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Sh*t happens

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Jared has missed some deep sh*t

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Another night sleeping outside. It had only been 3 days away from home, and I was already missing it. A bleep from my phone told me that wasnt the only thing I had discarded.

'This is a notice to tell you that your school suspension is over. You may return the morning after this message'

That was from 2 days ago. Crap. Well, I wasnt going back now. But I had to do something, to save myself from dying of bordem

It struck me as I was walking down the high street that I hadnt eaten anything since I left. I still had the money that Ray had given me, so I headed to the nearest supermarket.

It was about a mile walk so this gave me time to think. I hadnt seen Robyn, Gerard or Mikey since I had run away. Did they care? Did they even notice? I wouldnt be suprised. Had Frank mentioned that he had saw me? Had Ray?


Ray was a mysterious man. He didnt look wealthy, his parents weren't wealthy..why did he have so much money? Why was he wearing black, walking home in the middle of the night. Why was he always busy....THEIF! But, no....Ray was too nice. That just couldnt be possible. As other ideas popped into my mind, that horrible thought still lurked at the back of my head

Police car alarms blared as I came into sight of the shop. Worried about the case of me being missing, I jumped backwards, trying to hide myself. This move failed miserably as I landed flat on my back on the pavement. 'Fuck...' I sat myself up and watched the ongoing scene

The shop doors had been blocked with crime scene tape, the windows had been smashed in and an officer was holding a little plastic wallet with another wallet inside. This officer was talking to a bald middle aged man in a suit. He was probably the manager of this branch and he looked completley shaken. I managed to pick up some of the chat

'He was tall...he was wearing dark clothes...quite thin'

'What about his features?'

'He was wearing a cap and balaclava. I couldnt see. Hazel eyes, I think'

'Thank you. Mr. Aubrey. S'only a small town, shouldnt be hard to find'

'Thank you Officer'

The men shook hands and the police walked back to their car, which involved passing me. This was good, I could see the wallet more clearly

Yes. I recognised it. Pale brown, leather, 2 little pockets on the was Ray's wallet.


It had to be....or I could just be jumping to WAS his wallet...hmm

I walked back the route I came, thoughts churning in my brain. I was thoroughly confused by the whole situation. The truth came clear pretty soon though. I spotted Ray in the distance, dark clothes, no balaclava or cap, but he was hitting his pockets. He turned around and traced his steps for a few seconds then kicked himslef. Hard. He recoiled and let out a little whelp. This proved it. Ray Toro was theif.

I had dirty money on my hands and I had nowhere to go. I shoud have gone and turned him in, but that would have ended in turning myself in too. I had to tell someone. Who did I know? The only place I could go was back to my own street which had been ridden of me for nearly half a week. I wasnt sure if I had the guts to go back there. It turned out I did, pulling my hoodie over my face as I turned the corner. The first house visible was mine. I looked around quickly and sprinted past it. I slowed my pace to catch my breath and walked past both Robyn and the Way's house. They were bang opposite eachother. I headed to the doorway of the brothers first and knocked on the door. No answer. Another knock. Nothing. I sighed and swivled 'round to see a girl and boy holding hands, walking from the other end of the street. It wasnt hard to guess who the chick was. Robyn. Purple hair, who else? But who was she with? Red mohwak? No idea. They dissappeared into the Darlington household, not noticing I was there. I sighed again and carried on down the road. The last house I could go to was Frank's, but I wasnt so sure. The fact he was blankly staring out his living room window put me off a bit. I just continued the way the couple had arrived from

The next thing of any significance I saw was the minor offenders prison. Was it a sign? Should I go in? I couldnt be bothered. I was tired, handt had a decent sleep for a few days. This was getting hard. I slumped down on the path and watched life go by...

I must have dozed off because I remember being woken up by the sound of breaking glass. the prison. Someone was breaking out. Typical orange jumpsuit hung on a thin framed body. Shaggy hair and rectangular glasses. Mikey. Damn what had I missed. He ran as fast as he could and I could just make out he had a gun

'Hey wait!' I got up and ran after him. Too late. He had barged into Robyn's house already.


A male and female screamed together then everything was silent
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