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"OMG You're Peter Pan!"

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Belle Darling was told stories about Never Land and Peter Pan for as long as she could remember. Ever since she was a little girl she kept her window open "in case Peter decides to drop by!" Of coa...

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"Oh. My. God." Belle said staring at the boy hovering in the air over her bedroom.
“Oh my God your Peter Pan!!!!!!!” Belle cried as the boy drew his dagger
“Your not Wendy who are you?” Peter demanded
“I’m Belle Nicole Darling Wendy Darling is my great grandmother” Belle said pushing the blade away with her hand.
“Then if your Wendy’s great granddaughter then that means… Jane!” Peter cried flying out of the nursery
“Peter!” Belle ran after him Peter soared down the hallway towards the parlor where Belle’s mother Olivia Jane Darling, and her grandmother Jane Darling Bishop sat drinking tea.
“I’m worried about Belle” Olivia admitted to her mother
“Why?” Jane asked
“She’s fourteen and still believes in Peter Pan” Olivia said
“Oh. I see” Jane said
“Do you Mother? You’re the one who told her all these silly stories,” Olivia said
“There not stories Olivia you know that” Jane child
“Oh Mother Really!?!? Peter Pan doesn’t-” Jane covered her daughters mouth with her hand
“Don’t say that!” The old woman snapped
“You foolish girl I know first hand the consequences of uttering those dreadful words you my girl may be grown up but you still have much to learn about being a child!”
“This is absolute poppycock!!!!!” Olivia cried
“And as for Belle’s beliefs that is none of your concern she can believe what she like Olivia let the girl be.” Just then they heard running from above
“Oh what’s that girl up to now!” Olivia cried getting up to investigate
“Olivia stay I’ll go look” Jane said sharply before pushing past her daughter and up the stairs.
Meanwhile Belle was able to grab Peter and pulled him into the guest bedroom.
“You have to be quiet!” Belle hissed
“Belle?” Her grandmother called just then Tinker bell doused a bunch of pixie dust on Belle’s head
“Think happy thoughts” Peter whispered grabbing Belle’s hand Tinker bell saw this and became quite jealous of Belle who started to hover like Peter
“Belle?” Jane’s voice came closer now Peter pulled Belle over to the window and opened it
“Come on!” He cried pulling Belle through the window and out into the sleeping city of London. Quickly guiding Belle through the rooftops Peter never let go of Belle’s hand this made an already jealous Tinker bell red with fury. Finally Peter shot straight up out of the rooftops and up, up, up into the sky-dragging Belle behind him.
“Second star to the right then straight on till morning!” Peter crowd. Belle closed her eyes as there was a flash of brilliant white light when Belle opened her eyes they were soaring towards Neverland.
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