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Opening the window.

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Belle Darling was told stories about Never Land and Peter Pan for as long as she could remember. Ever since she was a little girl she kept her window open "in case Peter decides to drop by!" Of coa...

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The room was to warm that would be Belle's excuse for opening the window after her mother had told her not to she decided. It wasn't a full lie the room was a bit to stuffy carefully tip toeing over the squeaky boards to her window seat were her great grandmother Wendy Darling had sat many a night telling her brothers John and Michael Peter Pan stories and were she'd sat the night the Darling children had met Peter Pan, lifting the latch she opened the window the blast of cool air was refreshing. Belle stared up into the star filled sky
"Second star to the right and straight on till morning." Belle whispered to herself. Only age fourteen she was still very much a child. Her natural black curly hair fell just a few inches past her shoulders, she had pale skin with ghost-like freckles spattered all over her face, full bright pink lips, big, round piercing light blue eyes and a natural rosy blush along her cheekbones she was pretty but not gorgeous by any means.
"Oh Peter where are you?" She asked the sky. Just then a shooting star streaked across the sky. Belle closed her eyes tight I wish Peter Pan would come take me to Never Land. The thought before lying down on the window seat and falling asleep.
Meanwhile Peter Pan flew through the night sky Tinker bell at his side. It had been a long time since he'd flown to this house he didn't know how old she would be or if she still believed in Never Land but tonight he was going to see Wendy. The open window at the Darling house was all the invitation Peter needed. He flew into the nursery the nursery looked the same yet different instead of three beds lined up in a row along the wall there was one Peter hovered cautiously for a moment looking for any sign of Wendy suddenly Tink’s bell like voice rang out Peter turned to see a girl with curly black hair sitting up on the window seat eyes wide.
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