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chapter seven

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“I`ll see ya then, Frankie.” And he leans away, breaking the spell.

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Frank`s pov
We both stare at the large, widescreen television for a while in silence, occasionally glancing over at each other form under our hair or out of the corner of our eyes. The moving images on the screen were nothing but blurred, moving shapes to me, in other words I was unable to concentrate on one of the best films ever made due to a certain red head sitting next to me.
“So…do you want some snacks?” I ask trying to break the unusual, very uncomfortable silence between us. It was odd, something was not quite right. with me and Gerard in the same room, it was never normally quiet. We always had something to say to each other. And even on the extremely rare occasion when we didn`t, our silences were always comfortable ones.
He looks p at me with his perfect hazel green eyes and a wide smile that nearly makes my poor little knees melt into little disgusting puddles at his feet.
“Nah, I’m good thanks. I love this move, haven’t seen it in ages.”
The rest of the film is watched in silence, I cringe mentally at the end when Jack and Sally kiss, shamefully imagining that it was me and my best friend.
“So…what do you want to do now, huh?” Gerard asks me, turning to face me, his stunning, unique and intelligent eyes locking with mine for an incredibly long time, neither one of us blinking.
“Erm we could watch another film or something. I dunno.” Wow I was lame. No wonder no one wanted to go out with me. I was stupid and childish. Even if Gerard was miraculously gay, he would never even consider even looking at a pathetic little elf like me twice.
Gerard glances at the clock on his brand new Phone and groans loudly, getting to his converse clad feet slowly.
“Is everything alright?”
He nods. “Yeah, I just didn`t realise the time. I`d better get going. Mikey said he`d be back for seven and that he was coming round to mine for a little brotherly chat.” He says the last part rather sceptically as he grabs his jacket from where he had lazily slung it over the arm of the sofa.
“I`ll walk you out.” I tell him, hoping that it didn`t sound as stupid and awkward out loud as it did in my messed up head. Gerard gives me an odd look but says nothing and follows me out into the dark hallway.
“I`ll see you tomorrow for rehearsals, yeah?” I double check with him, my heart thumping against my chest as I wonder if he possible had forgotten or had other, more important things to do.
“Yeah, you will.” He smiles warmly at me. Making my idiotic, pathetic little black heart leap.
“I could pick you up in the morning.” he offers and I blink once. “Because you said that your car was getting some repair work done today and that you can`t pick it up till late afternoon tomorrow.” He adds on, his usually pale cheeks tined a beautiful pink colour.
“Yeah, that`d be great. Thanks a lot Gee.”
He grins widely. “No problem. I`ll see you in the morning, say nine?”
I frown, internally groaning at the thought of having to get up so early. it wasn`t that I took hours and hours to get washed and dressed, but whenever I knew I was going to be seeing Gerard I did like to make a bit of a special effort.
“Say half nine?”
He giggles his high pitched girlish and somehow infectious laugh and nods. “I forgot how much of a girl you were in the mornings, taking two hours to pick an outfit and another three to do your hair and makeup.” I blush, nibbling my lower lip nervously.
“Cool. Half nine it is.” Gerard leans in incredibly close to me, his beautiful, pale face mere inches away from mine so that I can feel his warm breath against my skin, so close I can almost taste his smooth, soft lips…
“I`ll see ya then, Frankie.” And he leans away, breaking the spell.
“Bye.” I force a smile and wave.
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