned and put my arms around his waist. “Than I wouldn't be able to do this.” I locked my hands together behind his back.

He leaned down and touched his lips to mine, his hands moving down my back. I smiled and leaned up, attaching my lips to his.

I laughed as something hit me hard in my mind. “What?” he whispered against my neck.

“I just realized something. We both got invaded by needles today.” he thought over it and laughed.

“Well, actually, you got yours was done after midnight. But, I guess because it was started before midnight.....” he trailed off, kissing me again.

“Now all we gotta do is get me pierced and you inked at the same time and we'll be even.” I smiled at him and pulled him back inside.

“Wait, what?” he looked down at me.

And, here it is, chapter five, my little ones! ~presents it like the final meal in prison~ Read to your tiny heart's content! ~throws it at you and runs away~

Hugs and Junk,
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